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November 15, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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November 15, 1973

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James Brandon&apos;s ELIGIOUS THOUGHTS SOILS Every farmer knows the importance of good soil. He knows that there are different kinds of soil. He knows the importance of taking care of the soil. The quality of the soil determines the of the crop. Jesus told a story about soils: A farmer was planting in his The ancient method of sowing was by hand, scattering the As he sowed, some of the seed fell by the road side. The came and ate it up. Some of the seed fell on rocky soil there was little depth of good earth. The seed germinated and the tiny plants grew. They were soon scorched in the sun and died. They had little root and there wasn't much of them developing in the shallow soil. The farmer had lected to keep his field clean. Weeds were growing hither yon. Some of the seed fell among these weeds, sprang up, began to grow. The weeds, taking in all the moisture and soon choked out the tender plants. Some of the seed fell good ground and produced a bountiful crop (Luke 13:4-8). These different types of soil reminded Jesus of some people met.Their life in relation to God was like the four kinds of hard and dry, shallow, grown up with weeds, and good. Jesus that the hard road side where some of the des those whose hearts are hardened. They hear tsermon or a passage read from the Bible and are never touched They see death and eternity looking them in the face and not moved to become better persons. The seeds planted in souls by God are snatched away by the Devil as the birds the seeds which fell on the hard surface of the road. shallow or rocky soil reminded the Lord of a person who the Word of God, receives it gladly, and begins living a Vengeaee van be sweet, as someone evidently discovered over the weekend. Between 12:30 and 5:30 Monday morning someone sent two rocks through the front door of City Hall, and did quite a bit of damage, using two different holes. The door was repaired Tuesday. Services held Monday for James Ira Barrett The Beta Sigma Phi has regular meeting Mu Gamma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met in regular session Monday, November 12th in the home of Mrs. Theima Waters with Mrs. Beth Walker as co-hostess. Mrs. Darlene Spier, President, presided at the meeting. The social committee reported on the uncoming social to be held in December. The chapter received "Gourmet Cookbooks" compiled by Beta Sigma Phi International. Mrs. Beth Walker was in charge of the program entitled "AI Together Now" & "Dress is an Art." A fashion show of the styles of various eras was presented by models Darlene Spier/,. Alberta Garland, Hele,I Johnson, Debra Martin, narrated b:/ Beth Walker .... , Refreshments were served by the hostesses to the following members: Mesdames Jerry Gage, A. J. Garland, A. R. Henson Mike lsbell, Max Johnson, Milton Mann, George Martin, At'fib Mooring, Bill Spler, Jeff Walker, Lloyd Waters, Mrs. Kay Witcher, and Miss Betty Vouch. Mu Gamma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi will participate in the 1973 Multiple Sclerosis Drive, Sunday afternoon, November 18th, between :00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Members of the chapter will go from door to door seeking contributions for this worthy cause. Please help in any way you can. Thank you. Chapel roof completed The Henderson Chapel C.M.E. Church announced" that the new roof has been completed and paid for with $500 from the fund at ,the Donley County Bank. The remaining $112.50 in the fund will go towards the painting of the inside of tile chapel. The carpenters, L. K. Morrow and Sons, also pulled off the old porch of the chapel. This was also included in the $500 already paid. The United Methodist Church gave $123 to the fund, besides what the members gave separately, according to Mrs. Johnny Bates. The members of the chapel would like to thank everybody who participated in the fund-raising. Clarendon Press, November 15, Page7 A POOL TOURNAMENT was held at Kemp's Aeade Tumday night and the first place winner was Dermic Putman, left, lind second place whmer was Sam Lowe, right. [Press Photo] Sorority meets + The Gamma Kappa Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Chapr met at the Big O in Memphis for a brunch at 10 o'clock on Saturday, November 10, 1973. The meeting was called to and new life for awhile. Gradually, he drops by the order by the president, Edna Smith of Childress. Zola Donald of He . :ops going to church. Eventually, he