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August 18, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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August 18, 1994

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Page 6 Howardwick City Mi00a:es The Howardwick City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, August 9, 1994 at 7:00 p.m. in Howardwick City Hall. In attendance were; Mayor Pro Tim; Bob Hall, Councilmen; Bob Thompson, Willie McCauley, Mar- garet Pettit, City Secretary, Dianna Knight and 14 guest, with Mayor; H.C. Clark and Councilman; Cheryl IAnquist being absent. Call To Order: Mayor Pro Tern; Bob Hall called the meeting to order at 7:00 pJm. and welcomed all present. Minutes: The minutes for July 12, 1994 were read and ap- proved as read. Financial Statement: The July Financial Statement was presented for approval by Council Bob Thompson made a motion to approve, with a second by margaret Pettit. Motion carried with a four to nothing vote. Bills To Be Paid: Willie Me- Cauley made a motion to pay the Step into a Fantastic Figure New natural diet herb tablets burns stored fat into active useful energy You become firmer, trimmer and leaner- while eating regular food. Fast results without hunger or sugar cravings. No feelings of self-denial. Ask about the business opportunity bills, with a second by Bob Thompson. Motion carried with a four to nothing vote. Closing Of Office: Margaret Pettit made a motion to dose the office when the secretary is off, with a second by Willie McCauley. Mo- tion carried with a four to nothing vote. Agenda: Margaret Pettit made a motion that anything to be put on the Agenda be turned in by 12:00 noon on THursday before the Council meeting, with a second by Bob Thompson. Motion carries with a four to nothing vote. Proposed Tax Rate: Bob Thompson made a motion to adopt the twenty - five cent (.25{.sy 162}) per $100.00 valuation tax rate, with a second by Willie McCauley. Mo- tion carried with a four to nothing vote. This is the same rate as last year. Tree Limbs: Margaret Pettit made a motion to get Mr. Roeha to haul off the tree limbs and grass clippings by the trash dumpsters, with a second by Bob Thompson. Motion carried with a four to noth- ing vote. Deed Restrictions: Peggy Gaston wanted to know if it was legal for the three trailers and two For DetJ00 Contact: Kenny Black Call 874-2760 after 5 p.m. Or Come By KENNY&apos;S BARBER SHOP On Main Street ;bt lartnbon 00l}ttes boats to be parked on the lot cast of her house since this is restricted to housing only. Bob Hall said he would check into this matter and let her know. City Mail: Council decided to let the mail stay the way it is for the time bein but may bring up at a later date. Trash Payments: After a lot of discussion, Willie McCauley made a motion to let the residents who have not been using the trash dumpsters and not paying, start using them now and pay for the trash starting now. They will not have to pay the back charges, with a second by Margaret Petrie. Mo- tion carried with a four to nothing vote. Lights Around City Hall, Shop, and Park: Bob Thompson made a motion to have the security light by the old swimming pool turned off, with a second by Willie McCauley. Motion carried with a four to nothing vote. Citizens Presentation: Oteks Watts ask about giving out informa- tion on residents. With this not being on the agenda, Bob Hall ask that it be put on the agenda for the meeting in September. Adjourn: With no further business, Bob Thompson made a motion to adjourn, with a second by Margaret Pettit. Motion carried with a four to nothing vote. Clarendon School Menu Aug. I9 Friday - Hamburgers w/ Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Onions