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October 7, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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October 7, 1973

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rhe Clarendon Press, October 7, Page 2 ' ....... " Star Route00; # : " t ''! Journal The time of year is just upon us when "the frost is on the pumpkin and the fodder's in the shock" and what a beautiful time it is! I have done a bit of motoring about the countryside lately, observing the beauty of God's world as I drove along. Starting along the highway on a dew-fresh morning with the sun setting up diamond-sparkles in every droplet clinging to grass and brush is one of the most soothing experiences I know. JkSCS NEWS SET-ASIDE: Farmers are reminded that announced changes in set-aside requirements for 1974 farm programs in no way change farmers' responsibilities for maintaining 1973 set-aside acreage. You are urged to maintain 1973 certified set-aside acres and to comply with all program requirements throughout the remainder of the year. Farm inspections may be conducted at any time so remember, no grazing or harvesting of set-aside befor October 1S, unless prior approval has been obtained from this office. COMMUNITY CHANGE'. As you know, the eight communities in Donley County have been consolidated into one community. Your farm number will be changed for 1974. There will not be a prefix (A-B-C-etc.) connected with your new number. ELECTION: County farmers will elect in a mail election in November one county committeeman to replace A. B. Spalding who has served three consecutive terms and is ineligible for re-election. This committeeman will serve for a three year term. Two alternate committeemen will also be elected to serve for one year each. All eligible voters will receive instructions on nominating by petition. If you are an eligible voter and don't receive a petition blank, please let us know. The final date to return a petition will be October 29. The last date to return completed ballots, to be mailed to you on November 23, will be December 3, 1973. AGRICULTURE is bigger than farming alone. The number of people employed in farming - owners and others working on farms - totaled 4.4 million in 1972. But jf you add people working in farm-related industries, agricultural employment totaled about 16 million workers, approximately one-fifth of the entire U. S. labor force! HOLIDAYS: This office will be closed October 8 in observance of Columbus Day and October 22 for Veterans Day. I I Mary Ann Bromley Brodie has completed the nursing program at Amarillo College and is presently working as a Respiratory Therapist at Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo. She is the daughter of Mrs. Ruby Bromley and the late Bill Bromley. The fresh smell of earth and vegetation, the clear sweet air, the sight of cattle grazing contentedly in the meadows and pastures, this year's bountiful crops, the maize red and heavy with grain, the cotton with more load than the stalks are able to uphold--these things lift the spirit and take away some of the burden from the troubles of life. For a tree lover like myself a trip to Graham and across to Anson was a special treat. True, their trees are not awe-inspiring, but they soften the harsh contours and impart a feeling of quietness to the land. They "trim" the blue lakes like ruffles on a sheer blue dress, and the rivers and creeks interlace them with lazy grace. Having some time to kill before reaching Anson to meet friends, I cruised along at 40 to S0 miles per hour. 1 met few cars. The day was one of those golden fall days we all dream about and poets extol in rhyme, and the land looked in its "Sunday best." I had never made that particular drive in all the years I've lived in West Texas, and Hubbard Lake and the surrounding hills were a lovely sight to me. The lake was a surprise--I was just skimming along among the knolls with clumps of trees in all the right places, and suddenly it's there, blue and shimmering, set like a jewel among the hillsl Beyond it the road cuts sharply through rocky slopes more steep than I would have expected in our part of the world. It occurred to me that the grades and curves prompt an interest in driving that the straight roads and sameness of the plains country lack! When I meditate on the beauties of the land and what a blessing they are, I am sure that urban dwellers must feel a deep yearning--and are not aware of its quarry, for men have a natural kinship with the soil. We are made of one substance: the trees and grasses, the very dust of the life-giving earth, the animals and birds--and we! All of us have a feeling for the soil. Millions today must content themselves with a potful or two of store-bought potting mixture, or at most a backyard to