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November 3, 1994     The Clarendon Enterprise
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November 3, 1994

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Page 8 Letters -f00om pg. 7 should be criticized for it. Is there anything in the contract we do not want? I know that Mac  do his best to see that nothing is in the contract which will be detrimental to persons in this area. I hope voters Hill keep these things in mind when they make their decision. I believe Mac Thorberry Hill make a good rep- resentative for the people of the 13th Congressional District. Thank you for this oppor- tunity to voice my opinion. Irene Williams Clarendon, Texas Dear Editor, Uawa,) W e have an important job ahead of us on November 8, and I hope everyone gets out and GENERAL ELECTION (ELECCION GENERAL) (Condado de) DONLEY COUNTY, TEXAS NOVEMBER 8, 1994 (8 de noviembre de 1994) No. 0000 SAMPLE BALLOT (BOLETA DE MUESTRA) INSTRUCTIOI+ NOTE: Vat* far lha aencll&lt;ll4e el you, hole I. Dois le by pllolnl In X o In lhe equ+Ire bllldo the eenIdme'e name. You may Cell II,IdOhl+plrl v vain linll II, =asl voll Io# ifl ine nominees of ie perly) by atiolng In *X" In Lhe qNsrl beotdo Iho rlsmo ol Ihe pltr of youl e.ltolc II you ill rliah q=lrt y vo4e in# aM Ihl nomlnaloe el orm patqy Ind 1141O cell vole inr in oppononl @l om ol lisid ity'4 Nml,  t lot    1141 oott4d l wit   ID Io aq Dio oUiOr lmine. I the ply tar which the Itralght-parly vole wee coil (NOTA O Jt INSTflUCCION: VohP pot el fo de Ou 1lff41rln41 p41tl  hl   *It" Do   eAgt M Izqedm 01 o 01 cwv$id, l#o+ UJl+a d r pot miD ill emrvaato+ d  io plmo pollaco (-/rabbi lUCre') maw.ando unl "X" I. 4# o 0ao   O*41tal dis ,n*e de +s n Oot/lo. $1 u#t# ma po trod a to Imn#ol 1ool y iomel vola  el omtnewuo e trod 0 oo canafol de no r , u colard ou vine DEMOCRATIC PARTY AEPU|UAN PtRTY UIERTAIAN PARTY [] Pllre Blorou Cendldoinl for: (Canatlos 'a ) l*d Sin,* h*lt+ -1 Richard Flshot [] Key 8aNoy HUlCIIO 11 Its4*0 ***msl*iN#, t,let IS "1 8IN 8arlmMu| []  M. [MIc) TIm+nba.y   I EIIII twal+. Lkle . IS) [] OeoIg W. BuIh ++] Au W nlclird! [] KOllty Elhlre WRITE-IN tYom EMdm) [] kl Iloel [] O.d C. Cm< []  L. OwVno [] Josn O. Hawley I E [areubon .tF, temf casts their votes for the best cm- didate. I really believe that Mac Thornberry is that candidate. You can ask just about anyone in Donley County and the surrounding area about Mac and his family, and you will hear nothing negative about him. Among his friends and family are farmers, business people, and senior citizens on social security, and I cannot believe the ads that say he has signed a contract to harm any of these folks. I also find it in- sulting and maddening when his opponent focuses on an ad as Fake, instead of answering the accusation in the ad. The headline in the Amarillo paper is Real. I talked to a GLobe News editor personally this week and was told the the Oaly thing wrong with the headline, was that it was not on the front page. I have noticed that Mac's opponent has managed, several times, to avoid answering some pertinent questions. Why Did he vote against our wishes on the budget? How many more times will he vote against what the majority of us want? I thoroughly believe that Mac Thornberry Hill listen to us, and do the best job possible representing this district. " Sincerely, .... Shirley Osburn ,hltiN*, ilk lad ii Aldl m* I%11 I u,,. / , / f Clarendon, Texas Clarendon College Minutes Nlk41 Jvdl4 , llk Judldld 01l UexldId Te.m annt/ Dle. t.$e  N/at leg [] H. 6ryin Poll, J#. [] O.d M McCOy [] WR "BHIIo" Chllllll AHmV UAIIIId llm IMmmd  mmlt Chrk [] Feye Va+01I ovt+ .WOm, k  cmem CMI ]lllllllll fJl de Pt. te  $ y q [] WInll 8rllh e+mW m.., ^,dl Xt, ! [] C.W. "DtI Com tlkl d Ikt plue. ^llkl e. I i I :[] .Panmy B. Johnlon r.. em41 t+<, p, No. 4 -1 W4am R. "W" Chlmberliks [] 8+lln QOnn [] STATEMENT OF CONDITIONS PUBLICATION COPY - COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS BANKS CONSOLIOA tED REPORT Or CONDI lION (inCt  al fO'e Sbli'es) +lav Ill e41 -LGiL fiiL O e BANK isvAvE SANK NO I" -') ,. riolnit $! t+, <,.