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July 21, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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July 21, 1994

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July 21, 1994 _ QUESTION: My 4-year-old :qMleently comes running home in because she has been hit by of her little friends. I h. t her that it is not right to " {L but now they are making ] miserable for her. What ]ld I tell her about defending L_ DR. DOBSON: When gsters play together, they &lt;tt Vant to have the best toys and :ermine the ground rules to /eir advantage. If they find they  predominate by simply fling- Iawell-aimed fist at the nose of playmate, someone is likely ,tet hurt. L I'm sure there are people 0flisagree with me on this issue, Elbelieve you should teach your to defend himself or herself I'a attacked. Later, they can be lt to "turn the other cheek," Ieh even mature adults find dif- Mt to implement. I recently consulted with a 0ther who was worried about her tall daughter's inability to tect herself from aggression. :e was one child in the neigh- uood who would crack 3-year- ,Ann in the face at the slightest Vocation. This little bully, ). Joan, was very small and e, but she never felt the I of retaliation, because Ann been taught not to fight back. l I recommended that Ann's tether tell her to return Joan's k if Joan hit first. Several days , the mother heard a loud al- tion outside, followed by a f scuffle. Then Joan began g and went home. ! Ann walked casually into [,hOuse with her hands in her ts, and casually explained, Socked me, so I had to help Eremember not to hit me again. and Joan have played much re peacefully since that time. speaking, a nu " Tn.27 | Thursday: Roast Beef L w/Natural Gravy, Mini :aked Potato, Spinach, 'nS S tlr awbery co. , Tea, Whole Friday: BBQ Chicken, i rn, Macaroni Salad, Can- lloupe Cubes, Pastries, kad, Coffee, Tea, Whole !1 j Monday:. Sweet-n-Sour rk Chops, Au Gratin , atoes, Fried Okra, Orange ieeapple Delight, Cookies, heat Roll, Coffee, Tea, ole Milk. ] Tuesday: Honey Glazed ]ilicken Grill, Rice Pilaf, itreen Peas, Coleslaw, ]:berry Sour Cream Pie, i]ueat Roll, Coffee, Tea, ]ole Milk. , .Wednesday; Grilled en Fried Steak, Cream :atoes w/Gravy, Zucchini Tomatoes, Creamy Apple ff Brownies, Wheat Roll, e.e, Tea, Whole Milk. parent should emphasize the foolishness of fighting. But to force a child to stand passively while being clobbered is to leave him at the mercy of his cold- blooded peers. Page 5 Hedley Senior Citizens Menu July 21-27 Thursday: Roast Beef, Baked Potato, Broccoli Casserole, Butterscotch Pud- ding, Roll, Milk, Tea, Coffee. Friday: Hot Dogs, French Fries, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pick- lerelish, Homemade Ice- cream, Milk, Tea, Coffee. Monday: Oven Fried Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, German Cabbage, Cantaloupe Chunks, Apple Cobbler, Wheat Roll, Milk, Tea, Coffee. Tuesday: Steak & Gravy, Augratin Potatoes, Corn On Cob, Pea Salad, Banana Pudding, Roll, Milk, Tea, Coffee. Wednesday: Baked Ham, Sweet Potatoes, Black- eyed Peas, Watermelon Pieces, Spice Cake, Wheat Roll, Milk; Tea, Coffee. Calendar of Events Thursday: Games 1-3 p.m., Dance Practice 7 p.m.; Friday: Games 1-3 p.m., Birthday Salad Supper & STORYTELLER AMANDA WARD directs a get-acquainted game, I Elave a Friend, in preparation for her story presentation THE PRINCIPAL'S NEW CLOTHES at Story Hour at the G.B. Burton Memorial Library on Tuesday, July 12,1994. Seated to her right