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January 18, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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January 18, 1973

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The Clarendon Press, January 18, Page 6 Of course you've heard of night, the last two weeks. Sue Over- Monday morning. After a four the Harris polls and the A.P. The ladies of the count) will rean has been with her sis- week Christmas vacation, she polls. Now there's the "Pal- be pleased to know that Donna ter and husband, Frances and assumed her duties at Knorpp met Poll"! I conducted my own Alward has joined the person- Joe Davis since September. Hall on the Clarendon College survey . . . 67cc of the wives nel of the Chic Beauty Lounge. Mrs. Overrean has been help- Campus bright and early the in Armstrong County become Donna, is a recent graduate of ing take care of her brother- first of the week. "football widows" at 2:00 p.m. the International School of Hair in-law duringhis sickness. This Have you ever seen such Sunday afternoonW. Design of Amarillo. Give her a last week Mrs. Overrean was marvelous sunshine! We're up The other 33q had obviously try I understand this gal real- able to return to her home in to our necks in slush and well-planned armor.Somewere ly knows her spit curls'.H Alta, Louisana. Mrs.AnnieMc- mud but who's going to corn- in the den painting, some were Last Saturday evening the Intire has spent the last 7 days plain as long as ',old Sol" is visiting their mothers and still Fairvlew Community held their in Northwest Texas Hospital doing his job! others were just snoozing. And, "42" tournament. All enjoyed with a broken wrist. She was Have a fun week-end. would you believe it? Some the food and exciting games, able to have a cast put on found the old addage" If ya Congratulations Champs! thewrist and camehomeFri- Two Churches cant' beat'em join 'em" not TOO Bryan Waggoner spent ashort day. Miss Mal Miller has been unbearablelt time with Tom Miller Monday in the Hall County Hospital for mor00+ combine Saturday evening. The Walley Bowleys had their she'll be released in the near Jerry Ashworth returned to daughter of Amarillo spendSun- future. his second semester classes at day with them last weekend. Happy Anniversary Mr. and schools West Texas State University Mrs. A. J. Britten called on Mrs. A. J. Garland and Mr. Tuesday. Mrs. Simpson last Saturday in and Mrs. Scott Pipper. Our warmest congratulations High Plains Baptist Hospital. The John Ballards had so Early in November adult are extended tonewly-married, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Smith and much pipe and water freezing members of the Episcopalian Doug and Debby Britten. Sheila of Lelia Lake were problems last Wednesday that and PresbFterian Churches got Visiting throughout this week guests of Rev. and Mrs. O.C. they spent the night with Mr. together the possibility of corn- with C. C. Bailey were: J. Po Edwards Sunday. and Mrs. R. C. Ballard. The bluing theirSundaySchoolClas- Matheson, Mr. and Mrs. Milan Happy Birthday to )a! Lee John Ballards were back home sen. After much discu_ssion , Bailey and Mr. and Mrs. Ash- Goodin, Jimmy Butler, JoeWil- by Thursday morning, meeting and planning this idea ton Bailey of Franklin, Louis- son, R. L. Medlin, Sue Moore, The Don Davis family called was made into reality last Sun- ann. John McGowan, Jay Oliver, on friends one night last week day. Claude schools were "out of Floy Oliver, Bryan McElroy, in Amarillo. A formal registration for the action" last Monday nd Tues- Red Whelchel, Lynette English, Martel and Charlie MaeNeely classes was held in the Epi- day. Classes resumed an hour Darrel Watson, Leatrice Reck, of Amarillo spent last Friday scopalian ParishHousebetween later through the rest of the Bud Strange, Floyd L. Reed, with old friends, Mr. and Mrs. the two churches in mid- week. Nice way to put off home- Dave Browder, Glenda Jeffers W.M. Crain, Mr. and Mrs.Ben December. During this meeting, work. Deena Lowrance. Chamberlain, the Ernest Mel- teachers and places to meet Mrs. John Ballard and family I hope Mrs. F0rrest Bennett tons and Sybil Cobb to name were designated. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Sue Ballard went gets some refif from her a few. Lee Palmer will be teachlng the sleigh riding Saturday after- "clingmg cold." Walley Bowley was forced to adult classes in the basement noon. Some people know how spend several nights of last of the Presbyterian Church. to make the best of a bad sit- TheChamberofCommerceand week in Amarillo due to bad Mrs. Johnny Grady will have uationl Besides, what else is the Jaycees held their Officers weather conditions, the Junior College and Senior snow for? Installation Banquet last Mon- Mrs. Retta Hubbard and Mrs. High classes in the Parish School Menu JAN. 22 - 26 MON-DAY Chipo Pie with Cheese Buttered Corn Tossed Green Salad Brownies Milk TUESDAY Beef Stew with Vegetables Cole Slaw Cornbread Peanut Butter Cookie Fruit Jello Milk DANNY MOXROE goes up for 2 points during a game with Silverton Saturday night here. Also in the picture is Rickey Littlefleld. (Press Photo by Will Lowe) ASCS L plans me00%o00 Meetings will be! LE following places fo ATE of discussing the 'IES O Programs: Y, FO Hedley Lions Clul)ALL: January 22, 1973 7:30 P.M. ICE i Clarendon Junl under Rm. 102, January the p.m. i the S Jerry C. Gage, (!Regul cutive Director (lof T ASCS Office, and ,e, na sonnel will be onlc h is plain the programh bil rover questions. 'belt l These meetings i Ware interest to all farliise al area. Please make'.ned w attend one of theSess ' and date Twirlers ill g th Y-Knot Twirlers night at 8:00 dancing and their back doing the ca visitors from Quality office supplies=.=, everyone had Marvin Jones The Clarendon Press nightrecentl) and hadin the 1 Asst. of Mens Wrang Misses Wrangler and and Woolrich Mainland Flare Pants Jackets and size 7 to 16 ity to its O, {rs wit s whe ill als 1 Rack Reg. to Sale $1 ,One large assortme Mens Shoes Sate $3. 60 inch Po Machine During this $2.95 - Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Greenand Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Odom Reg. to $6.00 Jason were also guests at lunch of Hereford visited Saturday in Mr. and Mrs. Horace with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Odom. Green's, Beth's, and Ellen's Mr. andMrs. JerryKoontz 1 Rack of Dresses Boxer home. shopped in Pampa and visited Mr. and Mrs. Othel Elliott in McLean with Mr. and Mrs. were in Clarendon Thursday Cliff Johnson. Size 3 to 44 Reg $I afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Par- Sale Leon Foster. tain and Mr. and Mrs. Frank, Other 1/20 F F ,+ and Mrs. c. M. Chum- Mahaffey and Hugh visited Fri. Price $6 95 berlain of Oklahoma City, Okla., day night. visited the weekendwith Ivlr. and Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Rhoades ,a s+ ,nar-a'ns Mrs. Tom Odom. spent Sunday afternoon in Bor- Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Starr ger visiting Mrs. Austin Funny Cards and familyofPerrytonvisited Rhoades who is still in the ladies Misses ilfld Saturday with Bro. and Mrs. North Plains Hospital and in 7 -.. =,, ,Throu,',hou * Reg Bryan Knowles and boys. Phillips with Mr. and Mrs. 35 Mr. and Mrs. Vance" Gray Harold Green and Cheryl. Half Size visited in Amarillo Saturday Will see you all next week. 2 5 with Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Lit- S th St tle and famlly and Mr. a.dMrs. Dresses and Pant uitsl e ore Jerry Gray and family. 11 L--ly Hen, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Lyles .. Reg Sale "--- visited in Turkey with Mr. and Mrs. Billy Fusion Sunday.  + "+ I non of Clarendon and Mr. and $12.95 .... $ 9.9 5 eighty-eight with Mr. and Mrs. H. s. Mahaffey Saturday night. $16.95 .... $10.95 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Odom and family visited in Lubbock $19.50 .... $14.9 5 Sunday with her sister. 1--.. 'z" , Mr. and Mrs. c. D. Hut,, " $24.50 .... $16.95 eral days with M@.,and Mrs.  $29.50 .... $19.50 Tom Orlon. _ i:, :., Terri Sparks spent Wednes- Pull over and Reg to Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Mann day evening. A group from the W.M. CrainshoppedinAmaril- House. Mrs. Homer Taylorwill of St. Jo recently called on newly organizedClarendonCol- lo Saturday. instruct the primary grades in their daughter and her fan- lege Choral Department served Fairview 4-H members, Boy the back section of the Pres- fly, Dr. and Mrs. Bernie Ben- as the evenings' entertainment. Scouts and Jaycees remember byterian basement. Mrs, Bill son. Mrs. Lee Palmer and Lee your Monday evening meetings. Montgomery and Mrs.AnneAd- Mrs. Corabell Simpson is