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September 22, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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September 22, 1994

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Page 10 Osburn Appliance and Rabbit's Appliance Service We service all lypes of appliances appliances for sale with one-year warrranty City Minutes CALLED MEETING - AUGUST 30, 1994 7:00 P.M. Members present: Mayor Steve Smith, Aldermen David Pitts, Mac Stavenhagen, Delmar Wiggs, Shawn Barker, and Bobbin Kidd. Members absent: None. Others present: City Secretary Sue Howard, Jack Rus- sell of TML. This meeting was called to work on insurance bid proposals. After discussion, motion was made by Alderman Mac Stavenhagen, seconded by Alderman Shawn Barker, to accept the Texas Municipal League bid including " *. the Firemen on Workers Compen- ] sation. / buy used appliances. There being no further bnsi- r . Phone 874-36321 ness at this time, motion was made by Alderman Shawn Barker, I k.,, = ,, 319 S. Kearney I secondedpitts,., to adjourn.bY AldermanMotion carried.David M,nutes SECOND PUBLIC HEARING SEPTEMBER 13, 1994 7.'00 P. M. I Amarillo Livestock Auction SPECIAL FALL CALF SALES BEGIN Tues. Oct. 4th 12:00 Noon EARLY CONSIGNMENTS Advertised Daffy on K.G.N.C. Radio 6:55 a.m. ATTENTION BUYERS AND SELLERS Feeder Cattle Will Sell One Hour Earlier Every Tues. THE MARKET For STOCKER And FEEDER Cattle CAll 806-373-7464 Mgr. Charlie Alford - 806-358-4857 Asst. Mgr. John Graves QUESTION: Do yea ever favor removing a ,child fi-om one school to transfer him to another? DR. DOBSON: Isn't it about time you made friends with yourself? Aren't there enough headaches in life without beating your skull against the old brick wall of inadequacy, year after year? IfI were to draw a caricature that would symbolize the millions of adults like you with low self-es- teem, I would depict a bowed, weary traveler. Over his shoulder, I would place the end of a mile-long chain to which is attached tons of scrap iron, old tires and garbage of all kinds. Each piece of junk is in- scribed with the details of some humiliation: a failure, an embar- rassment, a rejection from the past. He could let go of the chain and free himself from that heavy load which immobilizes and exhausts him, but he is somehow convinced that it must be dragged throughout life. So he plods onward, digging a furrowin the good earth as he goes. You can free yourself from the weight of the chain if you will but turn it loose. Your inferiority is based on a distortion of reality seen through a child's eyes. The stand- ards by which you have assessed yourself are themselves changing and fickle. Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the plas- tic surgeon who authored Psycho- II said women came to him in the 1920s requesting that their breasts be reduced in size. In King Soloman's biblical love song, he asks his bride to over- look his dark skin that had oc- curred from exposure to the sun. In his day, right meant white. But now bronzed Soloman would be the pride of the beach. False valuesl Modern women are ashamed to admit that they carry 10 extra pounds of weight, yet Rembrandt would have loved to paint their plump bodies. Don't you see that your per- soual worth is not really dependent on the opinions of others and the temporal, fluctuating values they represent? The ,sooner you can come to accept the transcending worth of your humanness, the sooner you can come to terms with yourself. I must agree with the writer who said, %Vhile in therace to save our face, why not conquer inner space?" It's not a bad idea. These questions and answers are excerpted from the book Dr. Dobson A.,ers Your Dr. James Dobson is a psychologist, author and president of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of the home. Cor- respondence to Dr. Dobson should be addressed to: Focus on the Family, P.O. Box 444, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. (c), 1982, Tyn- dale House Publishers, Inc. DR. DOBSON: Yes, there are limes when a change of schools -or evena change of teachera within a school--can be in the child's best interest. Educators are reluctant to approve these transfers, for ob wens reasons, although the pos- sibility should be considered when the situation warrants. For e.aample, there are oc- casions when a young student runs into social problems that can be resolved best by giving him a "dean start" someplace else. Further- more, schools vary tremendously in their difficulty;, some are located in higher socioeconomic areas where a majority of the children are much more intelligent than would or- diuarily be ed. The mean IQ in schools of this nature may fall between 115 and 120. What happem, theag to a child with average ability in such a setting? Although he might have competed successfuRy in an ordi- nary school, he is in the lower 15 percent at Einstein Elementary. My point is this: success is not absolute, it is relative. A child does not ask, I-low am I doing?" but rather, Iow am I doing com- pared to everyone else?" Little Johnny may grow up thinking he is a dummy when he would have been an intellectual leader in a less com- petitive setting. Thus, if a child is floundering in one academic environment for whatever reason, the solution might involve a transfer to a more suitable classroom. QUESTION.. I m ate adult who b not coplag so well with the problems of sdf-donbt. I feel ugly and unrespected nd eawerthy. What encouragement can you [ I II II I [b (lartnhe. ftW Members present: Mayor Steve Smith, Aldermen Delmar Wiggs, David Pitts, Mac Staven- hagen, and Bobbin Kidd. Members absent: Alderman Shawn Barker. Others present: Cit'y Secretary Sue Howard, Librarian Mary Lima Bills, Ernie Johnston, Charles Penix, Kay Miller, and Paul Bivens. Minutes of the August 23, and the August 30, 1994, meeting were read, and upon a motion by Alderman Mac Stavenhagen, seconded by Alderman Delmar Wiggs, said minutes were ap- proved. Motion carried. Ernie Johnston