till with a spade! But the sounds of cars and trucks intrude, the screech and whirr of sirens and tires drown the quietness that a man should feel as he turns the soil. Neighbors peek over and shout and children and dogs scream and bark and invade the premises. Such people partially fulfill their longing for the land, but it cannot be the same as riding horseback across one's own wide acres or walking among long rows of crops heavy with harvest or seeing the grasses wave in the wind among the cattle one has tended with his own hands on the part of God's earth which he tenants for the years he is privileged to use it. Here there is space to breathe! Here there is.quiet in which to meditate without interruption, to hear birds singing, to see the serenity of the sky vaulting above and to feel--really feel-- God's earth! There are so few such places left! The encroachments of "civilization" are eating them up little by little and desecrating them like a cancerous growth. May God give us more wisdom to preserve the beautiful and the soil from whence we sprang with its lovely and majestic adornments! Imagine the heartbreak of this tragedy.., the bss of home, business, farm, forest. Guard what you cherish. At home: remove trash and litter, check wiring, hold fire drills. At business: obey fire laws. On the farm: check home and barns for safety. In our forests: snuff out camp- fires, cigarettes, don't litter. Let us protect you from the disaster of fire. See us today for an estimate on a fire insurance program for your home, farm or business. KNORPP INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 874-3521 Clarendon, Texas Hit or Miss by DAVID EVERMAN Last summer, President Richard M. Nixon signed treaties favoring "cultural exchanges" with the People's Republic of China and the United Soviet Socialist Republics. Many Americans were in favor of this move, as were many Soviets and many members of what we call Red China. In these cultural exchanges, both sides will send an outstanditig member of its society to the other country in exchange for a member of the other society equal in value. However, the Russians are not too picky about the other country sending an equivalent, as you may have noticed in their massive cultural exchange.wit etern Europe infidiately after World War II and thetr exchange with Czechoslovakia in 1968 when they sent an enormous amount of weapon power and received nothing in exchange but the country. China is also fond of having cultural exchanges with foreign countries, as exemplified by its exchanges with Tibet - China gave Tibet the Chinese culture and Tibet gave China Tibet in what the Chinese regarded as an even swap. China also had quite a cultural relation with North Vietnam a while back. China gave North Vietnam several million dollars worth of Chinese cultural machine guns and rifles in exchange for several million dollars worth of Vietnamese monetary culture. The first of the many coming cultural exchanges is the exchange of authors between the United States and the U.S.S.R. America is going to receive the services of Russia's top two novelists while the Russians will get to enjoy the writing of Harold Robbins and Paul Crume. Also, in what would have been a history-making study of criminology,Russia proposed sending two mass murderers and one bank robber to the United States in exchange for America's top criminals, but the deal fell through when Congress would not let any Nixon aides out of the country. China and the United States have an agreement drawn up in which the People's Republic of China uses the Astrodome to televise a ping-pong match between their top male player and their top female player, with the whiner taking home thirty thousand bowls of Lonislana rice. ABC wm get live television rights." In the last exchange agreement, China agreed to send Choo-en-lai to America in exchange for the American leader who best exemplifies the American qualities of Initiative and accomplishment . Spiro Agnew. Speaking of Mr. Agnew, and l will ff I want since it's my column, many Americans are of the opinion that the vice-president is not as innecent as the proverbial lamb. ! don't really hold too much of an opinion on the matter, but ! do not think he should be hung or even accused until he is Indicted. However, ff he is indicted, he should resign from office at least temporarily but I don't think he should resign or even consider resignation until indicted. Also, a little bit more help from the president might not hurt him, especially after the time the president told the press that Agnew had been of unimpeachable character since he was elected as vice-president, which is a two-way statement. One wonders ff Nixon believes that Agnew is clean or ff he has been clean only since taking office. With his friends giving ambiguities to the