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July 24, 2014     The Clarendon Enterprise
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July 24, 2014

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Y Dissection of notes found iin the pocket of an old suit isn t easy Maybe they were scrawled during the lull in a wedding ceremony, or to jog my memory of a ioke for later use. ~k~'qway, it reminded me of a couple who "got ' "~,:' ~an~J moons ago--back when gasoline prices hit: : a s',a e di ts She remembers ALL the details; . almost none. ~ ~:~, :,'she saia t y. ...... c "xCv we've .... "d 'I WlU ,,, together ~at u s t eafi, tgethc ~i~ ~ " "'TW IS set ou ~" ~ / ,ris set out the id.le s grandeur is beyond the imagination of ans who've never visited, or taken deep e mountain air. igger'than the expanses of the Big Bend are !its people, strong of handshake and steeped ~drock of things good .... "k*'k'k W .'brty years ago, when Ray and Rita Hendryx married, they danced to the fiddle and band of late Hoyle Nix and his West Texas Cowboys, a ghlight of Alpine's July 4 observance in '74. How could Ray forget? His late father, Gene Hen- dryx (a Marine at 15 and survivor of both World War II and malaria) initially moved to Alpine for his health and was previous owner of Radio Station KVLF. "Everything Alpine," he served three terms in the state legislature and was a part-time announcer as a Sul Ross college student when the station began operation 67 years ago. Gene seemed always to be "mike side" promoting Alpine and the BigBend area. He talked up the Independence Day celebration 40 years ago "big time." And the Nix band booking was big news. Little wonder, then, that memories flooded-- 40 years later--when Ray learned this year's July 4th holiday plans. There'd be a street dance led by another Nix band--this time Hoyle's son Jody, with his Texas Cowboys, playing a street dance at nearby Fort Davis. Wow, thought Ray and Rita, after celebrating in Alpine, they'd top it off dancing to Nix band up the road .... ***** It was drj vu. Like his dad, Ray was in promo- tion mode for weeks--his "leather-lung" promotions of upcoming events ever evident, as one listener put it, '"til the world looks level?' Ray and Rita could hardly wait. Their extended family would all be in town for the holiday and anni- versary folderol. Having worked at KVLF since his teen years, he contacted Jody to make sure Silver Dew on the Blue Grass Tonight still is in the band's repertoire. "Of course," Jody responded, "It's still a favorite."... "k @ 'k "k '/t The Hendryx clan, almost all of 'em, were "all in" for multiple events in both towns.(Ray believes the fireworks embroidering skies above the Davis Moun- tains each year are the best in West Texas.) Luckily, there was beautiful weather, grand food, parades, high school reunions and more. The Hendryx family partook of it with gusto. As reporters have stated across the years, "a good time was had by all." However, Ray and Rita "tuckered out" before the dance, as he put it, "plumb out of time and energy?' They stayed home. Maybe they can drop by The Stampede--The Nix's home venue for 60 years--one of these days in Big Spring for a "rain check" dance to Silver Dew. Shucks, it's less than 200 miles away, not a "fer" piece in West Texas .... ~ "k "k 'k "k Ray has worked many seven-day weeks, holidays and all, since he first went on the air during the 1967 Middle East War. His idea of retirement was to "back off' to 40 hours a week by the time he hit 65. Health issues are taking precedence now, and now Ray is in the process of selling the radio station holdings. The couple will re-locate to Kansas, where their two sons and their families live. Ray and Rita are "public service" people who've earned transition to "live like the Waltons." Soon, no more early morning news casts, trading posts, local government meetings and athletic broadcasts Instead, story time for four grandchildren, many about KVLF - the "Voice of the Last Frontier," an Alpine street dance, and another one almost attended 40 years later in Fort Davis .... "k "k "/t "k 'k Dr. Newbury is a speaker in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Inquiries/comments to: newbury@speakerdoc. com. Phone: 817-447-3872. Web site: www.speakerdoc. com. Twitter: @donnewbury The Clarendon Enterprise . July 24, 2014 Without a doubt, we have a serious mess along our unsecured border with Mexico. Additionally, our state and national politicians are making an even bigger mess as they struggle to forge some sort of permanent solution to the mess on our southern border. Growing divisions on Capitol Hill are getting in the way of an EfiWfl i'ise 1Eth Vol. No. , z9.17 I I Tile ~arendon Emrprl~ (USPS 947040, ISSN i I i0 .9698) is ubl/shed each Thu ay by Roger I ! | I A. Estack at 105 Si Kearney Street, clarendon, ( I Texas. 