+o Community Bank I I + 1113-08578 CT v JCOUNI*y IS TAts [ZIP CODE CLOSE OF" BUSINESS DATE /79095 Wellington ol 1 tngsworth[ Texas 9-30-94 ASStS t Ceth n@ bllanCe, @us from depOSdO mSldullons a Noninllell - lrmg llnel rid u.ery In o+n b Inlere,l - ar blllll -- I b 2 41+lieI .......... a Hek,tO+mlllrtty sojtlle| ...... 2 Avao+lol- lJ uttloI ............................................................. fee+al lus so A secu,l+t pueChld noe, Itemlr$ o ltMll  0mltl o++a5 ol Itw bnk A o! + e & Ag*eemenl 5ubs, g ,n IBFS a rral fund, ok b SaflJfilHIII p@I under lglqlmtrdl IO lellfl 4 toas end lse llnnc+rl recewlblel a Loon and leases, ne at urmrnod +ome b LSS AHOWIr)Cl IO lrl lf1 II@ llOI 4 I c LSS AICgI Irlnler rlk tecqHe 4 'I LOin, *' Ira*me, nel ot uriah,ned mcomt ivere no msave l+tem 4 a m*nu, 4 b ae 4 l 4 d 5 ASIIIS tIId m IradinQ lCCOUn45 S B Prgmliel al hled issels DKI clIi flails) 6 7 Ohe eld esllle owned 8 inveslmanli m uconsotn:laled subslllt*ItI Ind Isll corn@In+el 9 CuslOmer$" IlMy to IPmJ nk on Icceamces oIsllnl l0 Inla ISSelS 10 It Olhe assets t2 a tel assets (sum ol .IBm, I retouch i l| I? b ton.s dele.eO ptnSUlm to l? U S C 18?3 O) , C lqtel At d 5$ dlle+e"l ptsulr 10 1 U S C 117'31 little 4 itemt I? ind I? b) I? 1:3 Oeosd$ In omestC oflce 13 11) Nonmseesl - I$ (I) (2) Inle*esl - beltmQ 13 a I) b It I0+' Oif/@$, @ Ind Ag*aemenl 5ubSuatI. a lll 13 Ill Nonmleresl - ben+i.g 13 b 11| 12) inle,esl - bea.m 9 I? b 17| 4 r ede,at fu,+as +,chaea +q qecu,,t+e ol .+ mpet+ws m .ipettw,ll ,n 0ortve o11+111 ol llW blink o s mmle & ^q,em,,+ sub+ts.,*.i g ,,, flr e recto,el ltmcll owcmleee e ScouTs.el sold tm+ le'menls to eou+chase 15 a mand rtes tss to the U S Traas IS I. b. Yr dlng fia I11hl i ......... lib. 18 Olhel ltOWl money 16 a I Oigml4 maluily 4 o ye or 11111 18 b. b Wq tnM melu,lty ol me lha oI I 1 ? MOItIII +lOOnelS +nO Ob410lbOnS tlr41r Cllakl IlalOl t 1 Blk'l hlbly O gtt@pllnClJ ellCUd In O4$1lnolr l 19 Suborlnlind rlli II lelntuel II ) Olhel klbde, +l Total klll |lUre O1 tltmI 13 lOt 0) 2 Llml41d * kll lelltrltd link lnO lllll IUq)IuI /OUITY CAPITAL 23 Pe,l,ual I ...... d ...... d ,e4.,nd st+u, l .......... 41,9 I -O- l' 24 Co+ SlOCk 1140 O1 lhJltel Au4hof+lld I "J 5 I 000 I o,,.m I 15.000 ), ?6 Undwkd OMI and 4a1 alervel b Nlt tmlellld hokltn Oaks (101111) O Sll 77 Cgmln,l J+ t'lry WlnSlttO Na 78 toil e<luy Call (,ore of xems E2 Iou ?/I b LOSSES delq.ed Iminl Io 17 U S C 173 I/) C TOIII ey lll no tOllla dhl'. |UlI I0 1 U $ C 1873  lI ol 41tml ?I l I ?O b) 79 TOtal ka4l+el, kn4t. I*le well-ld ,lOck, aqu4y I411 end lam rlell.d iI 12use 1823  (Ittm  mI El 72, MI II c} MMOIIANDA A+ounli OUIil&llfg II Ol Reloft ol CodlllO1 dMl! I + llndrf IlI+I O Ctd*I Ill I b AvOurd ol SIInd lIlllI O1 Ct+ ul imo I I onvlyI 10 OIII l+ NOIE III m10ed mull II.lwd +,ln iuthe*l el*II) lad IItltld by net III Iin  dmlei mhI Irwin II OI,ll) Inmg  +,e ce,,,t lo m at el ,|eea ,o___ -e eel, ....... I ylr,,J (. nrrk o'JtJ lo-.Or Ht.(S) M40 it TLE() 0" O:FICEt$) AU IHOIZED IOglGII REIO t , JAIA COOHOI NO Hary "Lou $oudert Cashier J806-447-259! W"e itti Uncles* 0.1 IIIleSl to Ih@ o.acl,ltss ol Itel  01P.OllOn  l#lml Ihal d   i,li f U, Ivl  IIq tl.Ikt hi e.,, ,+ ,,. J.