press, Agnew doesn't need many enemies. I can only wonder if this guy knows that there are countries that do not tolerate minor government officials criticize governmental procedures. One of them, and the that comes to my mind, is Chile, where the military Marxist president and set itself up in power. Now anyone criticizes the government in Chile promptly finds himself down in the river, floating to the sea, if he can still float twenty bullet holes in him. Another country where the government officials are not criticized is Russia, the jestingly mentioned at the start of this column. However, Russians are much neater about it than the Chileans, Russia anyone who criticizes the government is simply found. I know this fellow has a right to his opinion, but I think he is dead wrong. Glen H. [Bud] Day has purchased AUTO SUPPLY renamed it CLIFTON and CLARENDON AUTO SUPPLY He invites you to come by a cup of coffee to acquainted. He will conl serving Donley County in auto supply business. Doyle Mooney will serve as assistant manager. CLARENDON AUTO SUPPLY 114 S. Kearney Phone 874-2240 However, neither Nixon nor Agnew can hold a candle to another president I know of but who will remain anonymous in the corruptiondepartment. You ail may not know it, butthis Viola Graham president was the only president to run a house of ill repute, he was the only president to run illicit gambling games and he was also the only president that I know of who practiced the fine are of bootlegging. Of course, he did not do all this alone--his cabinet helped him. Assistant Cashier Speaking of cabinets and such and presidential aides, I read something in a newspaper today that got to me a bit. Some guy was advocating that Nixon fire all his aides who spoke against him and that Nixon get rid of all presidential appointees who disagree with him. This got to me so much that I almost swallowed a cup of scalding coffee when 1 read it. Introducing...... State Fair of opens at Dallas Texas The State Fair of Texas opened yesterday at Dallas' Fair Park and will run through October 21. Texas will be saluted as an emerging commercial center by exhibits from several countries, including Mexico, Japan, Romania, Denmark, South Africa and the Phiilipines. This year's fair musical production will be Sigmund Romberg's "The Student Prince." Musical groups, multiple circus performances and parades will provide daily entertainment. The Pan-American Livestock Exposition will last from October 6 to October 14, as will the Texas Horse Shows. Highlights of the show will be Fashion Shows, Food Demonstrations, displays and the Automobile Show. A mile-long midway will also be a feature. Gate admission is $1.50 for adults and 75 cents for children under twelve. : i:i!iiiii:;iiii i Hillsboro democrat announces for state comptroller Former Secretary of State Bob Bullock has become the first Democratic candidate to announce for office by throwing his hat in the ring in the race for State Comptroller. The 44 year old Hiilsboro native has his work cut out for him since he is running against an incumbent of twenty-five years. The 1958 graduate from the Baylor School of Law has served two terms as a member of the Texas House of Representatives, one as Chief of the Anti-Trust and Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's office and the second as Chief Legal Counsel for the Governor. However, Bullock is best known for his tenure as Texas Secretary of State, where he went far in cleaning up campaign financing and developed an elections system both fair and economical. Bullock maintains that the State of Texas is losing approximately $82,500,000 yearly in tax monies due to some retailers pocketing the tax money they collect instead of reporting it to the comptroller. He is also against taxation of foods and medicines since the lost tax money, when gained, would eliminate the need for the taxation of foodstuffs and medicines. Since the present comptroller is not widely known, the general Viola Graham serves as assistant cashier for The Farmers State Bank. She has been associated with the bank for 14 years. She has lived in Clarendon all her life. She is $ Methodist. She is married to Doyce Graham, a local farmer, and they have three sons, Doyce Jr., James and Mike. She is active in church and civic work in Clarendon. Viola Graham is here to serve you. FARMERS STATE public is unaware of the importance of the office. The comptroller interprets tax laws and collects taxes on natural g TRUST COMPANY resources, utility companies, gasoline, automobile sales and  cigarettes, plus sales taxes and corporate franchise tax. ._ I,"'::-::--- "'-""=wm== The comptroller also decides the amount of money placed in the Foundation School Fund and has the final say on all spending bills passed by the Texas legislature. GLARENDON, TEXAS