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March 29, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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March 29, 1973

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The Clarendon Press, March 28, Page 3 Plaque honors Clarendon Lions on 50th birthday PLAQUE was erected this week in front of the Lions Club Hall to honor the Lions on its 50th anniversary. The plaque, donated by Cable TV of Clarendon, lists the charter members of the club. (Press Photo by Will Lowe) HERE IS A Close-up photo of the plaque at the Lions Club, with the charter members' names listed. (Press Photo by Will Lowe) und town week I went to Dallas, and what fun I did have! To it, I came home 10 lbs over weight and $30.00 short[! the situation by consoling myselfwiththe thought, is entitled to a splurge every now and thenl" start getting those "Easter Bonnetts" out of the Cellar or trunk because hats are IN for spring and sum- fashions[ Every store in Dallas has rejuvenated their Department. Crocheted to wide brim--most any- and everything goes in the form of "head gear." of fashions, guess what else will be returning SUmmer? One piece bathing suitsl Believe me that's melodyto my earsI Don't fret teenagers, the bikini going strong with the cut-out style following close Also being displayed in "Big D" clothing stores, the full-length, terricloth, hooded beach robes. Very would sayl there you have ill The latest styles and trends from Fashion"ll ranching families who were in the "Alamo" City for m's Convention were Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Rings, Bill Craft, Mr. andMrs.Douglas Shelton, Mr. DBob Bolton Jr., Mrs. W. J. Lewis Jr. and her Mrs. Bob Boston St., Frank Derrick and Jim Hayes !Lee Palmers, WardandfriendWesley Reed mixed bus- with pleasure plus medical purposes to attend this has it that next year's Cattleman's Convention will ballas. Moore was in Clovis last Saturday enjoying the of daughter, Suzanne, her husband, Rick, and son "typists" are back in class now. The Adult Education Program resumed last Monday evening after a two break. Rosey Harper, instructor, invites anyone in- come take advantage of the course. told by "a rather large bird" that Ken Shelton cele- his 13th birthday Friday, complete with 13 whacks sit'tin' down side, tool! and friend MarthaMaclayhave been spending sPring break here in Clarendon. Both girls are stu- at the Hockaday School of Dallas. you seen the keen-lcoking black and white checked the Y-Knot Twirlers have? The ladies have the st line free skirt" dress with the bold black ric-rac the men have the black and white coordinating vests. lookingl was the day for the U.I.L. One Act Plays. All the college auditorium, each and every pro- really revealed some dramatical talents. If you're enthuisiast, I highly recommend these plays for enjoyment. Remember to mark the U.I.L. Play date calendar for next year! 4re have been hearing a lot of compliments on the Pitza Burger lately[ y's sunshine and bearable climate sure had quite a ans contemplating fishing or golfing that afl- A word to the wise: get out in that sun when you ACCording to most weather predictions warm temper- are going to be few and far between now and the of April. Drama Department is polishing up rehearsals for Get Your Gun." Last minute set construction is It won't be long until you'll se "the presenta- know what tastes Just" sinfully delicious"? Fresh- hot rolls, with whipped honey[ The hot roll chefs cafeteria women at the Junior high and high school Boy, do they know their business. . W. j. Adams left Monday to spend a while convales- the Olsen Manor Home of Amarillo. Tumbleweed,s new sign really highlights the whole the shop, Take a look as you drive by[ Dripping faucets can be ex- pensive as weU as annoying-- wasting up to 90gallonsofwa- ter in a single day, according to Lynn Bourland, home man- agement specialist with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service, Texas A&M Univer- slty. Hubbard", as Mrs. Retta Hubbard is affectiona= at CC, took timeoff from dorm duties Tues- enjoy the noon meal with Claude friends, Mr. and M. Crain and Mrs. Alda Hudson. who was back on television Monday night? Peter COmplete with his invigorating theme songl u uuu Lawrences plan A question most often asked of ministers is ,,How cana: liD: . aith Is trust, committment, and personal behef in" " film showings person believe in a God he cannot see?" The answer is God. Faith is the sum total of all our hopes both for this faith. The only way you can bridge the distance between the dimension of time and eternity is by faith. So often people respond, "I can't believe in what I can't see." This is very foolish because this we do every day. We can't see the stars that shine by day because of the brillance of our sun, but this doesn't mean they aren't shining. We can't see the little microscopic germ on our hands, but a micro- scope will reveal that it is there; and it is this tiny micro- scopic organism that usually kills us. So it is foolish to say, 'q can't believe in that which I cannot see.Of course we do. God knew that we would have this problem of seeing and reasoning. This is why He appeals to our faith. Some say, however, that they don't have any faith. Sure you do, or you are continually worrying about your next breath, or whether the sun will be in the sky tomorrow. You accept these things by faith; in fact, you accept almost everything on the basis of faith: life, health, friends, livelihood, and etc. It is through this faith that you must reach out for God, and when you reach out to Him by faith, you will always find Him there. Faith is a spiritual quality of man. This quality is in operation In our every day life. It is a part of our nature. The problem is that we use it in everything except our relationship with GOd. To have faith is to be sure of the things you hope for. life and the world beyond. Faith gives us the evidence that causes us to know that the spiritual world we cannot see is really there. The Bible says that the person who comes to God must have faith that Someone is really there and that this Someone will hear (Heb. 11:6). Jesus put so much stock in faith that He said, "All things are possible to the person who believes, who has faith, who by faith bridges the gap between time and eternity and reaches up to God." Faith is not a blind leap