Ann shopped in AmarilloSatur- Fairview Busy Bees Wednes- kins are teaching the Junior presently recovering from eye day afternoon, day is your day to remember. High classes in the Episcopal WEDNESDAY . classrooms. surgery in High Plains Baptist Our best wishes are extended Lions }our get-together is a Oven-Fried Steak with Cream Hospital. We surely hope to to newl)eds, Sir. and Mrs. week from tonight. MaldenClub The Presb}%erian Church is see that she is released with a Larry Dale Browns. members don't forget your offering coffee for a general Gravy clean bill of health soonl The This week seemed to find meeting next Friday. get-together between the two Creamed Potatoes operation was performed last quite a few county residents The Mustang Band has extra congregations before classes Seasoned Green Beans Friday. with colds or "hospital-itus." calendars on sale now. Bring begin. Hot Rolls - Butter The FrankSpringsandMr.and Sue Kerr has spent ele- your dollar to NeldaStephenson Last Sunday was the "trial Apple Sauce Mrs. Don Etheredge had "50 ven days in Northwest Tex- as soon as possible! run" for the classes.And, from Milk yard line seats" for the Super as Hospital. She is present- The Lowrances hosted aparty the results, it seems the corn- Bowl at the Terrill Christi= ly slowly regaining her strength after the games for the basket- bination is going to be suc- THURSDAY Reg. to $10.75 home Sunday afternoon. The at the Palo Duro Nurs-ballteamslastFrida). cessful. m,  Springs and Etheridges are ing Home. Mrs. Bill Wisdom Rev. and Mrs. O. C. Ed- Seventeen were present for Chicken with Noodles Sale from Friona. came home Thursday after a 10 wards called on Miss Mal Mil- the adult class alone. However, English Peas Mrs. W. M. Crain was a day spree inHighPlainsBaptist ler in Hall County Hospital last as in anything worth doing, the Buttered Spinach brief guest of theErnestMel- Hospital. She is able to get Sunday. success of our Sunday School Hot Rolls-Butter ,' Rack ,. ^' tonsday aftSrnool%, about w  Walko aml +ks, +Mrs. Jim'Garland and fan- efforts depend upon you, the Jelly pleased to get a call from herMrS' F. O. Church was King Wilmothwas releasedSaid to be improving daily, ily were weekend guests of the congregatiOn,we gladly welcome visitorstoo!and your efforts. Milk ,,|,, ,, . Barney Burnetts of Memphis. ru,ves,+r Blouses get a call from her grand- Sunday after being a North- Mrs. Retta Hubbard returned At present we are looking for FRIDAY = f daughter, Janis, last Monday west Texa's Hospital patient to her duties asdorm mother edsomene whowouldbeinterest-in taking the duties of junior Hamburger on Bun Velvet and Knit to teaching for ages 9 thru 12. If Lettuce & Tomatoes ' of Pickles & Onlon Shces :ae $395 you re interested or know ' " ' someone who is, contact anyone Tater Tots in either of the two congrega- Apple Crisp tiGris. Milk 1 Assortment of " " " . 00Ladies Cotton Dresses + Ashtola-Mart,n | Reg. to $6.95 Mr. andMrs. CharleyHearn day night-with Ellen n. ! Sale $3.95    visited in Amarillo Saturda..' Mr. and Mrs. John Jonesof i with ,%lice Pittman of the Clarendon visited Sunday after- Golden Age Nursing Home, noon withMr, andMrs. Othel Girls Dresses Clarence Rvnolds in the St. Elliott. Anthony's Hospital, and Mr. and Crystal Havens, daughter cf Mrs. Bill}, Hearn and family. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Havens, was AJJ Gilt Items Mr. andMrs. Horace Green, released from the Northwest Size ltol2yrs. Beth, and Ellen went to Canyon Texas Hospital Thursday. Hope on Saturday to visit with Mr. she is better by now. I Sale $2.00 and Mrs. Joe Green. The}' went Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rey- onto Amarillo to visit Mr. and holds visited Clarence Rey- 1/3 OFF Mrs. Robin Green and family, nolds Sunday who is in the St. Reg. to $4.00 Ben and Morris returned t 2 Anthony's Hospital. We wish Ashtola with them. On Sunda;' him a speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Robin Green, Pete Land received painful Margaret and Mr. andMrs, burns abouthisfaceandhands Sale .$3.00 Bob Slqugh, Robin, and Ste- Thursdav and is recovering at phenie came for Sunday lunch, home.  1 Asst. of & Misses $13.95 .... $ $16.95 .... $1 $22.50 .... $1 Reg Reg. to $15. 'iDepart Sale One assortmentLeg Mens Reg. to $29.!2 on Ladies & M,sses Long Reg to $10. _Sa/e.$ Junior Pehle size 6 /z to 12