Is Lydia Hartnum. On her left Is Katie Askew. QUESTION: I am 13 years old, and I feel miserable about myself. Is there anything I can do? DR. DOBSON: First, you need to understand that you are not alone. When you go to school tomorrow, quietly watch the stu- dents who are coming and going. I assure you, many of them have the same concerns that trouble you. They reveal these doubts by being very shy and quiet, by being ex- tremely angry and mean, by being silly, by being afraid to participate in a game or contest, by blushing frequently or by acting proud or "stuck up." You'll soon learn to recog- nize the signs of inferiority, and then you'll know it's a very com- mon disorder. It will give you more confidence to know that everyone is afraid of embarrassment and ridicule--that we're all sitting in the same leaky boat, trying to plug the watery holes. Second, I advise you to look squarely at the worries that keep gnawing at you from the back of your mind or from deep within your heart, causing a black cloud to hang over your head day and night. Then list all the things which you most dislike about yourself. Nobody is going to see this paper except the people you choose to show it to, so you can be complete- ly honest. Write down everything that's bothering you. Identify your most serious problems as best as possible. Whatever concerns you, write it down the best you can. Then when you're finished, go back through the list and put a mark by those items that worry you the most--the problems you spend the most time thinking and fretting about. Third, think about each item on the list. Give your greatest creative thought to what might be done to change the things you don't like. If you wish, you might share the paper with someone in whom you have confidence. That person can then help you map out a plan for improvement. You'll feel better for having faced your problems. The key to mental health is being able to accept what you can- not change. After you've done what you can to deal with your problems, I feel you should take the paper on which the most pain- ful items are written, and burn it in a private ceremony. These questions and answers are excerpted from the book Dr. Dobson Answers Your Ouestions. Dr. James Dobson is a psychologist, author and president of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the home. Correspondence to Dr. Dob- son should be addressed to: Focus on the Family, P.O. Box 444, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.(c), 1982, yndale House Publishers, Inc. City Minutes June 28, 1994 ]l[ombers present: Mayor Steve Smith, Aldermen DavidPittsSlmwn "=Barker, Bobble Kidd, Mac Stavenhagen, and Deimar W'gs. Members absent: None. Others present: City Secretary Sue Howard, Ernie Johnston, and Dave Croslin, and City Superintendent Jim Roberts. Minutes of the June 14, 1994, meeting were read, and upon a motion by Alderman Mac Stavenhagen, seconded by Alderman David Pitts, said minutes were approved. Motion carried. Ernie Johnston gave a report on his trash business. The question was raised concerning the price of the dumpsters at the Country Club. The Board decided that they should pay the same as the other enstomers out in the same neighborhood. The cost of the dumpsters is $67.50 each. Motion was made by Alderman David Parts, seconded by Alderman Delmar Wires, to advertise for bids on the Caterpillar loader and on a new backhoe. Motion carried. Dave Croslin came to discuss problems with water pressure at the Western Skies Motel and surrounding businesses. The