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April 12, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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April 12, 1973

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McAnear, Alderson 00elected to school board oters turned out Saturday to re-elect James McAnear blng the Clarendon schoolboard. McAnear, a veteran of 9 years ;ity the ',adJ school board, took an easy victory with 526 votes. Also elected to the board Saturday was Gene Alderson, ,.Vner of Alderson Chevrolet. Alderson polled 444 votes, rz barely edged out candidate Horace McClellan, who tal- lled 418 votes, Just 26 votes behind Alderson. J John Tucker, another candidate, polled 248 votes. thi 3 MCAnear campaigned on his record of helping the pre- s at board run a good school system with minimal taxes. it slderson campaigned with the idea that he wanted to help " hq'ae present board keep a good school system. McClellan .Jpkl roLSUes ' was in agreement with the present board on is- t s p Tucker had said he wanted some changes in the school [ tb Yem, but never outlined them, saying that he needed to ,  at the situation before commenting on change. evt The board met Monday night to canvass the vote. Eldon s ad ,Yles retired from the school board. tl 't d ,L ught@ChOols Will turn out here Frldayand will be in recess for n epieek in celebration of the Easter holid . lable4Stucles will report back to school on TY:esday, April 24. Chamber banquet postponed The Clarendon Chamber of Commerce banquet has been postponed to a date in May, probably May 11, it was announ- ced Tuesday by Dave Croslin, president of the chamber. The banquet had been scheduled for this Friday, April 13, but a conflict with the speaker's schedule and several other conflicts caused the banquet to be postponed. Theme for this year's banquet is "The Positive Year." M. E. Stevens Jr., district manager of American Ami- cable Life Insurance Company and a past officer and director of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce will be the speaker. Gene White will be master of ceremonies, and H. M. Breedlove will give the welcome. If you have already purchased tickets, keep them, as they will begood for the postponed banquet. Donley County, Texas Clarendon, IN APRIL? You can expect almost anything in these especially in a year like this. Clarendon received cover of snow Saturday night and Sunday, April 7 This calendar denotes that snow was on tlie ground Hospital Board on April 8, 1973. The weather turned off pretty after the blizzard Saturday night, but who knows what will happen with the weather next. (Press Photo by Will Lowe) Barbee, Noble, ! Robertsonelected Donley County voters, in a moderately heavy vote turnout, He ode every- elected Ernest Barbee, Delbert Robertson and Lacy to the Doniey County Hospital Board Saturday. " - The three, who promised to open the hospital with no tax IEN THAT naughty boy threw stones at you," the increases, won by a wide margin in each place. u r SColded her son, "why didn't you come and tell This was the first time the county had ever elected t ad of throwing stones back at him. that good would that do?" asked the boy. "You couldn't members to the hosnital board. They previously had been ' " Side of a barn." appointed by the Commissioners Court, but a bill which cleared the Legislature a month ago called for the elec- NIAN: Why are you carrying four bricks when all the tion of the 7-member board. The bill called for the elec- :..en are carrying eight? tlon of three members this year, and the remaining four !ker: I guess it's because they're too lazy to make two next April. Barbee, a Clarendon farmer and a former member of the I'T FORGET to mail your income taxes this weekend, hospital board, defeated Roland Shields, another Clarendon ust be postmarked by midnight Sunday, April 15. farmer, by a margin of 720 to 429. Barbee won a big vote l ' 1 get you for some penalty if you mail your return in Hedley, beating Shields 207 to 19 in the southern part of Doniey County. . a fine one to be telling you about the income tax. I Robertson, who has served on the board for the past two raVen't mailed mine, and I probably won't until mid- years, was easily elected in Place 2. Robertson, a morti- $unday. I always wait until the last minute to do clan, beat Owen Johnson, a partner in Wallace Monument, ' Actually, I see little need to be an early bird. by a 739 to 406 margin. In Hedley, Robertson took a 199- nt three weeks telling you to get your license plates 19 lead. I car before April 1. Then, I waited until 4:59 on the Noble, a Lelia Lake farmer, polled the most votes of any iY to buy my license plates. I'm the type who always of the hospital candidates. Noble defeated two opponents. He ::: ttil Christmas Eve to buy Christmas gifts. I never polled 742 votes, Darell Harper polled 349 votesand Dot Dory a eeting until it has already begun, because I hate to of Howardwick polled 48 votes. tlme waiting around to begin. St r get to Sunday School until the first song has begun. One of the turningpointsofthe election, according to many . llke sitting around waiting forchurchtobegin. When observers, was a letter which was sent to most Doniey t  a trlp I wait until I'm ready to leave town before I County residents two days prior to the election. The letter, r car up withgasoline, lhate to let it evaporate before which nobody bothered to sign, supported the threewinners . [  like to wait until the last minute. But don't mind me. ' saying that they would open the hospital and keep taxes _ down. The letter indicated that the other candidates, Shlelds L r income tax in the mall as soon as possible. That Johnson and Harper, would favor raising taxes for the hos- F| You won't forget it. And Uncle Sam needs the money, pltal, school and college districts. it, I'IING MAKES the younger generation seem so bad as The heads of all three taxing agencies have said that these t "g lost your membership in it. indications are completely untrue, but apparently many vot- I ers were swayed. h0000Zyor, Councilmen Incumbent members of the hospital board areBright Newhouse, president; Jeff Walker, J. S. Hinds, and R. D. Cagle. A meeting will b held in the near future to canvass vote of support the votes. though a candidate goes into an election wltheut op- Gretta Mayben there's always the posslblity of a write-in can- against him. Seemed tobethecaseinSaturday'scityelections, "Most