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April 14, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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April 14, 1994

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Page 2 M Clarenban Jetus Thursday, April 14, Dear Editor,  is good. This section of the W e make this communication meeting place for the congrega- Jesus, the Bible, and prayer As a Youth Ministt paper is supposed to function as a " "on behalf of our beloved St. tion, which now meets in a rented have proved to be the only effective the youth struggle, I read forum. Petersburg, Russia missionaries building. John and Sveta are cam- answer. Vast number of Christians same resource, "I need a If a community consensus John and Svetlana "Sveta" doughty mitted to the souls in Russia, and have written books and I use some I see a world of I who remain in need of your it is our plea that you will unite of these as resources. But some- People aren t getting Editor's comment: There are emerges from the discussion of prayers and financial support, with us to help support them. May times even these tend to lead to the thorn bushes, either. Je two letters in the paper this week. The moral values, it will make it easier first one is a double exception to for both young people and adults to John and Sveta had to make you lay it upon the heart of your ability of man. Jesus reminds us so answers! Usually when we norraalpractice at the paper. First, it know what is and is not acceptable an unexpected emergency trip to congregation and individual much in life and in His word we can we a parents, are to blamel does not directly focus on issues in andto the community. Then both the U.S. because Seta was having friends to pray for this dedicated do nothing without him. we place before our child local to Donely County. Secon it those who stay within and those who complications on her pregnancy, couple and make as generous an To the parent who needs to Romans the 6th cln wasnotintendedjustforpublication go beyond accepted standards will She was willing to endure the offering as you can. get in the battle that raging and courages us to yield o in this paper. (It was sent to people know where they stand, trauma of a Russian C-section (no Certainly not all is gloomy., taking the purity of so many young God, live in sin no longer/ who support missionary in St. If our commanity has no corn- anestheala), but at the urging of . Let me share some miracles: 1) lives. Two of my greatest friends the gift of god, the Holy13 Petersbur Russia.) The writer gave man moral values in this area, then I.B.S. Director Leonard Stone, Sveta's recovery from chicken pox, are my children. Every thing within resurrection, helps us die t his petmission for reprinting. |hag too, will be revealed, realized that the Russian mission tachycardia attack, and giving those stormy years we weathered his righteousness may ll Yet in a way the first letter does One fact that allows the publi- work depends on her survival, so birthtoahealthyNatilie.2)Sveta's together. Parents, you gotta be of our lives. pertain to this county.At timesDon- cation of these letters is this: the the Doughtys returned at the last receiving a passport and visa in there. Know their friends, keep up The blood shed at ley County residents seem to become editor believes that the people of this minute. This decision was one day. 3)Dr. Diaz, father to our with where they are. Put within will forgive and set any preoccupied with complaining community truly care about each providential as Sveta experienced day care directress, Susan She|- them Godly morals. The best youth, and child free about conditions here, so that a little other, and that mostpeople here are a pregnancy related Tachycardia fessel, a physician of Jesus Christ, teacher is example. There is no age what beauty can grow perspective from abroad may well be mature enough to continue to love heart attack on the operating who was willing to take Sveta in limit when your children need you seen lives changed. worthwhile, their neighbors even when they dis- table, but theanointedandskillful her last term. 4)The biggest no longer. You are ever before from ashes, but I've The second letter was written agree. He hopes that the publication hands of our Christian brother, miracle of all...John immersed them in life. if you sow wild oats, beauty burned to ashes in response to an earlier letter, lt may of both letters will have a positive elder, and surgeon, Dr. Clement| Sveta's father into Christ before can the heritage ofyour children be who turned from  well provoke several responses, result on Clarendon. Diaz was able to bring both Svet- coming to America. Mr. and Mrs. any less