79226-1110. Periodicals postage paid at the 2008 taw. this probleml can do We need to understand' : ":: which we ' . AnY ermfieous reflection upon the character, stand- what caused that most of these children are entering or reputation of any pe!son, firm,, or ~aPO~:d:~ this crisis the United qt.t~ fr.m a few third world which may occur in me columns OT use ~,,~,,~ ~*,,,*, Enterprise will be gladly corrected upon being was President Central American countries to get away brought to the attention of the management. O ama i, the the quick, rom drug cartels, which either kill them ENTERPRISE STAFF summer of the M =uda' l or sell them into sexual bondage. Their 2012 illegally parents are sending them to the US in Roger A. EStlack emergency spending bill to alleviate granting 8( fred order to get them out of harm's way. I Publisher & Editor the flood of unaccompanied minors amnesty to, from Central America along the entire some 800,000 yyeagray cannot imagine the anguish and .fief Ashlee Estlack southwest border with Mexico. House people who had their parents experience as they send Contributing Editor ,~ Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said entered this country illegally as children, them on a long and dangerous journey Tara Hogan last Thursday that the members of the And the foreseeable, predictabletothe US, perhaps never to see them Office Director working to enact some sort consequence of that is that it l:tas led aE, ain, in the hopes of g;.vlrtg them the ] House were of legislation before Congress takes its to an explosion of unaccompanied opportunity for better life with a brighter Morgan Wheatly i traditional August break, "but I don't children coming in to his country." He future. Ads Layouts have as much optimism as I'd like to then added, "rhe only way to address So, what do we do? Our troops have." " this humanitarian crisis and to solve meet them at the border, perhaps at the CORRESPONDENTS Of course, yours truly has it so we don t have children being point of bayonets, in a futile effort to Peggy Cockerham absolutely no optimism that the brutalized is to remove the promise of turn them back. If they make it across Howardwick ( Congress will be able to accomplish amnesty. Hmmm? Some think he has our border then they deserve to be Sandy Anderberg anything at all. It is simply too been smoking too many "Cuban cigars'; treated as children in trouble. TheyClarendon Sports - dysfunctional to be of use to the Perhaps we need to return the Statue of deserve our help, not our hatred and Fred Gray t American people. Libertyback to France: scorn. They need help, and we need College & Hedley Sports . President Obama is also of little use Our Texas government is not . to help them Our values and national i (perhaps even less use than Congress) in much better condition. Governor character are at stake. Karl Llndsey tO the American people. Actually, truth Rick is suggesting that President These are children we are talking Photographer be known, our entire government is of Obama is somehow conspiring with about, not some sort of insect infestation. Matthew Martlnez little use to We the People. The situation foreign entities to aid the influx of Surely, they will put strain on our Photographer is beyond absurd, whatever that is. unaccompanied children. His suggestion educational, judicial, medical, and Kathy Spler Democracy in the US has completely is so absurd that it impossible to housing resources, but we are a creative, Hedley broken down, our political leaders have rationally respond to his accusations of generous people, and we can find a way devolved into idiots, and our government federal culpability in this nightmare, to solve this problem in such a way that CONTACT INFORMATION is being run by the various government Outrageously, the governor has is in the best interests of these children bureaucracies. The ship of state is adrift decided, in his infinite ignorance, to send and this great land. Their arrival on our Phone on angry international seas and is in 1,000 national guardsmen to the border, shores is not a disaster to our national 806.874.2259 danger of sinking, at a cost of $12 million a month, in order integrity and character. It may actually Fax Little Teddy Cruz, our Texas to keep a bunch of four-year olds from strengthen them. 806.874.2423 Senator from Canada, eh, has a bill crossing the border into Texas. As my This is not a national security issue. to repeal a 2012 Obama directive that editor has pointed out, if you are wonder Claiming otherwise is a vile absurdity. E-Mail