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November 5, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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November 5, 1973

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ter I IN THE "Lost Horizon," Charles Clinton plays a comedian who Shocks the missionary, Pare Gattls. The production is set for Tuesday night by the Clarendon College Drama Department. Horizon' t, show y at college Clarendon College will present "Lost Horizon" on November at the Harned Sisters Fine Art Center. The music arrangement has been accomplished for the gh the efforts of two Clarendon citizens that are Clarendon College. Mrs. Eddie (Joburta) Helms and Clinton, son of Dean and Mrs. Beryl Clinton have spent long hours taking Butt Bacharach's recording of "Lost and taping it for the Clarendon College production. The background music and sound effects have been arranged chronological order by Mrs. Helms. Charles Clinton supplied organ, electric piano, and drums while the piano were done by Mrs. Helms in creating the musical Many long hours of work went into creating the tapes. Timing  putting the music and sound effects at proper places and for of members of the cast in the play was very and important to accomplish. These two students have done an excellent job in arranging music according to the script and in providing a musical Horizon" that will make a great play even enjoyable for those watching. Curta time is 7:30 p.m., November 6. The public is attend this first production for 1973 by the Drama artment of Clarendon College. Security also rmation service Security Administration is charged with the of informing people about their rights and under the Social Security law," said Travis C. of the Amarillo social security office. ' the office does this is to provide speakers, films, and materials to organizations and groups that request them. "An organization can schedule a speaker from our office on short notice," said Briggs," and with a little advance an interesting film can be shown to the group." Several of the full-color films available have received awards quality as educational films. Colorful and informative about all types of social security benefits payable are available. "Because social security coverage is so extensive, everyone know about the protection his tax dollar buys against the of economic insecurity - reduced earnings due to death, disability or long illness," Briggs said. Clubs, classes or groups which want to know more about social ' can schedule a speaker or a film - or both - by calling the security office. The Clarendon Press, November 4, Page 3 Citizens to decide on nine amendments Tuesday [Cont'd. from Page 1] members of the debtor and not the debtor himself, it therefore should be extended to single adults. AMENDMENT NO. 3 would extend the $3,000 ad valorum tax exemption to the 'homestead of unmarried adults. Those for the amendment say that the present law that partially exempts homesteads from state and county tax purposes for persons 6.5 and older discriminates against single persons. Those who oppose the amendment say that the exemption could sharply reduce tax revenues that are urgently needed at this time and unfairly shift the tax burden. AMENDMENT NO.4 would provide notice to cities and counties and give them the authority to approve or disapprove the creation of conservation reclamation districts. Those for this amendment say that it will give those cities and counties some responsibility for the bonded indebtedness of these districts that lie within their territories. Those against say that the cities and counties already have ample opportunity to voice their approval or disapproval of plans of a municipal water district when state agencies and legislators are considering their creation. AMENDMENT NO. 5 would provide that counties and cities bordering the Gulf of Mexico may levy a tax for construction of sea wall and breakwaters by majority vote of the resident taxpayers. This would not affect our area; however, supporters of the amendment say many of the Texas coastline communities cannot raise enough tax to adequately protect themselves against hurricanes, while on the other hand, the opponents say .that man-made barriers such as sea walls will speed erosion of the beaches and destroy the recreational value of the shoreline. AMENDMENT NO. 6, if passed, would grant the district court the general jurisdiction of a probate court and would authorize the legislature to adjust the jurisdiction of the courts in probate matters. Those who are for this amendment say it is needed to meet public demand for a simplified, efficient probate system. Those who oppose this amendment say the legislature, under present constitutional authority, already has created county probate courts and county courts with sufficient probate jurisdiction. AMENDMENT NO. 7 would provide an additional $100 million in state bonds for the veterans land fund and would also extend the classification of" those eligible to include surviving spouses of an eligible veteran. Those who favor the amendment say that there are veterans who have not exercised their rights under the Texas veterans land program of buying land with Light turnout expected in county A light turnout is expected in Donley County for the Amendments election Tuesday. Since no Issues other than the amendments wm be considered, County Clerk P.C. Messer expects few people to go to the polls. Only 9 persons voted absentee in the election. Messer noted a change in the voting places for this election. Since the Legislature has stated that no polling places wm be kept open for fewer than 100 voters, the boxes at Whitefish, Gienwood, Skillet and Jerleho wm not be open  election. Residents from Jericho will vote at Howardwlek, and Whitefish, Gienwood and Skillet residents will vote at the box at the Farmers State Bank and Trust Company. Boxes Include the Farmers State Bank, the old college building, Odd Fellows Hall, Howardwick, Martin, Lella Lake and Hedley. Voting