Talented" three incumbents, the mayor and two councilmen, in the race. H. M. (Flip) Br ,on 102 votes to win the Gretta Von Mayben, the ll-year old daughter of Mr. and race. Councilman ....... ,allace got 99 votes to Mrs. Cliff Mayben of Claude, was chosen "Most Talented" COuncil seat, and councilman Cecil McAfee won 97 in the Amarillo Ideal Miss Pageant Saturday night. keep his seat. Sponsored by "The Clarendon Press" Gretta's twirling ex- aPParently, one voter wasn't satisfied with the in- hlbition placed her above 40 other contenders in her age and marked his or her ballot differently. Steve category. received 1 vote as a write-in for mayor, George The pert little red-head is no stranger to the Pageant received 1 vote as a write-in for councilman as she was voted as first runner-up in the 1972 contest. Robertson received 1 vote as a write-in for Each of the young ladies interviewed modeled party en- sembles and gave a 2 I/2 minute display of talent. re was an extremely light turnout of voters in this For her title, Gretta was presented a bouquet of red since there was no competition, roses and a gold and mahogany trophy. April 12, 1972 2 Sections Volume 1, No. 48 i i ii Here we go again! Hospital lawsuits ::z;ni FSdlailai? hai id:iPrpCrl:!!Y:i rflzc i Nursing home construction. back in court again George Howard, who has been working with McDonald Construction of Amarillo, re- quested the re-zoning. It had been zoned for residential use only. On March 7, all lawsuits lnvolvingthe Donley County Hos- pital District were settled, clearing the way for what looked like the possibility of opening the facility. Friday night, April 6, all these lawsuits were "unsettled," and all were back in the courthouse, either to be settled again or fought out in court. District Judge Robert Montgomery vacated the Judgement, which he earlier had given, which settled the suit of the hos- pital district vs. George W. Smith. Thisput the lawsuits back where they were before the settlement. Montgomery also set aside a judgement which had pre- viously settled the suit of F. E. Sawyer, H. S. Hardin, John M. Bass, Oran G. Judd and Joe McMurtry vs. the Donley County Hospital District and George W. Smith. The action came after a motion bearing the names of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rogers was filed, asking the judge to va- cate the Judgement. Although the action bore the names of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, Rogers testified under oath that he had not hired an attorney nor had he filed the motion himself. When questioned further by Judge Montgomery, Rogers in- dicated that George Wayne Estlack had hired the lawyer and had helped in filing the suit in his behalf. Bob Templeton of Amarillo represented the Rogers action. Judge Montgomery, in deciding to vacate the Judgement, agreed with the plaintiffs that the settlement was illegal be- cause it callsfor a4-yearpayout of the $48,000 to Dr. Smith. Montgomery said that it is indeed illegal for a district to obligate itself for more than one year. Montgomery ruled in favor of the plaintiff, but did so "reluctantly." 'q made my former decision to make the judgement be- cause I felt it in the best interests of a troubled siuta- tion," Montgomery said. So, the action puts all lawsuits concerning George Smith, the hospital district, and the citizens group back in the 3- ring circus. Before the judge made his decision, the plaintiff, Steve Rogers, was called to the witness stand. After question- ing by his lawyer, Judge Montgomery asked some questions. Rogers, when asked, said that he did not hire the lawyer who filed the motion. "I've never seen Mr. Templeton before tonight," Rogers said. Rogers was asked who he talkedwith about getting the mot- ion filed. "Mr. E stlack," he replied, referring to George Wayne E st- lack. "Did you understand that he was going to file this motion?" Rogers was asked. "No, not under my name," Rogers replied. Rogers explained that he had beenled to believe that many names would be placed on the motion. He said that he didn't realize that his would be the only name on it. He referred several times to E stlack when asked various questions about the action. MISS GRETTA VON Mayben, the ll-year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Mayben of Claude, was chosen "Most Talented" in the Amarillo Ideal Miss Pageant Saturday night. Miss Mayhen was sponsored by The Clarendon Press. (Press Staff Photo) Clarendon Press buys "The Wick" The Clarendon Press has purchased "The Wick," a newspaper which covers Howardwick and the lake area, according to an announcement made Jointly by George Howard, owner of The Wick, and Dean Singleton, owner of The Clarendon Press. The Wick was founded a year ago by Howard to cover news events of the lake region. Howard has served as publisher, and Kaye Howard has served as editor. Singleton announced that he will change the name of the publication to "The Greenbelt News." He said that the newspaper's entire scope will be changed. "We want a newspaper which concentrates on the lake and recreational aspects of our community," Singleton said. "We will continue to cover news of Howardwick to the best of our ability, but we will enlarge our scope to cover all aspects of the lake, including fishing, boating, skiing and golfing." "We hope to unite the lake area with all of Doniey County. We hope to help build our area into one of the PanhancUe's greatest resort areas." Singleton said that the newspaper's main purpose would be to promote Greenbelt Lake and Howardwick. "But we've also got the advertiser in mind. Weekly, new residents are moving to the lake, some to commute to Amarillo and other towns, others to retire. We want to provide a good way for advertisers to send their message. to these new residents." "The lake area is a thriving resort area. And we wnt to be a part of its growth," Singleton concluded. The present staff of the newspaper will continue as usual, and other features will be added. The Clarendon Pz'ess, in addition to publishing The Clar- endon Press and The Greenbelt News, also publishes The Bulldog Banner and several other Panhandle publications. HowardwJck election held Howardwick voters elected M. L. VanArsdel, who w, unopposed, to its mayorship Saturday in city elections. Two councilmen were elected, including Vernon Berry and Alton Hendricks. Holdover councilmen include Nell Mann, Glenn Doty and Ralph Benge.