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July 26, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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July 26, 1973

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Calvary Baptist to be dedicated dedication services of the new auditorium of the Cal- Baptist Church will be held Sunday, July 29th, at the located at East 2rid and Jackson Street. is invited to attend all the services. dedication message will be delivered at the 11:00 service by Reed Bert Homer. Lunch will be served at the noon hour. singing and music will be at all services. The will be open all day. Everyone is invited to come and what great things the Lord has done for the church. Baptist Church was founded in February, 1952, 12 charter members. A number of them are still mere- Clarendon church. church was first holding its services in a lodge build- downtown Clarendon. They later acquired the present located in the 600 block of East Second Street. church has steadily grown in number and in finances its organization in 1952. 1973, the church voted to build a new auditorium. thousand dollars in church first mortgage bonds issued co cover construction of the project. new auditorium is conructed of concrete and steel brick walls. It is carpeted with a beautiful green car- wall to wall. It is furnished with gold colored up- furniture. The Clarendon Press. July 26, 1973, Page 11 THIS CAR, driven by an unidentified tourist, lost a wheel and veered out of control about two miles west of Hedley on ttighway 287Tuesday morning. Heavy damage was d3ne to the car, and the driver was rushed to the Memphis hospital for treatment. A patrol unit from Memphis investigated the wreck. (Press Photo by Will Lowe) ttERE IS A GLIMPSE of the new pen facilities at The Doniey Cou,y Feed Lots, Iw. Open House is scheduled Saturdty from l to 8p.m. A free barbeque is also planned (Press Photo by Will Lowe) new furniture was manufactured by the Sams and Sons furniture manufacturing company of Waco, Texas. Present the church is in a revival campaign. Rev. Bert pastor of the Diamond Oaks Baptist Church of Ft. is the evangelist. Great services are reported every begin at 8:00 p.m. Come and bring your friends with us, the friendliest church you will ever have to visit. ELECTRONIC CALCULATORS Available in Desk & Portable Pocket Models. Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide. Perform Mixed Calculations in Sequence. Texas Instr. Brand Easy to use. Add, subtract, mulU- ply or divide exactly as writing I)uk Unit them on paper. Full floating deci- mal point. Automatic clearing-- ned. to touch clear key between problems. ncmaes mmtaken entry clearance without accumulated numbers, plus credit bai- ted 8-digit readout shows all nu- or selected decimal, negaUve and calculation overflow. Solid-state for long life and trouble-free oper Desk model operates on regular 115 Volt current, comes with 5 ft. 2-cond. set and dust cover. Pocket-size portable on built-in rechargeable batteries into wall outlet. Operates 4-6 hours comes complete with bat- case. Added feature model it can be set on for mixed calculations, or on "constant" multiplying or dividing by a atored constant. for 1 year to be free from defects materials and workmanship. Texas Instru. brami, ................................. Religious Thoughts Marriage is an honorable union in the sight of God. The first institution established was the home. The divine plan of God for mankind is the home: husband, wife, and children raised in the environment and instruction of the home. The Bible says that God created man in his own image both male and female (Gen. 1:27). The Bible explains how God did it. He formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nose the breath of life; and m&n became a living soul (Gen. 2:7). He caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam and God took a rib from his side and closed up the flesh and from the rib of Adam, God made the first woman and brought her to the man. Adam said, "This is w bone of my bones, and flesh of myflesh; she shall be called woman because she was taken out of men. Therefore shall a nn leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh" (Gen. 2: 21-25). The Apostle Paul sanctioned the home, saying, "Let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband" (I Cor. 7:2). In the light of the Biblical concept of the hom'.', the Apostle Paul said, "Let not the wife depart from her husband" (I Cot. 7:10). This can also be stated the other way: let not the husband depart from the wife. These words sound Strange to a society that has made it a course of life to weary the courts with divorce suits. Two out of every three marriages in our country now end up in the divorce courts. The Lutheran Church just made a survey and discovered that if a family went to church re- gularly together, only one out of six hundred went to a di- vorce court. The Bible instructs the family in every problem area. Even failure el one of the marriage partners to accept Christ and become a Christian was not grounds for divorce in the New Testament Church. If your husband or wife wasn't, a Christian, you were still obligated to live with him or her. If one or the other left, it was his or her per- other of the marriage partners is living. Whose law are we talking about? The Apostle Paul is talking about God's law. The law of the land may not be the law of God. It should be, but sometimes it isn't. If a husband dies, the woman is free to remarry to whom she will; "only in the Lord" (I Cor. 7:39-40). Of course the seine applies to the man. If a man's wife