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March 1, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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March 1, 1973

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The tarendon Press, March 1, Page 5 Bands have conced Tuesday, Feb. 27, the Clar- 11 of us here in the county felt very bad about Valley The Lane Greenways and Ben Chamberlains attended the endon Junior High and High 's state loss! We felt as if we couldntt be state conten- Saturday night Menden's Hearts Banquet. School Bands gave their Win- we sure wanted our district's representatives to be Surely hope Linda Barnett is doing better since her ad- ter Concert at theHarnedSis- champs! We are very proud of you Valley HighT! mittance to North West Texas Hospital last Sunday. ters Fine Arts Center on the Mrs. C. T. Alice was a guest of her daughter, Happy birthdayl Rhonda Goodln, Jerry Ashworth Jamie Clarendon Junior College J. W. Walles of Amarillo. Howard, Mary Jane Campbell, 3erre Pepper, Ross Wilson, Campus. It was well attended, Garland lunched in Clarendon Friday. Ernest Lewis, LoreneJustiss, DavidBradshaw JamesBlble, and the bands performedwell. hope Lee Ballard's temperature and flu have dl- Larry Bagwell, Sharon Westbrook, Teddy Bible, Fern Hol- John W. Spivey held thewin- shed since Sunday. lingsworth, Jones Christian, Newton Harrell, PaulaBtchsel ning ticket on the $50 money Jerry Don Sedgwicks of Pampa were guests of his Bill Bailey, Betty Hubbard, Keith Hubbard, Randy Stephen- tree. the Olen Cooks last weekend, son, James Robinson, Rose Longbine and Grace Grunke. March 10 the Band Parents and Mrs. Beryl Eddleman of Pampa, Mr. and Mrs. The Ed Reedsreceivedacallfrom their Marine sen, Hugh, will hold another bake sale. Hill of Canyon and O. D. Koonizwere Sunday evening of California Tuesday. The Flea Market held last s of Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Eddleman. Mrs. Alda Hudson and her grandson called on the W.M. weekend added about $100 to Hughes, formerly of Claude and presently of Crains Saturday night, the bands account. The fund and his fiance, Katy, were guests of Jerry Ash- Well, look what the weather brought last weeldll A dab of has grown steadily all year, ay. snow, winds, of course, and good old drizzle. However, the and their theme has changed Ruth Matheson spent the latterpart of last week with weekend really showed signs of an upcoming spring. 1 from "Canon City, or Bust" Larry, a student of NorthTexasState University of James Cook sorry to hear you've been in North West Texas THE CLARENDON College Sportsman Club held a barbeque to "Canon City, Here We Hospital recently, last week at Greenbelt Lake. Here is the chow line pictured Come." :s. C. T. Allee was company for Mrs. Curtis Lancaster Mrs. Luther Brown was accompanied by Mrs. Annie Ruth at the event. (Press Photo by Will Lowe) Look who's herell LtwasaweekendvisitorofLinCope, s. Brown will enroll in the Allergy Cllnic and Mrs. McIntire CC Sportsmen set Roland spent Thursday shopping in Amarillo. will be the guest of her son, Bob Mclntlre. spent that night with her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Smith spent several days in the St. AnthonyPs On February 14 little Miss Susan Elaine Babcock was born Roland. Intensive Care unit due to a second heart attack. He has BeBe in the Groom hospital.Sheweighed7poundsl31/2 ounces and since been placed in room 321and showing definite slgns of tlshmg contest she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wayne Babcock sspentlastSundayreacquainting them- recovery, of Groom.