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May 26, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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May 26, 1994

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May 26, 1994 uite Wilcox, Cca-ag about that time again: season. a good time to review and "rules of thumb" for control. Some have years because of research, products and Though nature some- s makes exceptions to our rules the following are based demonstrations and Broadcut or hand.treat? * For sites with less than 150 per acre, individual plant usually is more cost-ef- treatment. * For sites with more than plants acre, broadcast ,is more economi- * Individual plant treatment than broad- the same type of the same herbicides. * Foliar applications -- broadcast or hand-sprayed hare dependent on proper for success than basal Iollar application * In foliar applications, the * Among the recommended -- broadcast or plant - the most effec- pray solutions contain *Foliar conditions The time period witl vary by or Conservation Service for * For foliar applications, when soil tempera- are above 75 degrees F at a 18 inches. Optimum )83 F. *Don&apos;t foliar-spray when soil temperatures Rains Cool weather will lower soil Heavily textured, than light-textured, open, sites. *Try to avoid foliar-spraying most of the mesquite bean are elongating, usually a 7- to mid-season. spray when foliage is full, healthy and ma- ture (dark green). Don't spray when leaves appear damaged, drought-stressed or immature (light green). Avoid spraying un- even-aged leaves (some light, some dark green). Wait until all foliage is mature. Basal treatment *Optimum conditions for low volume basal or streamline basal applications (about 25% Remedy herbicide, 75% diesel): anytime during the growing season when the plant has mature green leaves. *Trees with slick (smooth) bark are more susceptible to basal treatment than those with rough bark. Slick bark is easier for the herbicide solution to penetrate. *Mesquite becomes less sus- ceptible to basal treatment as stem diameter increases. Expectations Given the many variables in- valved, expecting 100% mesquite control from a single treatment probably is not realistic. In its con- trol ratings of various brush treat- menus, the Texas Agricultural Ex- tension service (TAEX) calls plant mortality of 76% or more "very high." The ratings were deter- mined from research and result demonstration data and from ob- servations of commercial applica- tions. Though they're no guarantee, the ratings represent the control generally obtained when the treat- ment has been properly applied under optimum conditions, the rating categories and degree of plant kill are: Very High Control rating has 76-100% of plants killed; High control rating has 56- 75% of plants killed; Moderate control rating has 36-55% of plants killed; Low control rating has 0-35% of plants killed. Some observations from the TAEX recommendations and ratings: *Most recommended in- dividual plant treatments for mesquite have control ratings of "moderate" to "very high". *All recommended mesquite basal treatments with Remedy her- bicide have "very high" (76% ) control ratings. *All recommended in- dividual plant treatments with Reclaim herbicide on mesquite alone have 'very high" (76% +) control ratings. *Recommended broadcast treatments for mesquite have con- trol ratings ranging from "lay?' to high". *All recommended broad- cast treatments with Reclaim have ;M Clarenben ews "moderate" (36-55%) to "high" (56- 75%) control ratings. What does the degree of con- trol mean? *When 2,4,5-T treatments delivered about 25% root kill, ranchers often sprayed again when the mesquite grew back to pre- treatment