into the dark. God does not ask us to believe without pointing us in a direction. GOd does not ask us to trust in nothing. We are ask to trust the per- son of Jesus Christ. We are ask to believe the Bible and accept it as a guide for our lives. We are ask to read it and hide Rs words in our souls that we might be rightly relat- ed to GOd. Jesus Christ we can know, for he lives here just as we live. The Bible we can see, feel, and read for oursel- ves. Christianity is a religion of faith. Life must have faith to have meaning. Without faith, hope is lost. Without hope you cannot live in this world without anxiety, worry, and fear. Faith can give meaning and dignity to death. We must always hope for a better day and believe that it will come, Believing, we must put our shoulder to the wheel, our hands to the plow, and help make today a right kind of day. Why not try believing? Why not try trust? Why not reach out to God by faith? You will find Him there. The First Baptist Church of Clarendon announces that the Rev. and Mrs. W. R. Lawrence will be showing their film of their trip to the Holy Land in the church sanctuary during the Church Training hour this coming Sunday evening at 6 p.m. The Rev. Lawrence is the former pas- tor of the church. The First Baptist Church invites the entire community of Clarendon to participate with us in this cultural, education- al, and inspirational program. After the Sunday evening worship hour which begins at 7 p.m. the church will be giving a reception in honor of Bro. and Mrs. Lawrence giving opportunity for the people of our community to visit with them versonally. Mrs. Lowe in hospital Mrs. Sam (Lilac) Lowe of Clarendon, mother of William J. Lowe, is recovering from an illness at High Plains Bap- tist Hospital in Amarillo. Mrs. Lowe suddenly became ill while visiting her sister in Dallas last week. She was flown back to Amarillo and admitted to the hospRal Sunday night. Mrs. Lowe is doing much better, family reports. It is to be certain of 'the things that you cannot see (Heb. Make washing easier Welcome to the CC .... Color washday blue -- when than It can handle, the spe- solution of two tablespoons so- grayirlg and yellowing strike, cialistF added, dium sulfite or hyposulflte and Homemakers in a lather can -- ollow garment care in- I/2 cup white vinegar per gal- turn to thorough cleaning, Mrs. structions. Ion of water. These compounds v n ,,, ,, .1 "Check permanent care la- are available inpharmaciesand Bc.. Cm., clothl. sv.;,.i,,ist .... with th T es Crl u] u 1 E nets zouno on ready-made gar- photographic supply stores. _. ........... x__Ao__c_t_r_ x- tension Service, Texas A&M ments and accompanying tags "Soak garment in the solu- University, advised, on yard goods for specific laun- lion until discoloration dis:. "Overall grayness is due to dering instructions and water pears, Thereafter, use only ] using insufficient detergent temperatures." oxygen bleach -- it's safe for  ma--e ee , e e over a period of time -- al- --Use correct amount of de- anY fabric, the specialist __ W||a I&,pzk| IllZ qlF  lowing soil to settle back on tergent, noted. J II lll' ,]Ir'lF I' | ||,' || clothes. "When measuring detergent, --Polyester tends to yellow  -- -- "Yellowi on the other hand proportion it to soil on clothes because its fibers attract oils. usually rng'lts from abuild: and water hardness. If oxygen bleach and pre-soak-  Mr =v up of body oils." "Since Lmderuse can cause inn fall to restore whiteness,  ewmee II'IVlII 'I II'I,II IVV IV Thorough cleaning can eli- graying and yellowing, use use a packaged home dye re- I_J minate both -- following these enough detergent to remove soil mover. | | |  | launderingprocedure and oils from laundry -- and "Wash polyesters frequently rler worla famous meals. --Sort clothes properly, wa siz- ing whites only with other whites, for example. -- Mix different- sized ite ms. A variety of sizes in a washer load can improve cleaning effi- ciency, thus reducing chances for discoloration. -- Don't overload. "Articles should move freely through the washer," Mrs. CUlp said. "The manufacturer's use and care booklet lists guidelines concerning proper load size." --Use the right tempera- tures. "Water temperature is cri- tical for good results. General- ly, warmer water temperatures are more effective in removing soil and stains. "To achieve the best tem- peratures for white and color- fast cottons and linens, set the water heater's temperature control at 160 degrees F., al- lowing a range of 140-160 de- grees F. "Also, know the heater's capa- city -- and don't wash more loads of laundry In succession prevent redepositing during the wash cycle." --Utilize appropriate wash cy- cle time recommended by the manufacturer. --Use chlorine bleach only when fabrics and colors permit. --Pre-soak in casesofexces- sively dirty or grimy clothes. "To pre-soak, use soap, de- tergent or a specific pre-scak product in water, making sure it is thoroughly dissolved before adding clothes." Several chemical combina- tions, as well as improper cleaning, stand accusedofturn- inn out gray or yellow laundry. But remedies do exist. "Certain combinations of fa- bric finishes and fibers with chemicals, inoluding water con- ditions, are the keys to dis- coloration," Mrs. Becky Culp explained. The clothing specialist offered guidelines for saving discolored garments. --One problem chemical can be chlorine bleach. If used on certain resin-treated cottons, yellowing will result. "When this occurs, prepare a --pre-treating stains and soil lines by dampening and rubbing. --Hard water also can cause problems. In cases of extreme hardness, it may be necessary to add a water conditioner to the wash and rinse cycles. --Iron and manganese inwater can cause brown or yellow dis- colorations. "When iron accumulation is due to rusty waterpipes, letting the water run awhlle often solves the problem. However, severe cases may require in- stallation of an iron filter. "To remove mineral disco- lorations, use a commercial rust remover carefully. After treatment, latmder the garment thoroughly," the specialist con- cluded. Consider safety features-- such as good fit, color and reflectablUty -- when shop- inn for clothes, suggests Mrs. Becky Culp, clothing specia- list for the Texas Agricul- tural Extension Service, Tex- as A&M University. Roast Beef, Fried Chicken, Ham rs | I , | i Mrs. Br0mley s l HmeCking 1