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July 21, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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July 21, 1994

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lThursday, July 21, 1994 Keep An Eye 0000Greenst00n ly Ben Boothe ,i T he man who controls the |[ Federal Reserve Bank, con- It  interest rates, and largely the I! eCOnomic direction of America. || lat man may have more impact I[ tpon your business life and ll eCOnomic environment, than the |l President. That is why every busi- I!  person--even in Clarendon-- I l[ould watch Alan Greenspan, ]i| of the Fed, with care. " "',tthl !| er than a paragon of integrity th reverence and respect in [  ashington, Greenspan is met ['ith suspicion by bankers Ill onghout the nation, and mixed [l|;iews in Washington. Many I:|| lieve he should ri__ Others I || nder that he hash t been fired. hi The continuing saga of Alan reeuspan's continuing skirmishes I ||r survival is a constant subject of |1 aversation in Washington, D.C. lllt--lWhile" e facets of his personal life- I/y continue to create mixed sig- |[  Greenspan generates conver- ron even by the kinds of people [  dates. But the conversation ut his personal life pales in .tOtnparison to the serious battles  has in Washington circles. F'trst, |[has an aggressive and effective il0e in Henry B. Gonzales (D) of I|exas who is chairman of the I li aoe Banking Committee. Next, [[ reenspan has opponents behind the closed doors of the Federal [ Reserve Boardroom, and his op- || [ition there is gaining power. One Way lb ] || y, Greenspan wasn't helped 1| recent publications out of [ Lon confirming the stories Love I l|i st published by The Boothe [fl ieport 6 months ago) about the I !| -Understandings" of poficy direc- by Gene Shelbume ]|lon and support between " -- tirq[g eenspan and President Bill Clin- ][y mother had tears in her "''eyes when she told me, "I am punishing you because I love you." I was only seven. But I under- Ii Greenspan is the ultimate ||anipulator, and no one has [iastered the art of manipulating l|lieies and actions with "non- i[ruth" better, except perhaps lie  Kissinger from a former ad- a tration. Henry Gonzales for IJgae is "on to" Greenspa Last iear Gonzales discovered that i ,L'lhairn- Greenspan had withheld I |if=marion to the House Baang I ttee. Caught red handed, I lo.zales challenged Greenspan to I [[nap!y, with little cooperation I [I F m the Fed Chairman. a;t eema IAI o I Ill, Act of1993 which=q / lithe ied to release complete I IIinutes of its Federal Open I Ii Plarket Committee meetings. To Ill t,it bluntly, Gonzales "simply Ill t't get the truth" out of Alan Ill treenpan and is trying to deal l II ,. the problem through legisla- I II .uoja. Last week Gonzales dis- / ild that the Fed'7 governors, as Ill t%nabers of the FOMC recently / [[/-e U.S. Treasury in extend- / I! .9 Billion Dollars to Mexico. :$3 lily--on is a loan from the ill ;eoa'lney that was never up- / li (r,,ed by Congress, and though an i llP'cy tt is beyond co,m-ol or / ll rffval by the public, the press, [  ,. taxpayers, or, as Gonzales rue- IIRs teg by the Congress. Gon- [ les makes a point that slaps ;t lataeea Jtt Greenspan squarely in the face: "The U.S. Constitution states that Congress has the right to insist on a full accounting of these opera- tions (Article 1, Section 9)" Time will tell if Greenspan respects the constitutional argu- ment, but you and I should care regardless. The fact that the Chair- man of the Fed has enormous power is scary enough...but the fact that the Fed has drawn a "lead coated X-Ray proof' curtain of secrecy around their activities, and then are allocating no millions, but "Billions" to foreign governments should arouse every taxpayer's in- terest. It should also arouse the inquiry of bankers, financial execu- tives, and investors. What is this organization that is supposed to be in place to stabilize the American banking systems and stabilize the U.S. economy, doing sending Bil- lions to