gave a report on the trash. Motion was made by Alderman David Pitts, seconded by Alderman Bobbin Kidd, to add two dumpsters at Howardwick City Hall at a cost of $540.00 for the total amount of dumpsters, to be picked up one time a week. If they want to be dumped twice a week with the same amount of dumpsters, the cost will be $800.00 per month. Motion carried. Discussion followed con- cerning employees salaries and the new budget figures. Motion was made by Alderman Delmar Wiggs, seconded by Alderman Mac Stavenhagen, to hold a special meeting on Monday, September 19, 1994, to discuss this further. Mary Linn Bills gave the Library report. Motion was made by Alderman Mac Stavenhagen, seconded by Alderman David Pitts, to accept the new members for the Advisory Board, Mary Neal Risley and Kevin Welch. Motion carried. Mary Linn Bills turned in her resignation as Librarian effective September 30, 1994. Motion was made by Alderman Mac Staven- hagen, seconded by Alderman Delmar Wiggs, to accept her resig- nation and appoint Mary Green to be the Librarian. Motion carried. Discussion followed con- cerning the acceptance letter the City received from TNRCC Recy- cling Grant in the amount of $136,430.00. Discussion followed con- cerning junk ears. The City Secretary was instructed to get the ordinances concerning junk cars available for the next meeting. Mayor Steve Smith opened the Second Public Hearing for a Texas Community Development Grant. This second public hearing, is to present the project that has been developed as a result of the first public hearing. The project developed are as follows: TCDP Funds 2287.60 Local Funds 34,24O Construction $215,000 sewer lines Engineering 26,000 Admintqration 21,500 Total $26 Motion was made by Alder- man Mac Stavenhagen, seconded by Alderman David Pitts, to pass a resolution authorizing the submis- sion of a Texas Community Thursday, September 22, Development Program Applica- tion. Motion carried. RESOLUTION A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CLARENDON, TEXAS, AUTHORIZING THE SUBMIS- SION OF A TEXAS COM- MUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM APPLICATION TO THE TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND COMMUNITY AFFAIRS FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FUNDS; AND AUTHORIZING THE MAYOR TO ACT AS THE CITY'S CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER AND AUTHORIZED REPRE- SENTATIVE IN ALL MATI'ERS PERTAINING TO THE CITY'S PARTICIPATION IN THE COM- MUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. WHEREAS, the City Coun- cil of the City of Clarendon desires to develop a viable urban com- munity, including decent housing and a suitable living environment and expanding economic oppor- tunities, principally for persons of low/moderate income; WHEREAS, certain condi- tions exist which represent a threat to the public health and safety; and WHEREAS, it is necessary and in the best interests of the City of Clarendon to apply for funding under the 1994 Texas Community Development Program; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CLARENDON, TEXAS: 1. That a Texas Community Development Program applica- tion for Community Development Funds is hereby authorized to be filed on behalf of the City with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. 2. That the City's applica- tion be placed in competition for funding under the Com- munity Development Fund. 3. That the application be for $228,260.00 of grant funds to carry out construction and engineering costs for sewer facimy project. 4. That the City Council directs and designates the Mayor as the City's Chief Execu- tive Officer and Authorized Representative to act in all matters in connection with this application and the City's participation in the Texas Community Development Program. 5. That the City commit $34,240.00 from its General Fund as a cash contribution to be matched with Texas Com- munity Development Funds to be used for construction and ad- minlqrative costs for sewer facilit project. Passed and approved this 13th day of September, 1994. Steve Smith Mayor The second public was then closed. Kay Miller of Magazine asked the City to chase a full page in the for $1195.00 to promote the of Clarendon. This matter tabled until further research been done. Mayor Steve Smith nounced that a Ha Materials School would b the Fire Department on September 15, 1994. Charles Penix the Board of Aldermen, the lem he has experienced stock running loose inside limits. No action was taken. Bills for the too: 1994, were presented, motion by Alderman David seconded by Alderman Stavenhagen, said bills were dered paid. Motion carried. Fire Department and Disbursements for the of August 1994 were and upon a motion by David Pitts, seconded by man Mac: was approved. Motion carried. Discussion followed cerning the money received Texas Parks and Wildlife for park grant. The Cit instructed to put the money into the Improvement Fund replace what had been used at park. There being ness at this time, motion wa., by Alderman David seconded by Alderman Wiggs, to adjourn. Motion rind. Hedley Senior Citizens Menu September 22-28 Tnursday: Roast Baked Potato, Green Beans Pear Halve w/Cottage Cheese Lemon Cream Pie, Roll, Milk, Tea, Coffee Friday:. Sour Kraut & Franks, Augrautin Potatoes, Toss Salad, Peach Cobbler, Corn Muffin, Milk, Tea, Cof- fee Monday:. Chicken & Dumplings, Mix Vegetables, Cabbage- Pineapple Salad Baked Apples, Roll, Milk Tea, Coffee Tuesday:. Roast Baked Potato, Green Beans Macaroni Salad, Bananas & Peaches, Wheat Roll, Milk, Tea, Coffee Wednesday:. Steak & Gravy, Augratin Potatoes, Corn on Cob, Pear Halves w/Cottage Cheese, Apricot Cobbler, Roll, Milk, Tea, Cof- fee NEW ARRIVALS R&M RICHARDS SWEATERS Cover 00,lharge LINDSEY SCOTT organ iller SHANNAN hygrade Small - Medium - Large Black & Brown Looks Get with Broom Stick Skirts Come in and Sign Up! for a $25.00 Gift Certificate to be given away Saturday, Oct. 1 A & J'S  A FASHION APPAREL :)-,, 215 S. Kearney 874-2178 Clarendon, TX ,