-Proud grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. E. N. endon friends. Bryan Waggoner spent the early morning hours Monday (Bud) Babcock of Groom and theRev.andMrs. John H. Stout 'eepi e Jerry Cannons of Lockney called on the Larry Ripples with Tom Miller. The Clarendon College Sportsman Club along with Syd Blues of Clarendon. Great-grandparents are Mrs. Josephine Brit- bass y afternoon. Hope your anniversary was greatl Mr. and Mrs. Chester Little Emporium will sponsor a fishing contest open to the ten of Groom and Mrs. H. W. Stout of Clarendon. The mother is. Ed Reed spent Friday night with her mother Mrs. growl  Moore of White Deer. , Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Ray, and Mr. and Mrs. Spen- public starting February 26th through May 5th. The Utile will be remembered as the former Linda Stout. }egan news collecting last Sunday for this week It has be.. cer Matlock. Emporium will run the conte st off. T hey will take all entries, .,tll s0 Pat Heckman and Nancy Maddox and the Jones girls, Jan weigh the fish, and donate the trophies to the winners. CC sets GED exam ;oZi  necessary for me to do so ino and Vebby, were really taking advantage of our weekend There willbetwodlvisions.Onedivision will be open to the .s the ...^  . rder that the Press re- ,.,_ '-''- - uooanight news early Monda moral I weather! Pat and Nancy chose to go hiking Sunday while Sat- ,," c e y ng. public, the other is for sportsman club membersonly. Tro- o thr$ .. ....  of menu won't be an inconvenience to ou urday Jan and Debby rode horseback and picnicked at one phies for largest pike, cat, bass, andpanfish will be award- The GED (High School Equlvalency) will be given on March tailor/ wePleMSol MY.up.ologies if your items weren't collte of the roadside parks. Not to be outdone by the girls out- ed. 17, 1973 at ClarendonCollege. The testwlll begin at 8:00 a.m. if boa h e zely I did phone. However, I wasn't able to doorsman Wesley Reed also hiked and camped ontSaturday. Rules for fishing contest sponsored by Clarendon College Anyone interested in taking this test should contact Beryl , #uu aue to the early calling date. Please keep The W. R. Clacks were in Amarillo Saturday. Sportsman Club and Syd Blues Little Emporium. Clinton, Leonard Selvidge, or Floyd Gulnn at the college md 0 nvitch in mindl Jerry A shworth and Kathi Eddleman returned to their pro- I. Contestants must register at Syd Blues Little E mporlum before March IS. dl Ca andMrs. Doyle Clendennenand children of Hedley were spective schools Monday morning after a weekend at home. before making catch. Cost of the test will be $13, which is payable at the time .table tt. ess In her sister's home, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Armstrong County Press subscribers don't pass=up the 2. A registeration fee of $1.00 must be paid. of the examination. advantage to renew your paper for$ 3.00 up until March 2Sth. 3. Sportsman Club members may enter fish in both con- rt BOOmer, brother of the late Shike B If you'd like to start a subscription to the paper and have tests. I Hou  ..... oomer, returned ---: .... cart ClinicMondayafterextensivetesiing. notformerlydoneso, therateis$3.00. We'relookingfor- 4. Allfishtakenforcontest musibeweighedatSydBlues  4/ 1  wa aamitted for further examinations and possible ward to serving you all. Little Emporium. cry in St. Anthony,s Hospital upon his return. Mrs. 5. All fish must be taken from Greenbelt Lake by rod and | Boomer met her brother in 1 w  ................... ibers ai the .... --a and other family g C/ '[* reel or like devices. Not any trot line fish will be eligible. Mr. and Mrs. Donald White and boys had visiting them .Sat e Carl HI-- zrPort Sunday. 6. Trophies for largest pike, cat, bass, and pan fish will be over the weekend Mr. and Mrs. John Gibson and girls H0wardwick awarded, of Lubbock, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Needharn and boys of Well. )ral lions of Tuscon, Arizona, this 7.ContestbeginsFebruary26,1973, 8 a.m. and ends May 5, }some Will ..... week. While there the ington, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Golligugh and girls of Welling- 'til on r hte o on the Arm elatives too. 1973 at G p.m. ton, Mrs. Marie Black, Klm Black, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth on dM r o,.., .... strong County touring list for this week 