place set The voting for the proposed amendments to the Texas constitution will take place in Hedley Tuesday, November 6. Voting will take place in the Lions Club Den from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with Myrtle Kirkpatrick acting as election judge. Clarendon residents g!ve v.iews on Nixon-Waterl00ate s00tuahon By DAVID EVERMAN eesldent Richard Nixon has been undergoing quite a bit of e lately, due to the Watergate scandal and problems related to In view of this, The Press sent a man around to find people of Clarendon felt about the way things have going in. Washington. question of Nixon's guilt in the Watergate Scandal varied responses from those interviewed starting with lady's emphatic "Yes, I do think he's guilty of everything accused of. I think he's just power mad." One man Nixon by saying, "His aides probably kept a lot from He knew about some of it, but he didn't know all of it." the majority of people asked tended not so much to Nixon for the Watergate Scandal as to lay the blame on Press or to excuse Nixon because he had done nothing that not been done before and was still being done. exaggerated," flatly stated one man. "These will go on as long as the press does. The whole mess is out of proportion." Another made almost the same but he would not pin the blame entirely on the press. of it could be due to the press," he admitted. "They tend exaggerate some things and speculate on some things." e man defended Nixon by saying "Even if he did do it's no worse than what the Democrats have doing." Another said, "He hasn't been doing anything than people, have been doing for 20 years. But he not really guilty. There has been the same set-up in years, so you can't blame Nixon for all of it." asked about Nixon's firing of Archibald Cox, one man "I think he had a legitimate excuse for firing Cox." said, "If Nixon hired Cox to find out the truth about he should not have fired him." Agnow's resignation and guilt of income tax evasion, and graft-taking, the consensus was that Agnew was or at least he partially admitted his guilt when he One man summed things up by saying, 'Td say yes, . I don't believe he would have stepped down unless r." Another gave Agnew a small measure of support "I suppose he's guilty. The only reason could be that he was doing best for the country. One woman went say, "Yes, he's guilty. I think they should have done more However, regardless of whether they thought him guilty or innocent, most people did concede that Nixon had done a good job while in office. "I think the man has done just great," stated one man. "The economy is great and we're out of a 12 war." Most of the other people interviewed said that Nixon had done "all right." Few people want Nixon's impeachment, whether they think he is or is not guilty. One said, "I don't think he ought to be impeached. Nobody is perfect. He's done a lot of things wrong and a lot of things right. We'd be worse off if we did impeach him." Another said, "I guess he' s innocent until proven guilty. If he's guilty he should be impeached." One man summed up the general feeling by saying, "They've got to prove something worse than what they have before they can think of impeachment." Gerald Ford received a good welcome, although nobody knew much about him. The general opinion was one of "From what I've heard, I like him." money from the state at low interest rates. Those that oppose the program say the high cost of land makes the small amount you receive from the veterans land fund insufficient to purchase a tract. AMENDMENT NO.8 would authorize and require cities, towns, and villages to levy ad vaiorum tax sufficient to pay principle and interest on their general obligations issued in the future. Those who support this amendment say it would allow cities and towns to live up to their obligations on bonds they issue after voter approval without deleting funds from other - ,. l/Introducing....... T&M Oil Company now has for your service a custom applicator, whzch, we wzll use to fertzlnze your land. sources. Opponents argue that the proposal creates a possibility of more taxes on already burdened taxpayers. THE LAST AMENDMENT on the ballot, Amendment No. 9, would exempt certain personal and real property of non-profit water supply corporations and cooperatives from property taxation. Those who support this amendment simply indicate that a rural water supply should be treated the same as a city water supply and that is should not be taxed for state and county ad valorum tax purposes. Those who oppose this amendment say that such an exemption would give the non-profit organization an advantage over privately owned water supply corporations that o are in the business of selling water for a profit. iiill The New Ag-Gator. Or, we still have machines available for your own use. .FERTILIZE YOUR STUBBLE NOW FOR BETTER PRODUCTION NEXT YEAR. PROFIT INSURANCE Apply extra PROFIT INSURANCE now with SOL-U-PHOS LIQUID FERTILIZER for greater yields and profits when the crops come in. 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Phone 874-2155 What it boils down to is this: regardless of what Nixon has allegedly done, most people still favor his being in office. One man exemplified the feeling by saying, "My overall opinion is on the plus side of the president." On the Agnew question, most people considered his resignation almost an admission of guilt. On the entire Watergate Scandal, one young man stated general sentiment by saying, Every time you figure something out, they accuse somebody else of something. I've given up on it." Late winter finally h00ts. Dn/ey C0unty ,. , , y y ty Friday, bu not as drastically as last year. A cold front moved Into the area early Friday morning, lowering temperatures to the ldgh'ZOs. It got up Into the low 50s during the day Fdday, then dipped down to about freezing Saturday morning. By this time last year, the county had already received Its first snow, something that luum't come dose this year. The forecast calls for cool weather for the next week. ml