j, French Fries, Fruit, Milk Aug. 22 - 26 Monday - Pizza, Salad, Corn, Fruit, Milk Tuesday Tuna Sandwiches, Carrot Sticks, Potato Chips, Fruit, Milk " Wednesday - Tacos w/ Meat & Cheese, Rice, Salad, Fruit, Milk Thursday - Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce, Hot Rolls, Salad, Fruit, Milk Friday - Hamburgers w/ Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Onions, Tater Tots, Fruit Cobbler, Milk Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow. --James Barrie STATEMENT OF CONDITIONS PUBLICATION COPY - COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS BANKS CONSOLIDATED REPORT Of CONDITION (l:l Dotlft dP4 FOtl SuOIKltrmll ,rltl 001 444 i i H i_;At, fifl. OF INK BTATE BANK NO 1668-13 I 113-08578 Community Bank ,it M=lat itsl vE Dis t oc, o C']Y OUNTY pTATE p'P CODE CLOSE Og BUSINESS OA'rE Well ingt on_ | ColllngaWo h Texas 79095 [ 06-30-9/* ASSETS ! Cash an0 balieces due hem OllQSdOt qsfdulions a Normtoresf - Imm 9 balerel and ind c i a b Interest - belmn B bllllrOl f b 2 SooJrittos ........................................................................... 2I l 2 b b Avlei01l-lOr.Slll llcudl+I, ............................................................. 3 fedlral fund, ,old & pwchlled uet agroemlml, Io rlslll tn Omlsl ol+es of fhe blmk g el d5 Ee & Aeement s$tanls. & m IBf$ I Feder IS Io b Seewittn !chlll tmdlr lelmlmls to rlill 3 b 4 LOINS and ladle Wnlncmg ecewltts a Loans and leeleI+ rt  unl|ned momI [ [ b LESS Aflowance lor Ioin and lease loSSeS c LESS Anoea llanlfd .$k re,liVe d LOINS ar lSlS. eel of urmlmed racine. Iowlrca. and secve otora 4 I mm, 4  and 4 1 $ ASSail held  Irld acouttls 6 Prim,sol and hze asset, (,ncludmg lpdlhl IIlNll} E 7 Other ,ell lalall Ownlto 7 8 lnveSlnfl ,n unonloIKIltod sublld+emls lnd lSSOOBfll om01ntl i 9 Customers + Md'ly to IS bank oli ielKgtw.II ollIl 10 Inllnbl IslelS I 10lher IlSefS 12 I Tot users (um  dcm$ t tm+lh t f| b Loins deferred lulnl to 12 U S C 182S 0} C TOlll aS,Ill and losses lefred pu*Sudnl to 12 U S C Ili2j) (IRim ohtom, 121 ind 12 b) LlAa L ! ES 13 Oeoset a tdomebos f3a ( I ) Non,nleesl - blsn 13 1 ( I ) 21 mleresl - belong 13 l (2) h In IOllKn offes. EdQe Ir Afeemenl SUIJIIIfI4BS. end IBF$ 111 lotnlefeSl - Iint I ? b ( I ) t?| frerISl - IIarm0 f3 O (21 t4 fedlml Iors mJrrhlSeO end eCWdS SOI une ieelIms to reOu+cPllll m ckmlSl.: elf.Ill el the bor+k & ol d$ i=G & Aeemel SbSIIIS & i1 faFs I dlfltl  ptheS4M b SOCurd.lS   lo+elmems to rerItlSl 151 IS  UedoleSilltmdtotheUS TltSUy ISb b Trodmg hIllilhls ........................................................... t OtNi+ bO.owld mealy ISa 17 MOdtge adebtoOess aria ObhQllCS Uilrf iIIkiN kllsls l0 Sank's kdbday on icceplInees lllKuted Ind otdsto-bq fg 19 Srnill oles and Oeber4uls 20 00Ihl kIibIles 21 Toll hlbdttos ISum of ems 13 lhrO 201 22 Lvemted - hie preferred Stock and relalld suqus EQUITY CAP'I AL 2 PerIilll lelorl S0k and rel surpks (No of sherll sllntl L "0- ) 24 Common SlO<:k INo el Shires I Aulttor+ze I I 5 . 000 b Oulsllr l 5 :DOll I 2b Slus ?E $ UrKbvd p:of,ts and CIIdl reSellS b NI unfeaSzed hold gIS (101111) Oil$Ill ls 28 a Total ,OUdy CIllll (SUm of *toms 23 IhrOw 271 111 b LOIses defe-ed ptSulnt tO 12 U S C 1E2Q) c TOlal lql llll Ind los,Is llrrld aflulnl Io 1 U S C liltS l ilUm of dim 78 I & 8 bl 12 U S C 1823 ) Is+m 01 dims 21 . Ind E J MEMOANOA AfnounlS OuIIllnd+m S l, of Ripotl ol Caatll dill: EMO 1 I Sllndby lellers el cedd Total  AmOu O Stlndby toltlt$ el  m ,'emo I S C$,$d tO Ot  lttdt NOTE T;S ,e mull b+ le by In iumwqed oclql lad 111411111 IP nG4 +IS llrt flfl GfKtofl Offer IhI 11141 OHtClr|lp In I1 re[Doff + lhe undes,ed O+f;, is(1), do h ,'e declare lhll il  l I il hll    0I wl Olili msfUmllOnS IM ii ll Id Orrll IO fh$ IHIII OI my (q kOwtodO1 lind lisf. SIGNAJ OF OI=IIERkUTt'4OnIZE'TOSI(]NIAEPOAT p ATB tdlEO 07--2 I--9/* NAVELS) AND t. LE/S OF OFICE f$) AUTHOriZE O TO S4GN REPORT REA CODE/PHONE NO Jane all, tJaanxer I 806-/*/.7-2591 We the uno',$,9*Wd O'rlCIO+S. I,IISl to IIt CO*fnd,S el th,S ROI el Coffin*on  llue thai ' 'l: e,lm by u, lad Io the bsl of ,.,ee . he+, .at .n +,tut,d , o.