Board instructed Jim Roberts to get some figures together on the cost of running a bigger line to the area. Discussion followed concerning a peddlers ordinance. Motion was made by Alderman Delmar Wiggs, seconded by Alderman Shawn Barker, to have the City Attorney, Jim Shelton, draw up a peddlers ordinance. Motion carried. Mayor Steve Smith administered the Oath of Office for Alderman Bobble Kidd. There being no further business at this time, motion was made by Alderman Mac Stavenhagen, seconded by Alderman Shawn Barker, to p.m.; Tuesday: Games 1-3 p.m., Games 7 p.m.; Wednes- day: Games 1-3 p.m. Project. '95 meeting will be Thursday, Jul3; 2i at 8:00 p.m. in the City Park ..-- - _......... Games 6:30 p.m.; Monday: Games 1-3 p.m., Musical 7  h " I " i. railroad crossing, you lose! D,'3NLgY couwri' GUAR"RLY EEPORT @ For Npil, tt/, , 1994 CERTIFICATE FUND B&LANCE RECEIPTS DIS SuIq FYflNT BALANCE OF DEPOSIT 4-1-94 6-30-94  $54,881.08 $234,182.90 $239,215.02 $49,849.96 $270,956.69 F  MARKET 6,215.65 9,439.48 11,032.3g 3,622.75 351,815.79 LA 3,739.92 3, I05.74 6,939.6% 5.97 -0-   S RaD 422.66 1,2.00 870. 752.66 34,970,14 S Ft 52.00 347.00 -O.- 868.00 -O--  CO SCH  -0- -O- -0- -O- 19,00.00 TOTALS $65,780.31 $24 7,275.12 $25?, 957.0% $55,098.34 $676, ? 72.62 THE STATE OF TEXAS I COUNTY OF DONLEY  eE.ti the quieni of t. 114.026 Sub, SiC, C Icel CDv- We, The Convalionerl Court of nley County Texas. heby ermaent Ode, :have been fully opplled with at the July terM, A.D., 994, of the CIseiOnerg ut and he Cash and other assets, ntioned in the sve proceedings, County Treelurere ret, mde ins held by her for the county have en fully in- spected and counted by u end that the said &mount o aid money and other ellsre its shown ibove are true end Orrect to the best of our knledge. " __ . Steve ' olds I.E. Chrlltel, County Judle Ronny alll fmm1oner. Precinct tl COmteilonir, Precinct 13 A U , C.W. Cornel1 Wande Smith, County Treasurer wi11am R. Camberlain ComIssioner, Precinct i2 Contsioner, Precinct 14 STATEMENT OF CONDITIONS PUBLICATION COPY - COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS SANKS CONSOLIDATED REPORT OF CONDITION (InOuh Oomell and F0rs) SIi) Irar  141 LEGAL TITLE OF BANK [STATE BANK NO he^DoDley^Qunty State Bank I 141-15 Clarendon, Texas 79226 11 13 04349 ...... ICtOSE OF BUSINES, OATf /June 3( : 9, CiTY IOUNTY STATE lP CODE ClarenQB Donlev Texas 179226 Dollar AuOll m Thous4rll B M ASSETS  ,. 1 Csn aria Dallmces aue tram de!3$aory ,aitauiOn$ Noetelt - Oelr Oatncei she Ctenl. #ha co,. b Imotoll - Itlr lmnet 2 Seoarltle, ................................................................. Nel-io,erlro V seunl,e, ........... 2b 1_. adjourn. Motion carried ............. .*, .......... 2 o s: ,m, ,|-lendar of Events < TOIit islet, in0 ,.. Oe.. Ovt..m to ,2 O S C ,0f3i(|.m *,,.m, i21 ind ,2.) 3 LIABIUTIES  hursda Ex re" I  y: e is 11 "  , o. ................... , 2 {lINomnleceil I  l   1 1 4{A: a.m., Lunch 11:30 a.m.. Happiness is not a matter of events; it depends upon the tides of the mind. I <,,.,....,- -,,.9-" II .... 1 :, I,,,13132 /  ,.,z>3"' ]i.ues 12:30-3 p.m., Hearing --Alice Meynell I ........ 9 ....... E  A ........ 0 .........  ,BP, , is Clinic 10 a.m.-12 noon, ,,,,, ,, , ,,, .......... ,..,,o I ...... I I 0i   ,3o,,, ];trition Program 12:30-3 'IN I .P ............................... .,,.9 ........... ,, ................ , .... I '..; Friday: Exercise 11 j Jl ...... o., A9 ................... 6,o,,, os.o,,,,., ......... ,..., ..... .,..,.,, to ,,<..,. I' :2: /jLunchll:30a.m.,Games I l-*--l-i, v__ L_ tr-_L, il ,,.. ..........,,..,.    ,5. ' 1'30-3 p.m.; Monday: Exer- | lgllt ill llle IN lgllL II 6.,.o.,.=,... , ,- ]ellaJn.,Lunchll:30a,m., I ,,'.--Iv,., n n , ."'6.., . 14 "":'0--"" I ,, b  O@ rnfy of mocs n one yisr 8b ;es 12;30-3 p.m., Dance I Ul) r wide ttany Agamst. urlme, I: "''e"" .... """0'"' I ', I r "ce 7-9 p.m.; Tuesday: ,, ,,o.0.0 .................. . ............... . ..... 6 Binll hlOihl o ICep 11 etecul0 i DO Illlr I t8 , Violence, Drug, Alcohol 19 Subordln01e notes aria debentures 19 e 11 a.m., Lunch 11:30 l 0 ..,.o ..... , 0 'd 2, Total haOii,ltl (sum OI ,terns 12 i'l{l 1 J 21 i?l "a, Games 12 30 3 p m, " a/Anniver: "Su" "r I Saturday, July 23 at 4.00 pom. l: . ..................................... . i i. lli00 li '0 "'"< .... y saw ppe ; Wednesday: Exercise l On the Courthouse lawn m = P.,. .............................. . ...................... , ,o,, , ,= 2, com*o ,,,,N0 0,...,. o Ao,,,..  n   I :] a.m., Lunch 11:30 a.m., I --,.- - ,,- I, 0 o ........  I I; I i2, ]',_e,s 12:30-3 p.m., Weight m uarenuon, iexas nl ,B,,, ,  ,= ::hers 5:30-6:30 p.m. - i I: ,,.u ................. o .......... , ,6. bNetun#slllh9*m'(ltle$)svtl'l"akllnno II . 1 I 6 < II 2, c ............. , ................... , ....... i z  i l Sp ISp n ' 2' " T:'=:':===:;771"'72 : [::: 1 J Totoleu,lyciO,tolodlsleooge.eoolusnlto 12USC 1823U I,umoI aomss & 21Sbl - i8 ecla eaker: -' ...... " ......... ' ..... - ............ ,.,,,o.,,...- .... -,,-, ........ ,= " I M E L :NCO A ' 2Am:l ::FO:I :: ' Q 7, :FR:6 lrlll e, Conol'iion dsl0': .... ]' = = 'MEMO'S! ames Barnes ,.-...-- ......... . ............. ..,....,.-...<.,-. ,,, il NO?E Tl$ ,eo, mu,I m s,ne Oy an oulhnled othlll ind INllled  i bin Ihan Ilwet tlllOl otho, lhn Ihe offtrlt I i,n Ihe ,eo I Former gang member, drug user I 'w:":::"::::':r:'Z=::='=:="'""-'"'"-''<" ..................... ' ......... "'" SIGNATURE 9DFYICTH()nIEOTO SIGN REPOST [GATE SIGNEO i !ll -  .. -"-',"I ,.,' ..z.. , I-July 11, 194 ' 7"erned I and armed robber I ...oo..,,.o...o Bohbie Thornberrv. Assletit VIce-vresldel & C88hler n(806)874-3581 li rues will also be spea--K- I S,ONA*UR.O,.E ,S,ONAT. O,REC*OR .  =,.D,RTO-- !: WOlence in your city botheringl Rev.James Ba =e- .... , /.m .-'s.l /y,-,>_ lng each evening of July I 7:::,==. ,,o;:;& ....... ;of--du, aihol_d| p egnancy? the Jesus Name Apostofic Church, on J "age pregnancy? Your iial e s rre-quest cd  , , , .  i toYharl the corner of Montgomery and Faker. J lil]Illm[iirtntlIM/dt, r  Semces will begin at 7o30 p.m. each ...... "----"* -'--- ' ....... '? ouriho tawnl evening.YOU ARE INVITED!!! I ,.,,,,,,oo.. ...,<,,s IV "a ta 4-'00 p.m. I I -..,--,,.- .--:r__.- ........ x._ Advertisement | i IIIIN I " I b AvlblSlo-fot.sekl llolnbs$ ......................................................... 3 feoeOl luels 5oO 6 scu.leS .,cssoa u*O, |g,lmmsntl Io ,lew otlees el lml Ilon & o .15 EOOe & Agreemenl $ll.o,*es & , IBFs s Fim*rll lumis O Socu.l.I, lluOl,o uOl oloormlnl$ tO re.eli 4 Loons aro else fSCI i lco.v|bils Loan* tim teeter nl el uneortO .omo rx LESS Allowre 1o loan oO tdulss tOolel c tESS Altoaleo I,onslof ,*sk reserve O Loons o oles not o uno,no *rmomo slws't ol rooovt IdOm o o re.hue  0 ao 4 ) $ ASSetS lkl .n IrOO,tl SCcounls 6 P,em,ses ie*l Ilo ossoI, 0ncluo*ng co.lal.ll lellsell 70ttle, ,eel SOlote owmtO 8 Invemoms *n uronsov+Olell sunl*dorl, ooo ooloclstlm comointel 9 C51ome;I t.OO.l,tV to ires Oonk on acce&res otasior,rl 0 Inlolo assets 1 ; Ome, assess 12 o Totl itsoIs (sum of ,leml I mouQl I 11 i40 4 10 s 6