than wild oats? Mothers for them to accept the some in agreement, some in dissent. -Bob lana and baby through the crisis. Nikitin are both Christians now need to install within every child Behold the lamb of We are joyous to report that and are leading the congregation the importance of virtue. It would taketh away the sins of SLIM SIDES John and Sveta are proud parents at this time. Praise God and bless save man)' from social diseases and Kathy Campbell to a healthy girl! Natalie Ann was Him for His mighty acts of mercy, prevent a lifetime of suffering. Youth Minister DOUBLE S TV & VCR REPAIR born on Feb. 25. Please Keep them and works of redemption. In our society our so-called Pastor's wife P.O. Box750 Clarendon, Tx.79226 in your prayers HeartbrokenbecanseofCal- educators are actually teaching and Mother of 2 Be Right now we are concerned vary, justifying those very practices that Children Ph. (806) 874-5081 with the future of our missionaries Jubilant because of the As- have destroyed even mighty na- The Clarendon News .... in Russia. Mmtmissionaries, of all cension, tions. Magazines print no page or letters to the faiths and cults have given up on Charles W. Doughty, Evan- picture without sex appeals, important forum for Russia because of the hardships gefist Movies, soap opera lives, dances, opinions. But the paper and the stubborn minds of the drug, and alcohol are what brings responsible for their Russian people. After a seventy the downf of so many who were Letters express the year government ban on assembly, ][y work and calling have put just out to have a good time. writers. 'l'ne newspaper Our Reputation the Russian People are not easily "''me in places and positions The Godly principals and at- necessarily agree or Sp provoked to congregate, where I see first hand shipwreck of titudes are surely not taught in any leRer, is otless We are requesting prayers families. Parents and their children schools today, bringing the respon- accuracy of any that we will be able to raise enough facing the consequences of sin it- sibility to the parent. Ignorance letter. funds to purchase an apartment self. Society tends to call sin sick- respecting sexual matters is Our professionals take pride in building in SL, Petersburg, to be ness. Problems arising around responsible for this world's physi-  KQnny's making sure your clothes are used as a base for operations and Clarendon are the wages of sin. ca[, moral, and spiritual degrada- returned spot free, ready to tion. The proper care and instruc-  Barber Shop wear. We also do all the tion of every young child must be 110 S. Keamey cuff, tighteningaloose l'_'l The price of a virtuous "’/eaette] button, and returning : woman is far above rubies. your clothes when Proverbs 31:10 No price can pur- promised. Keeping chase the virtue of your children. you spotless keeps d r. -Sr. Prom Special vmo has stood for the highest and greatest strength of character of your reputation both men and women. spotless. 20% Off The so-called "sowing wild oats" is not a life style you have to follow. Far more men and women Tuxedo Rentals are eternally damned by sexual sins Greenbelt Cleaners eom, in early for bat imlectio than any other. James 1:14,15. As a parent, when my "**'-' The Nook children struggle, I ask Jesus, "Am I doing everything you desire of me A memb*tr of the In:e?atinal 1 F:brilttraldUtl:mderers Doumtoum Clarendon mmlm the assoc'ation of p o ess" at d yc " M ........... as a mother?" ,,. ,,.. on.-Sat. 9--5:30 87ff--3336 _  . 00Pettv's NmmmmmmmmmmmmmalmlmmqcbNmmmlmmmmmmmmmmmmwm@mmmmmmm)mmm mmmqmmmmmmmmmmmm ) m m m |- ....... , • .• ...... ....... ..,'f ...... ........  .• :,.. .. ! i- ngliab, Stotti! atlb [ [ I mtritan 00urnitnre ! "x'llN" "- ! -'  P/D Also Depression Giass, Pottery & Much More i ,OZJ- EAT AT HOME: i Clarendon: Antique Capital of : ,.ffJ RUB Y' i w.,oo=., i S FRIED CHICKEN :  '(_ 107S'K--ev'C'n [ 9 Pieces Chicken [ :T)  Joanno Barton ! 1 Dozen Rolls i 'r- lgbt 1 ' AIbBreed. Dog : " ' !][k Groom,ng : 1 Pint Beans ! 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CARUTO'S WAY | | | Any erroneous reflec- | ' A BRONX TALE | | tion upon the character of : Custom Decorated Cakes i any person or firm.appearing AGE OF INNOCENCE in these columns will be glad- FEARLESS ["Tell Us What You Want!" Special Orders Welcome. i ly a.d prompt,y corrected LONE JUSTICE upon being brought to the BEVERLY HILLBILIUES | | ltighw,y P/llt | | paper's attention. RESCUE liE | | II IIIIIII I I I I 14 AMI. g4 Staoenhagen Vide ' ,...,.,. .,,,;_.'/ ..:,. | , , 1994 • ";::iii:::ii:i!!:ii:::  : ' TEXAS PRESS 220 Kearnep 874-5081 I : _J_J I ASSOCIATION l t rsday , )itua fret G. Fr meral ser O.Frey,8 e held at 1 lt Chat i omciath iP.m. Sat • rym ct