( l,. otto,. *not,*,.  ,, ,-, --tO-- SIGN&rUnE OF O,nEcton I , I$NATURE OF OiRSCTJ / ] / + ".LI,',X ++,*,- - w..',r-" clio, .yr,w, -t, ,, COMMUNITY BANK BRANCH .......... BOX 129 HEDLEY, TEXAS 79237 rL/l00 (806) 856-5451 ............. i Thursday, August 18, Herring Bancorp To Purchase First Bank And C.C. Burgess, Chairman of Herring Bancorp, formally announced today, plans to purchase the Trust of Clarendon, Texas. Herring Bancorp is the parent company of the Herring According to Bank officials, the transaction should be finalized in late September or early October, Federal Reserve and State regulatory approval. "We have been positioning ourselves for expansion for quite! time," said Burgess, "this move m very favorable for our bank, its stockholders and its enstomers." Herring Bancorp officials have been negotiating since January of this year with the primary First Bank and Trust. In May, an agreement was reached with the 3rd generation management of First Trust that finalized the purchase, pending regulatory approval Herring Bancorp approved the purchase at its second quarter board meeting in May, Vice President of Bancorp. Baneorp's officers and directors have been operating per the agreement. First Bank and Trust of Clarendon was established in 1912 as the Farmer's State Bank. history of supporting its customers in the Clarendon community. Like Herring National Bank, are involved in ranching, farming, real estate, manufacturing, and many other types of businesses in the panhandle. Established in 1899 as the C.T. Herring Banking Company, the Herring Bank group has been agricultural and rural customers for almost 100 years. "We think that our bank should work hard for its and hard for its local community," said Campbell Burgess. Burgess further said that with combined assets of over 130 million, "We believe that this us provide our customers in Clarendon and the Panhandle with more products, services, and financial than any other financial institution in the area." First Bank and Trust does not anticipate any staff changes, Burgess said. Equipment Loan Approved panhandle Ground Water Conservation District No. 3 was recently approved for an Agricultural Water Conservation Equipment Loan from the Texas Water Development Board. The District is now taking applications for loans to bnne at fixed interest rate of 4.80%. Loans will be limited to 80% of the purchase price for capital items. A loan may be made in any amount up to $75,000 and repayment scheduled for up to ten years. Equipment purchased prior to January 1, 1994, will not be considered for a loan. Under TWDB guidelines, low-interest loans may be made for the purchase of irrigation water delivery equipment such as aluminum or plastic above-ground pipe and in-line flow measuring devises. Also, irriga- tion application systems, such as Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) systems, low-pressure sprinkler systems, low-pressure drip (trickle) irrigation systems, furrow dikers, and surge valves. Additional information regarding this program may be obtained at the Panhandle Ground Water office in White Deer, or call 883-2501. A00d'S I00AS00ION APPA[2g[_ LOTS OF IN-STORE SPECIALS Downtown Clarendon We now accept Mastercard &Yba Cards 215 S. Kearney P.0. Box 105 {a.,,x= Clarendon. TX 79226 ..... IX.._.Y.,. 