8. All contestants are invited toattend the Sportsman Club Black, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Black, Mr. and Mrs. Kermy Doylelseein ,,:s. Terrill Christian. They are presently fish fry in April. No charge will be made for the fish fry. Brown, Mrs. J. D. Gibson all of Wellington, and Mr. and '- and around Blr dr==" all . and Mrs  ..... mlngham, Alabama. - ................................................................... Date of the fry will be posted later. Mrs. Jackie Needham of Perryton. ge o b j. H. For'.. m toyd were Sunday guests of Mr. and nta. te has "ust "" rr. Boyd who is affiliated with the Air here at Howardwick. These are, Geneivieve Jones, Vernon   .   | M.'  iu? J received duties in Italy His wife will take- Berry, W. M. Corglll and A. L. Bacon. The mayor's post- hold duties there in Ma lion has not been filed for as yet. With March 7, 1973 being ..... " We've got a good thing at Can o - ,zeu on their clsuhter and her tam i.. Y n Saturday. ,_  _ _ the deadline for filing, we look for quiet a few more to fllelll i rr --, ., oy Re nold Charlene Burns of Amarillo visited with the Jack Bollngs Y Hales, Present t y s. over the weekend, and the weather was perfect for showing off Prince-- itle holder of Miss Irish Rose and her two Zh-, s spending this week in Houston exhi- the place. -,,rmorn steers. . R. Clackstraveledtoc Fannie Wilson made a trip to Amarillo Sunday to spend a ::*hursda" - laude for businesspurposes DONLEY COUNTY FEED LOTS , . **' ,, few days visiting with her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. :e n ,I_eri m SPent last week with his grandparents, the .... Mr. and Mrs. Melville Mills had the Will Corgills over ra.oc ks, While his mother. Mrs.Jerr Knierim at- Friday night for 42. On Saturday night the Mills visited the " "" emlnar held in Tulsa" Y O. IC Chamberlains for 42. e Jim Hambys entertain i GOOdell o* * - ed her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mayor Sam Onstott and MarshailBillWhite left Sunday for ity? Th^ -'-'-Y one With a cantankerous telephone in the said she would keep busy with her ceramics In the mean- t lady r: thing I can say is that l sincerely hope the time. . hereford was able to et r ]Party in Co- g econnected to Mrs. M. L. VanArsdePs mother, Bessie Osborne, of Am- r and M way after our lines became crossed! arillo, visited from Wednesday thru Saturday and enjoyed I II |marlllo rs..Ray McPherson and son, George Cobb, talking with all the friendly people who dropped by during , m =a _ .u, ars. Ann T  ere Sunda visitors the day. I I It 00ome. hom_s w y The Lions Clu00 awonderfulturn out this past satu0000y I $|ev, Ben utlers left for Houston Sunday. night and more of that great entertainment from Hedley. E , Was notified February 6 that he had After the meeting most everyone went to play the Lions at our Serwce 5C;?st:/,Dlsplayer in the year's Texas Arts ano is the Ass:.e. rrville, Texas, May 25 thru the 28. We wish to addone morename to the filing for City Alder- Sored by tmmy's second annual production and is man, who is Alton Hendricks. U|ance  t'ht: *exas Tourist Highway Department. C.J. and Ruth Doris, dear bowling buddtes of the Neal Modern Facilities ")0. Displa..' s Year's showing is expected to exceed Manns visited from Amarillo on the weekend. That's some- mmmm  nUmber 2 rs' who may participate by invitation only, thing to think about, wouldn't a bowling lanes be great fun lie Berry, Mar for one and all? rr " garet Dowell the L - II rll: Ybowledln^_ , eonJames and Mary Everyone Good Climate marillo Saturday evening, we're having so we will have to contact them all next week. Till next week .... --Excellent Feed Programs at our May we present the most Community Value ' i elegant Chevrolet ever!! --Pumpinglnto $4economymillion The 1973 Classi --$200,000 Yearly 't on O Caprice c THE in Payroll /splay at DONLEY COUNTY l --Bank Deposits of , ! ALDERSON CH00ROLET FEED LOTS, INC. sz,o.ooo monthly I Hedley, Texas 874-2221 ___ ,