allowed certain undocumented minors in a few months where our community We claim to be a Christian, God- to stay in the US He puffed out his college and other important funding fearing country. Now is a good time to Web Site chest, sucked in his gut, and spewed went, then the border is a good place to prove it. forth, "This crisis wasn't caused by start your search. ADVERTISING Open Display rates are $5 per PASS column e=or~ "=~rd~J~kl ~aC,o~/c~z inch. Classified Ads are $10 for the first 15,t~/t'i~ rent.r~ i words and 15 per word for each additional word (Boxes or special typography are extra.). Thank You Notes are $15 for the first 40 words and 15 per word for each additional word. Basic engagement, wedding, anni- (~t=L versary, and birth announcements are $10 each. Expanded wedding announcements are $20. A one-column announcement pic- . ture is $5, and a two-column announcement t}~ ' picture is $10..PiCtures submitted for publi- %~, cation should be picked up within ten days after publication. Death notices are printed at no charge. Obituaries are published for $45 or $50 with a photo. 0 DEADLINES News articles and photos are due by Monday at noon. Advertising and Clasel- fleds are due by five o'clock Monday after- noon. Deadlines may be altered for holidays or special issues. O SUBSCRIPTIONS Annual aubscrlptiona are available for $30 for zip codes inside Donley County, $40 elsewhere in Texas, and $45 out of state. -"~--~'." POSTMASTER: Send all address changes to: The Clarendon Enterprise, PO Box 1110, Clarendon, TX 79226-1110. Digital Sub- scrlptlons are $15 per year. .N 'rUR p I sT LETTERS "~'~E "[0~I Letters to the editor are welcome. Views / expressed in letters are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor or staff of The Clarendon Enter- prise. Submission of a letter does not guar- antee publication. Letters may be edited for grammar, style, or length. All letters must be signed and must include an address and telephone number for verification. To improve your chances of publication, type and double space your letter, stick to one main topic, and keep it brief. No letters will be accepted from candidates for local politi- cal offices. Letters submitted to this newspa- , per become the property of The Enterprise and cannot be returned. The Texas Panhandle's First Newspaper THE CLARENDON N~r~s, established June 1, I878 with which have merged: The Clarendon ~avelar, February 1889; The Clarendon Journal, November 1891; The Banner-Stockman, October 1893; The Agitator, February 1899; The Clarendon Times, May 1908; The Conley County Leader, March 12, 1929; The Clarendon Pmu, May 18, 1972; and The Clarendon Enteq~dse, March 14, 1996. Member 2014 My good Mend Red Steagall called word) to five friends and request them to Clarendon's crosses me and said, "Fuzzy we need your do the same. Time is of essence, creep people out help!!" Here is my comment example I The future of RFD TV could be in sent: My husband and I are frequent National Newspaper Association travelers through Clarendon on our way jeopardy. The proposed merger (which "I am ranch raised I'm a part-time we are not against) of Comcast with Dentist/Rancher/Farmer. RFD has been to our vacation property in New Mexico Time-Warner and Direct TV with AT&T an important part of my life for many We find the sewer pipe crosses creepy could have a negative effect on RFD. If years both for information and entertain- and unwelcoming. We will never stop in Texas Press Association they decide to drop RFD TV, this would ment. Just because our members have Clarendon, and I would like to remind probably also affect Dish. drpped t 1/5 f the ppulatin des twn fficials f the ecnmic bst that Here is what we can do; not mean we aren't just as important. We Clarendon and other towns on 287 get 1.) Go to and click need our news and farm reports more from travelers, You might want to think West Texas Press Association the Contact FCC - Support RFD-TV than ever. Keepus in touch with rural about "first impressions." banner on the right side. America if you are to have anything on I am a Christian but one who 2.) Read the five easy steps to file a your plate tonight Keep us Educated, displays my faith by trying to live my comment with the FCC. Informed, and Entertained - KEEP RFD- life as Christ commanded. If I need to 3.) Click the link on Step #1 to go TV. bombard someone with plastic symbols Panhana e Press Association directly to the FCC site and write your Dr. Keith Hudson to show my faith, then something is very .. ,. .. comment. (a.k.a. "Fuzzy"or Buddy) wrong Please submit your email and help Goldthwaite, Texas Tammy Sparks | ASSOCIATION | us flood FCC with RFD-TV support by via email com r