Mexico? As a taxpayer, I would like to know, preferably in advance whyt We are losing U.S. jobs by the hundreds of thousands, and perhaps that money could be used to help create hobs here! Just how long will we allow Mr. Greenspan to lead us down path dominated by his personality and power? The above is adapted from an article in The Boothe Report by Ben B. Boothe, and is used by pennis- sion. It has been widely reprinted in a large number of newspapers in Texas and elsewhere. Boothe is a native West Tar, an, a former banker. Many banks and politicians sub- scribe to his newsletter and he has be quoted by Presidents from both par- ties. stood what she was telling me. Her messages were unmistakable. Both of them. She was saying that certain forms of misbehavior were unac- ceptable and would not be tolerated. She was also telling me that she loved me anyway. I never doubted either mes- sage. Why are these ideas con- sidered mutually exclusive today? When somebody takes a stand against immorality, why do we instantly label them unloving? Why are so many people quick to be offended when a gentle soul like Dan Ouayle speaks fourth rightly about the ruinous epidemic of illegitimate births in our country?. Why is national TV anchor- man excoriated as an insensitive slob when he dares to suggest that a professional athlete like Darrell Strawberry has nobody but himself to blame for his life-running illegal activities? Does a person become an un- compassionate orge simply be- cause he believes the nation's laws were made to be obeyed and God's rules were made to follow?. My mother told the truth. She rebuffed my wayward actions not because she was a hateful, sadistic woman, but because in her love she wanted me to be happy. Without her correction I would have grown up unemployable. Everybody around me would have been miserable if she had not tamed my temper and sweetened my tongue. God is like my mother. He outlaws certain forms of behavior and requires others because He loves us. Because He wants us to be happy. Because He wants us to enjoy the good life in all its abun- Clarendon: Antique Capital of the Panhandle. SPRING & SUMMER dance. To save us from ourselves, He builds a moral fence around sins that are certain to hurt us. To keep us from pickling our livers, to protect us from the ravages of syphilis and similar dis- eases, to prevent the |'etardation born of incest, to keep us from dying young with AIDS, God sets dear moral rules to guide our be- havior. He makes such rules, not to restrict our fun, but because He Basketball Clinic Scheduled Clarendon College will host a basketball clinic July 20 and 21 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the main campus in Clarendon. The Page 7 six-hour clinic will focus on the development and improvement of fundamental basketball skills. The camp is open to boys and girls grades 5 through 12. A registration fee of $15.00 will be charged for the clinic. For informa- tion contact Clarendon College Basketball Coach Joe Mondragon at 874-2320. loves us. Christians endorse and . F  O'- reason.eCh thse rules fr the same  O SCOncerned /,,'  Sj. O l 0 Are your children facing sor- "-ro00u, oon00o.ooo00. Nook cause of violence, alcohol, fornica- tion, and drugs? What can be done? Begin by attending the 'Light In The Night' rally July 23 at 4:00 p.m. at the Douley County Courthouse lawn. Hear James Barnes speak to bring a fight to our community. Take a light back to your children. Give them hopel Begin deliverance for theml Advertisement Au00up.S 1 WIN JIASY S0.00 WORTH OF 0MOLIHE FRIllll ALLSUP'S TAKE THIS COUPON TO BIG CANADIAN BACON, COUNTRY FORD 2400 MABRY DR. CLOVIS, NEW MF..XlCO 88101. IF EGG & BISCUIT, You.uRc.ASE A NEW VE.IC-E BEFORE AUGUST 13, 1994 YOU FOR ONLY  WILL RECEIVE $80.00 WORTH OF FREE GASOMNE COURTESY OF . ALLsUP'. FOR A YUR ,. VICTOR E. PEREZ .=:354 11I  " " I l/t/V BEEF & SALSA PEGGY R. RUEI0 w,,azMZR W lB I gll WII ili BURRITO srow mas .... ,,,,., ff9 MARIE WARREN urea A. 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