des, he is also free to remarry. This freedom o which God speaks is a qualified freedom. Such a person is not free to marry just anyone, but free to marry anyone "in the Lord." This means anyone of whom God approves. Once you're mrried, you're bound to each other for life. T. L. Roach and Son pur- chased a 1973 Ford from Pal- mer Motor Co. Betty J. Ottoson of Amari- llo purchased a 1973 Buick from Chamberlain Motor Co. Lonnle Hlnckley of Floydada purchased a 1973 Oldsmobile from Chamberlain Motor Co. Susie Messer of Wellington purchased a 1973 Oldsmobile from Chamberlain Motor Co. Billy T. Jones purchased a 1973 Ford from Wlttman Lit- tleton Mts., lnc, sonal responsibility. God says that the believing wife L.C. Noble of Gruver pur- CLARENDON might lead her unbelieving husband to Christ if she would chased a 1973 Cadillac from live with him and be a real Christian before him (I Cor. Chamberlain Motor Co. WHOLESALE Billy Conner of Farnsworth Concerning virgins, the Bible says lhat a young lad is purchased a 1973 Oldsmobile SUPPL Y, IN C to be one. A young ladtshoaldbe a virgin when she marries, from Chamberlain Motor Co. God does not allow freedom al this point with sex. A young man is to keep himself pure for that one special young lady. Ben Conner of Perryton Oldest, Largest, Most Active, HonestCerti- A young lady is to keep herself pure for that one special purchased a 1973 Buick from Bonified Dealer of Items. young man. The breakdown of the home an the pagan in- Chamberlain Motor Co. fluence in a society can almo3t be measuredby the number of Nails, Fly Swatters, Bongos, Parties Crashed, virgins that society has. A virgin is a young woman who has ThomasW. Wellerpurchased Varified, Bars Emptied, Tigers Tamed, Up- not had sexual relations before her wedding day (I COrd a 1973 PontiacfromChamber- quelled, governments run, wars fought, wives 7:25-38). lain Motor Co. Concerning widows and widowers, the Bible says that the husband or wife is bound by the law as long as one or the T.C. Jackson of Groompur- chased a 1973 Buick from Ch- amberlain Motor Co. The final shipment of 1973 FrankPhelan, Jr.purchased a 1973 Buick from Chamber- lain Motor Co. let Pickups is now on our lot ro purchased a 1973 Chevrolet from Alderson Chevrolet. Three Bar H Cattle Co. of Hedley purchased a1973 Caev- 350 or 454 V-8s, ton or ton ro,00,let, fromAldersonChevro- Custom Deluxe, Cheyenne, Cheyenne Super. o, .owo,00, from Alderson Chevrolet. Dean Singleton purchased a 1973 Pontiac from Chamber- lain Motor Co. Charles Mendenhall of Per- ryton purchased a 1973 Buick from Chamberlain Motor Co. T. W. Bell, Jr. of Turkey purchased a 1973 Ford from Palmer Motor Co. Palmer Motor Co. purchased a 1973 Ford from Ford Mar- keting Corp. Koetting Bros. of Groom purchased a 1973 Ford from Palmer Motor Co. Audie Vaughn of Childress purchased a 1973 Cadillac fr- om Chamberlain Motor Co. William O, Mooring pur- chased a 1973 Oldsmobile from Chamberlain Motor Co. Khory Bros. purchased a 1973 Cadillac from Chamber- lain Motor Co. Ruben Baggerman of Groom purchased a 1973 Buick from Chamberlain Motor Co. Steve I. Davis of Groom purchased a 1973 Oldsmobile from Chamberlain Motor Co. but they're going fast!! Your trade will never be worth more than it is now at Irene W. Benesch of Lelia Lake purchased a 1973 Olds- mobile from C hamberlain Me- The selection is good, forCe. Nelda Allison purchased a LDERSON CHEVROLET Clarendon, Texas 1973 Buick from Chamberlain Motor Co. Betty Lee Bell of Amarillo purchased a 1973 Pontiac from Chamberlain Motor Co. Kenneth Hutson, Sr. of Here- ford purchased a 1973 Ply- mouth from Mills Motors,Inc. D. G. Bray of Dallas pur- chased a 1973 Plymouth from Mills Motors, Inc. Someone will say, "Pre.v;her, we don't do it this w,,y to- day." The heartache and sorrow that we have ,n millions of homes shouts this louder than you do. Multitudes of homes, husbands and wives, have fallen short of God's standard and have brought untold misery and distress upot themselves and millions o little children.. We would do well to listen to God's Word and do it accord- ing to God's law that the Christian witness might glorify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. And is not the judgment of God upon our land because we have failed to heed God's law? This letter was received by The Press this week. Maybe it would be good to hear from other residents about local issues. The Press will publish any letter seat, but we reser- ve the right to condense if space is tight. No, it isn't a Bad Dream. It is a nightmare and a senseless farce. The "sides" have dug in for a prolonged slege. No matter that some or our people are going without medical care. If these people were required to conduct their personal af- fairs the way they manage hospital affairs, they would in- dignantly refuse. But the sacrifices others have to make do not matter; only that these people have their way. Donley County cannot afford to say one word about Water- gate. Tlds m,ss makes Watergate smell like a rose. My stomach isn't strong enough to go to our local churches on Sunday and listen to these hypocrites mouthpious phrases. If they are Christian examples, I'll take my chances at home. This is the classic exame of why young people reject adult practices, God help us. Loll. C, We sell more mattresses than a nybody in the industry. Shouldn't that tell you something? Sleeping is One Third of Your Life... Why Not Spend It Blissfully on This Dreamy Ensemble from Sealy? Comfort Crest Cozy Rest Box Springs& Mattress Queen S,ze Se, $149 $89 K00ng Size Set $19 9 OSBURN Furnilur. & Appliance Clarendon, Texas  Phone 874-3412