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June 30, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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June 30, 1994

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Health Tips Hot summer weather may drive some people to drink. Drink water, that is. "The body loses large amounts of fluids during hard physical activity, particularly if the weather is hot and humid," said Dr. Jim Pivarnik, an exercise physiologist at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. "It is impor- tant to replenish them. The best way, as obvious as it sounds, is to drink plenty of water." Whether working construc- tion, running, or merely spending a day at the beach, the heat can sap the body of precious fluids, leading to dehydration. The simple rule, according to Pivaruik, is to pay attention to urine color. People who have adequate amounts of body water content normally have pale-colored urine. A darker yellow color indicates that the kidneys are forced to con- centrate urine. b>, Have the natural, healthy look you've always wanted! Fri.-Sat.l Sidewalk Sale Pant suits, short sets, jewelry, frames, " nail polish, and other items. 322 S. Kearney 874-3647 , Not drinking enough fluids can affect exercise performance, and can lead to heat illness, which can be fatal, Pivaruik says. Signs of water depletion in- dude extreme thirst, dry tips and tongue. In several eases, there can be an increase in heart rate and breathing, dizziness, confusion, and eventual coma. The skin can appear dry and non-elastic while the sufferer may feel lethargic, and have headaches, cramps, and a pale complexion. Don't wait until there are symptoms to take precautions warns Pivarnik. "Thirst is not a good in- dicator by itself since by the time you are thirsty, the body's water reserves have already decreased to unhealthy levels," he said. Pivarnik suggests drinking water continuously to keep the body hydrated. "Take a drink every time you pass a water fountain, and keep a water bottle at your work area and sip on it through the day." He advises spreading water WEEKLY DRAWINGS Pick up your free game ticket todayl PRICES EFFECTIVE :rr June 29-July' 5? 1994, illl   Clarendon, Texas [ pl\\; \\; !ill $so.oo WORTH OF OMOLIHE FREEII! r HI" 0*  all., COUNTRY FORD 2400 IUMUDRT DR.  I WILL $ !111 ,0011 li'llv- ALL PURPOSE -illl II RUSSET ................. U DI'T  MIX OR MATCH TMLNE$  FRESH PLUMS 10 LB BAG ;' T n ..a o)O  UI S .NE 11 -1 L '''W  .- J nn. PUCHES n , oo F ,, FREE ),, wv R A HOT UNKS GAS FO " WINNER! YEAR WINNERS! / t. " VICTORIA A. MATrHEWS VICTOR E. PEREZ n J llv I vrs,.m.mc0 ..... ...u...,.. ...... ..FORVV  PiR.RmUB'O MEAT MEAT BOLOGNA FRANKS 12 OZ. PI(G, 12 OZ. PKG. L8900L6900 RDOR SUGAR FREEZE ALL TYPES ENE U PEPSI- COLA L89.  $1 99 GE'ENBEANS ............................. ,,,39 6 PACK CANS  ---"-'-- ! CAANRDsY ' BA R S lUm .cum. ,., T.,m.0u.- h ,'--"-4, ..Ens,.m w.v, I I:IIN 1311) .t.:1 I GIANTBAR 3MUSKETEER8 I' v,, - ................. . 7 nm 1 --_qCi 17 OZ. V consumption throughoutthe day rather than trying to make up for low levels in large gulps. A mini- mum of one pint of water per hour is a good starting point. During exercise or strenuous outdoor activity, Pivarnik says to drink approximately 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes. Although the body can sweat two quarts of fluid in one hour during the hot summer weather, it can only absorb about one quart, making it crucial to be "stocked up" before, during, and after those summertime ac- tivities. Social Security News by Jim Talbot, Sodnl Secuty manas in lunariilo young Workers Should Un- derstand Value Of Social Security Survivors Benefits I read a sobering statistic the mhcr day-a person dies every six minutes in the United States as a result of an accident. And acci- dents are the leading canse of death among young men and women in the 25-44 age group. These statistics represent real tragedies in life-the loss of a wife or husband, mother or father, son or daughter. Families grieve and tryto pick up the pieces of their lives. The personal grief is too often accompanied by considera- tious of how to replace the loss of income caused by the worker's death. Insurance helps in about two-thirds of the deaths of younger workers-but only as a lump-sum payment and usually in a much smaller amount than many would suppose. Social Security is a bulwark that most survivors can rely on, though. This fact is seldom thought of when people think about the So- cial Security program. The Social Security taxes you pay also go toward providing sur- vivors insurance. In fact, the value of the survivors insurance you have under Social Security is probably more than the value of your com- mercial life insurance. When someone wh has worked and paid into Social Security dies, survivor benefits can be paid to certain family members. These include widows, widowers (and divorced widows and widowers), children, and depend- cut parents. Right now, 98 out of every 100 children could get benefits if a working parent should die. In fact, Social Security pays more benefits to children than any other federal program. For more information of So- cial Security survivors benefits, call Social Security's toll free number-- 1-800-772-1213--between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. any business day. Our lines are busiest early in the week and early in the month, so it's best to call at other times. your Social security Numbe,-. Some Basics About Its Use And Protection Your Social Security number is the one number that belongs to Loyd's Backhoe & Ditching Service Seplic Tank Units NI Types of Gas and Water Unes Installed -----.-..--...-- uo00Fo00 New West at *** .*** C00rendon's Ma00n srtce 1910. 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But your Social number? it always stays the: The reason you need a Security number is sire knowing how much you've tributed to the system working years, we can the amount of your you retire or if you become! abled. But it's no longer employers who ask for your Security number. The law quires parents or the Social Security pendents of federal income! returns. At the blood bank asked to recite your you donate, and you be for it when paying for buying clothes or other disc by check. However, while other ganizatious may use your for their own record-keepingl poses, they don't have your Social Security records. files axe held in the strictest fidence. Even so, it's protect you Social and make sure your record is accurate and not fused with another holder." Here's what you c.a Protect your Social card by keeping it with your important papers When a private organization requests your ber, ask why they need it. not required to give it out, but may not get their if you don't. Make sure your record is accurate and by sending for a earnings every three years. Two free Social SecurityI licatious offer more help. Yo ciai Security Number formation on protecting your ber and reporting misuse. Request for Earnings and Estimate Statement lets your earnings history and gives an estimate of future benefits. order these name and address to: Information Center, 22, Pueblo, CO 81OO9. Tips...From Social Security Sometimes the strong to be penny wise, pound foolish--especially comes to reporting tip income. But reporting tips now mean more Social SecuriV for you and your famil disabled or die. Here's what you should doing. If you work at a j, make $20 or more per cash tips, that income should reported to Social Security. you and your employer are quoted to pay Social Security Medicare taxes on this income. You should keep a record of the tips you receive. includes tips received in directly from customers and added to a credit card your tip income totals: m a month, you are report the amount to employer. Your em responsible for the Social Security Admires" trado, the Internal Revenue (ms). All employees who ear are affected by these rules. includes workers in food beverage establishments, employees, cab hairdressers, etc. To make sure that receive credit for all your you should request a free statement from Social least every three years. Whel get your statement, check it to sure it's right. If you find an call the special toll-free listed on the form to get record corrected. To get a statement form, all you have to do is call our toll-free number: 772-1213. Ask for the Estimate Statement (Form For more information paying taxes on tips, call the toll-free telephone number, 1- 829-.3676, and ask for 531, Reporting Tip Income, Publication 1244, Em Daily Record of T0 Employer. Cont'd o P