#..4. '' n. ! -. e Jl .1__.. thl1111mnno#+cIP*o+O.llofltt.181tnt I ++-++- .... COMMUNITY BANK 9OX129 BRANCH HEDLEY, TEXAS 79237 (806) 856:-5451 Regular Meeting September 8, 1994 The Board of Regents of Clarendon College met in regular session on Thursday, Sep- tember 8, 1994 at 11:45 a.m. in the VIP room of the Bairficld Activity Center at Clarendon College. Members Present: Chair- man-Bright Newhouse; Secretary- Treasurer, Delbert Robertson; and members: Kade Matthew, Gary Hunt, Michael Butts, Susie Shields and Jiggs Mann. Members Absent: W.R. Christal and Dr. R.L. Gilkey. College Official Present: Dr. Jerry Stockton, President; Dr. Kel- vin Sharp, Dean of InsUmction and Darlene Spicr. ' " Others Present: None. Board action that minutes of special meeting on August 11, and regular meeting on August 11,1994 be approved. Board action that the finan- cial statements for the month of August, 1994 and the agency funds financial statement for the month of August, 1994 be approved as stated. Bills incurred by Clarendon College were presented. Motion was made by Mike Butts with a second by Jiggs Mann that bills be allowed and order paid in the amounts of General Fund $103,542.41; State Appropriations $'24,034.63; Bills paid since Listing $75,224.95. Motion carried unani- moudy 7-0-0. Motion by Jiggs Mann with a second be Dang Low to hire Arlis Thursday, November 3, TREE AVAILABLE AT SCS OFFICE IN CLARENDON Trees Available The Donley County Soil and Water Conservation District i., offering trees and shrubs for sale. This program is offering to residents of Donley County and anyone may purpose of this program is to offer high quality, low cost trees for use I establishing windbreaks, wildlife planting, and for home There is wide variety of trees available including deciduous trees shrubs, evergreens, and fruit trees. Most of the trees are available sizes: Seedlings, one-gallon pored, and five-gallon potted. Large trees arc available in one-gallon and five- gallon sold individually and Hill cost $5.00 per tree for the one-gallon size $14.00-$15.00 per tree for the five-gallon size. Seedling trees come barcroot deciduous trees and shrubs or evergreen trees in small pets. The barroot trees and shrubs cost 70 cents in bundles of 25 or 50. The potted evergreen seedlings cost $1.60 per and are sold in quantities of 20or 30. For a complete available come by the SCS office at 321 S. Sully or call Orders arc being taken now through March, however, orders placed as soon as possible because some types of trees sell out quickly. Thomas as Security Guard and Nelson Christie as Counselor. Mo- tion carried -n,m;mously 7-0-0. Motion by Doug Low with a second by Susie Shields to accept the new dorm building complex as complete. Motion carried unani- mously 7-0-0. Motion by Dang Low with a second by Kade Matthew to set Dorm Smoking Policy as follows: Dorm Smoking Policy Smoking and use of tobacco will be permitted in the dorm rooms only. All halls and lobbies will be designated as non-smoking areas. Motion carried unanimously 7-0-0. There being no further busi- ness, the meeting was adjourned at 1:12 p.m. subject to call of the Chairman or until the ne regular meeting on October 13, 1994 at 11:45 am. in the VII' room of the Bairfield Activity Center at Claren- don College. Weather Day Date Hi Lo Prec Man 24 77 48 Tue 25 61 44 Wed 26 62 35 nu 27 63 38 Pri 28 71 41 Sat 29 69 48. Sun 30 60 45 Total for month .43 Total for year 13.97 YOUR DISTRICT ATTORNEY RECOMMENDS JUDGE POFF FOR 7TH COURT OF APPEAI00 His opponent has never tried a criminal jury case. His opponent has never argued a criminal appeol before the Court of Criminal Appeals. His opponent has never been a judge. In the L. R. Wynne case his opponent is distorting the facts. His opponent should know L.R. Wynne didn't walk Free; Wynne is in prison for a [ong time. -John Mann District Attorney DON'T MAKE YOUR D.A.'s JOB HARDER BY ELECTING SOMEONE WHO IS INEXPERIENCED IN CRIMINAL LAW. -Danny Hill -Dwayne Pruitt -Dan Mike Bird -Bruce Roberson -Lind Lowery -Terry McEochern -John Mann -Mark Yorbrough -Barry Blockwell --Gary Go['[ -Jerry Mathews -Steve Cross -Jim She#on -Johnny Actkinson -Becky McPherson REMEMBER TO RE-ELECT JUDGE POFF Pol. Ad Pd. For By Bryan Poll. 510 S. Polk Amarillo, TX 79101