density in about five years. *If 60% root kill can be ob- tained, retreatment may not be needed for 10 years or more. *On a South Texas ranch, forage response was monitored for seven years after spraying yielded 66% root kill of mesquite. Annual carrying capacity increases ranged from 8 animal units to 80 animal units per 1,000 acres, varying with rainfall. Increases averaged 67 animal units per 1,000 acres for the first two years and 44 animal units for the sixth and seventh years after treatment. Club Meeting Held The Martin Quilting Club Met in the home of Eunice Leeper, May 19th. One quilt was finished and lunch was enjoyed at the noon meal. Members present were Mary Lee Noble, Melba Ris- Icy, Ann Noble, Hazel Edens, Mary Banisler, Marie MeCracken, Flos- sie Reynalds, Pauline Koontz, and host Eunice l.eper. Safety Tips Offered rl'ooper L.B. Snider with the Department of Public Safety says, "In Texas, Memorial Day weekend signals the start of the summertime season for vacation travel". There will be increased dangers to motorists because so many people are anous to "get away from it all". Each of us should remember that due to heavier traf- tic, the potential of having a traffic accident on any given holiday weekend is greater than regular weekend; therefore we should ad- just our driving habits for the extra crowded highways this Memorial Day weekend. All available troopers will be out with emphasis on intoxicated drivers, speeders and other serious violations. Snider suggests that motorists use preventive measures such as being rested and alert, allow safety space with other traf- tic, using headlights day and night to see and be seen and taking ad- vantage of safety belts. Snider also advised if you consume alcoholic drinks to have a designated non- drinking driver if you must travel Preventive measures include a pre- trip check of the vehicle and driver. Vehicles should be checked for defective or worn belts, hoses, cool- tug systems, fluid levels and proper fire air pressure and treadwear. With Texas motorists driving friendly by using these and other common sense methods, this could be a wonderfully memorable Memorial Day weekend. Remem- ber, drive "Texas Friendly" and enjoy the holiday. III m Im II llm m m III 0 n m llm II o |III o llm o el In In | O B O e | | n | n m m  m e I e Ever00lPel Ira.died! 40S FRIENDS DON'I LEI FRIENOS DRIVE DRUNK. U.S, OQpmmerd  Tmnoett,4ma 1994 Baseball Leather Goods cat, utee tepee & s,,aor tmtee Post  Emeralds @ Clarendon @ Angels 7.<10Diamonds @ Emeralds 8.' Childress @ Memphis Quanah @ Childress @ Angels @ Rubies @ Orioles Schedules ,o . ..'., .:.. -. :-. " /, "ol ,  "' Orioles @ Diamonds Angels @ Clarendon Childress @ Memphis June 2-6:00 Orioles @ Rubies 8:00 Angels @ Emeralds 8:00Diamonds @ Clarendon June 3-8:00 Childress @ Memphis June 4-7:00 Childre @ Ouanah 6:00 Clarendon @ Orioles 6:00 Emeralds @ Diamonds 8:00 Angels @ Rubies Page 7 The Clarendon News Will be closed Monday, May 30th For Memorial Day! Deadline for the June 2 paper will be Fdday, May 27th at 5:00 p.m. Deadline for pictures is 12:00 noon. Memorial Day A time to remember ,,)meone held dear. A memorial gift to the American Cancer Society supports programs of research to find a cure for cancer, public and professional education, and services ff)r cancer patients and their families. These programs are dedicated to wiping out cancer in your lifetime. Your memorial gift today could be a gift of lift- tomorrow Please complete the following and mail to: American Cancer Society % Barbara Cosper Box 253 Clarendon, Texas 79226 @ Ouanah June 6-6:00 Ouanah @ Childress ) Ouanah 8:00 Memphis @ Childress @ Orioles June 7-6:00 Orioles @ Angels Clarendon @ Diamonds 6:00 Clarendon @ Emeralds @ Angels 8:00 Rubies @ Diamonds Angels @ Orioles Junel0-6.'00 Qnanah @ Memphis @ Rubies 8:00 Rubies @ Clarendon @ Clarendon Junell-6:00Diamonds @ Emeralds ) Childress 8:00 Angels @ Orioles @ Orioles June13-6:00 Orioles @ Emeralds @ Diamonds 8:00 Rubies @ Diamonds @ Quanah Junel4-6:00 Clarendon @ Angels @ Rubies 6:00 Memphis @ Childress @ Emeralds 8:00 Ouanah @ Childress June18-7:00 Emeralds @ Rubies 8:45 Childress-All Stars 6 .'00 Diamonds @ Angels 8:00 Clarendon @ Orioles 9:.45 Memphis-All Stars Junel9-6:00 Memphis vs Quanah Ouanah vs Memphis V imlm l mmll l mlllm IIinll l imlllm i l l m m m R I ] AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY ] (Please Print) ]Enclosed is a contribution of $ ]J I in memo' of _ l IjPlease send acknowledgement to l] ] Address __ 1 JlYOUr Name 11 J Address I II--" metal n i n n i ulll iml i i i imll roll n n ii [ THANK YOUI You will be mailed a receipt. 6, m (m m mm m m m mm m m ,mm m m m m m (ram ram, i mm Im (ram m m m m m m m=| mmm i | m m m u. m m m   The Home team is on the left side. There is a one hour time limit. Threem (3) outs or nine (9) runs per  ! Teams: 1. D.C. Kids-Randy White-D.C. Warner Ranch 2. Wranglers-Stan Shelton-Shelton Ranch 3. Rangers-Grett Betts-Knorpp Ins. 4. Knickers-Sandy Anderberg-The Nook Sat. May 7th Man. May 9th Sat. May 14th 8".30 am. 5:30 p.m. 8:30 am. Rangers w Knickers Knickers w DC Kids WrangMrs w Knickers 9".30 am. 9:.30 am. DC Kids vs Wranglers DC Kids vs Rangers Mbor Laqpe Glrb  The home team is on the left side. Teams: 1. Pink Pazzaz-Douley Co. State Bank 2. Bad News Babes-Chamberlain Motor Co. 3. Head Bangers-Harlan's Flowers 4. Mothers (mothers of their girls) May 7 May 10 May 14 May 17 May 21 1-4 2-3 3-1 4-1 1-2 10-.30 am 6.'00 pm 10:30 am 6:00 pm 10:30 am May 24 May 28 June 3 June 4 June 10 2-4 3-2 4-2 1-3 2-1 6.'00 pm 10:30 am 6:00 pm 10:30 am 6:00 pm June 11 June 14 3-4 4-3 10:30 am 6:00 pm Sat. May 28th Monday, May 30th 8:30 am. 5:30 p.m. Wranglers vs DC Kids Ranger w DC Kids 9:.30 am. Knickers vs Rangers The home team is on the right side. Games begin at 7 pm unless designated with *, those games begin at 6 pro. Home games are highlighed. Teams: 1. Clarendon #i-Bobby Kidd-Kidd Texaco 2. Clarendon #2-Linda Rowland-Olsten Kimberly Quality Care 3. Claude 4. Panhandle 5. Groom-Jimmy Chavedoe 6. White Deer-Terry Sargent 7. Skellytown-Kent Tiee Sat. June 4th 8:30 am. DC Kids w Rangers 9:30 am. Wranglers vs Knickers Monday, June 6th Sat., June llth Monday, June 13th 5:30 p.m. 8:30 am. 5:30 p.m. DC Kids vs Wranglers DC FAds vs Knickers Rangers vs Knickers 9: a.m. Wranglers vs Rangers I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I MU00hmee S<he00 The home team is on the left side. Starting time is 6 p.m. Three (3) outs o| 9 batters per inning. I Teams: I 1. B & R Bulldogs-Buddy James-B & R Thriftway 2. Gravediggers-Brian Leeper-Robertson Fuueral Directors 3. Groom-Rick Prather 4. Bandits-Dale Adams-First Bank & Trust MW7 M MWH May 1-2 3-2 D3 2-1 3-4 4-1 2-4 4-3 May31 June4 June7 Junell 1-4 3-4 3-1 4-1 3-2 2-1 4-2 2-3 tatte Lmp, Sd,ehae The home team is on the left side. Game time is 7 p.m. HeAley home gameg will start at 6:30 p.m. I Teams 1. Hedley-Steve Carson, Bill Talley -, 2. Outlaws-Mike Word-McKinney Motors 3. Falcons-Lyun Floyd-Floyd Brothers 4. Groom-Mark Biveus 5. Rappers-Danny & Dea Hill-The Grocery Store May6 May 10 May 13 May 17 May 20 May 24 May5 May9May12 May 16 1-2 2-3 3-1 1-$ 6-1 1-7 2-1 1-5 4-5 2-5 3-4 4-5 4-6" 6-2 2-7 24 4-3 2-3 3-1 1-4 5-6* 6-7 7-5 7-4 5-3 3-6* May 19 May 23 May 26 May 31 May 27 May 31 June 3 June 7 June 10 June 14 3-5 5-4 4-3 1-3 4-1 2-1 3-2 1-3 $-1 1-6" 4-2 1-2 5-2 2-4 $-2 4-3  6-4 2-6* %2 June 2 June 6 June 9 June 13 7-3 6-5 7-6* 5-7 4-7 3-5 1-5 4-1 5-1 1-4