874-2178 THE HAIR cONNECTION PHONE NUMBER 2212 / m  "i NEW HOURS 9 am. to 5 p.m. MONDAY THRU FRIDAY LATE HOURS AVAILABLE ON PREVIOUS NOTICE HAIRCUT ............. $10.00 HIGHLITES ............... $25.00 PERM .................... $25.00 COLOR ..................... $20.00 SPIRAL PERM ...... $35.00 NAIL TIPS ................. $25.00 REVERSE PERM ....._...20.00 STYLE ONLY ...--..$7.00 NEW SERVICES _ SHAMPOO & SET ...$10.00 EAR PIERCING ....... $15.00 1994 Property Tax Rates in Hedle IsD This nouce concerns 1994 property tu rat for Hedle schol district. It ut three tax rates. Last year's tax rate is the actual ram the school district used to deterrn/ne pmpecty taxes last year. This year's ffectW tax rate would impose the samul taxes as last year if you compare properties taxed in both yearS. This year's nM/k tax rate b the highest tax rate the school district can set before it must hold a rollback election. In each ease ffte,e rates are found by dividing the total amount of taxes and state funds by the tax base (the total value of tuable adNstments as required by state law. The rates ate given pet St00 or pt'ty value Last yeas tax rate: Last year's operating taxes S 232 t 088 Last year's debt taxes $ 0 Last years total taxes $ 232  088 last years tax base $ 21,9 14,315 t.ut year's total tax rate  $ 1.05 9 0 7 /$100 This year's effective tax rate: Last year's adjusted taxes (after mbuacting taxes on lint property) - This year's adored tax base (after btr'g value of new property) = This year's effective tax rate This year's rollback tax rate: School maintenance and operations component + This year's tax base - This year's local maintenam:e and operating rate S 227797 S 22r739t980 s 10017 $ 247,441 $ 22t839t 440 $ 1.08339 /lOO + S. cents - this yeats maximum operating rate S 1. 14339 /SlQ0 + This years detx rate $ .0 /1) = This yeaCs rollback tam $ 1.1.4339 /3100 chedule A Unencumbered Fund Balances The foUOwitg .sGmt%t btttr,es till be eft iT. the usit'$ Ifty ram aotS It tl etd of the futL ye.. Ttw.s bat#es ate not enoambered by corpolnB debt e01iB#tiO Type of P)pefty TaX Fund Balance M&O -0- Schedule B 1994 Oebt Service unit plans to pry the follonl a nmum.s for kB.rm deM utt are leered by pa)eW tu. These Smountt tilt be paid from fopetW tax ewenu (or addildonil salPJ tax gveJlW.S, if applietbi). Ikserlptloa of Mt NONE TI+Lt notce ontaln+ $ aummO. Of act, s1 effective snd mllbeck tu rttel, calculatlom, you can tmpect $ opy of dte Kdl cak:u *t Demley iq=Pglsal Dl.stri,t; OfgJ.. /ame d person prelU I this  PauIa Locie l-ere Chief AppraLser Hedley Aug. 22-26 Breakfast Monday Graham Crackers, Juice, ] Tuesday - Cereal, Juice, Milk Thursday - Burrito, Cereal, Fruit, Milk Friday - Sausage stick, Cereal, Fruit, Milk Lunch Monday - Red Burrito, Ranch Style Chili Cheese Sauce, Fruit, Milk Tuesday - Fried French Fries, Peas, Salad, Rolls serf Wednesday - Tacos, Spanish Rice, Beans, Salad, Crackers Dessert ....... 'l%ursday - Chili w/ Cheese, Potato Baked Beans, Salad, Milk Friday- Hambur Cheese, French Fries, Fruited Jello, Milk Donley County Clerks Office Report Cases filed from 8-1-94 8-11-94- RonaldDcal ly- speeding appeal" appeal Thomas Cash speeding appeal - peal ing appeal 8-5-94- Lynn Grant son - speeding appeal" appeal 8-6-94 - William - Agg. Assault - serio lyinjury Brian Keith Miller - Del Rosario Lucero Charles Joseph Tricla Dcnee Michael Scott Shelly Lynn Graves LaTe, Richard Gaylc Moss Arrest Report Week of August 11 - 15 Alant00)er sault - bonded out Kenny Swearin Governor's Most gram - Parole Violation Jimmy Fisher - report child abuse Thomas Kell lense 2nd Offense Bonita Thompson " 2rid Offense Charles Estes - Check Jason Ryan Hanley" standing Warrants All rest Report are innocent proven guilty.