has no use for Graveside services were held for James Ira Barnett at 2 p.m. l mlG, Its1 Il ll Clarendon gave the invocation. The group was led by L. C. Sweat He has withered like the young plants in the shallow Monday at Citizens Cemetery, with Rev. Lawrence Thompson, gll I I1 ILOly IIUffO of Wellington in singing the official Delta Kappa Gamma song. + d b cau: ;e they didn t have any roots. There is no depth to pastor of the United Pentecostal Church, officiating. Twenty-four members answered the roll call. The minutes for the experience with God. His religion is all surface.There has Mr. Barnett, 86, died at 10:30 p.m. Saturday in Memorial Congratulations to the Heath Hornets for a defeat of the Jones May 12th meeting were read by Mable Mongole, secretary, of n no deepening of his Christian experience. The problems of Hospital at Dumas. He was a retired farmer in Hartley and Jaguars. 4 - lt! +Clarendon. are too much for him. He looses his confidence in God, the Moore Counties. , Alton G. is a good boy. (He thought.) Betty White, treasurer, of Childress presented the budget for Born in Hall County, December 28, 1886, he had lived in Keith D. and Mark M. were playing motorcycles[ (SissysD 1973-74. The program was given by Juanita White and Maudie rch, and people in general. His enthusiasm for God was all Clarendon as a boy. Mr. Barnett moved to Moore County from New third news reporter - Patrice Shields. Coffee, both of WeUington. The topic of the program was Need [ace; it faded. The weedy soil represented the person who hears the message Mobile, Alabama in 1950. He was a member of the Methodist Attention fourth[ New books to read are: for Continuing Education. God andmakes a good try at living the Christian life. The Church. Martin and Abe Lincoln" Those from Donley County who :ttended were: Mable 0blem, that he has, is all those weeds which he allows to grow He is survived by three nieces, Mrs. O. W. Douglas of ::By the Shores of Silver Like" Mongole, Edgar Mac Mongole, Zola Donald, Inez Blakenship, his soul along with the good seed. Weeds always sdem to grow Guthrie, Okla., Mrs. Maurine Grummer of Fort Worth and Mrs. You and Space Neighbors" Betsy Hawkins, Hazel Brandon, Ivy Dee Hinkle and Rachel thout cultivation or effort. Soon the g o0d the person would do Moselle Amos of Oklahoma 'City. ',:Aboard a Bus" ,, Butler. crowded out by things. He just doesnt have time for the Lord, Murphy Funeral Home directed arrangements. Science of Plants and Animals and Earth The next meeting will be a luncheon at the community center e church, and those things which develop a person spiritually.  "A Pig for Tom" at Goodnight, December 8th: ly little thing can keep such a person from church. God isn t .[;dil.nr,n n,inl.n nnnl, ] ======================================================================================================= st in his life. There are too many other interets in life. God is I-UILUI O UUULU UUUh I I]] " .,  z:-<o". st chocked out. The Lord appreciated good soil. He saw the importance of it. "'It is not the job of the if I ! k T r    ..... -- ' _ "   !:: knew that you had to keep it clean and put the necessary press in a free society to say i[ I I l I  f"#wfRI   !!i redients in it in order to produce a crop. He saw some people sweet things about people [[ I I M  I ( dlllPlil   Ri i!! this light. They keep their lives clean. They put the right who wield power in govern- q) I I V -- --7 " ,+i..,.., i !ii:: rigs into their life to build a good and happy life. They have " ^ "" - il ......... ,, -- -- "w le for GOd, His church, people, and the things that make for a --'enator Alan Cranston ,..,e--,.,d,,,s...,.--v-,.. ,y.,_  I GROOM. TF_XAi Starts Thursday, Nov. lSth Absolutely Closes Nov.2 I tl I .... ........ IIII Iiii/I II Ill |[11 ........ I ..... | :  ...... -----,-.---.-,-.,,t- ...... oclal fi , , , ..... .... .......... i ...... " II III Where do you fit, What kind of soil are you? Do you have , a. ,) --, ,..-- O, ,---- o IIN A, ,i, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Only Y ii ' ..... m .... pth of character and roots that go down to a.d soilid :ecur,t I! IIU  UG t ZU U . 15 . 16th & 17th i tndation? Are you hung up on materialism? Are things more I I i portant to you than people? Do you give GOd a chance at you, Q. I am over 65 years of age.  i i Ill i i i CrowddyujustnthavetimefrHim?Dyuallwjustanythingout His time? Are you like the hard road way? Do you S=:le;:=itlYs tJhyT/Y I A m . .., _ _ ..^ ,._____ Womens & Girls Dresses & Pants t not care? Are you like the good ground that produces a good lean get more money? [ une Larcle HaCK uver uu Items mm ITt.-OifliO'/^ inlf-f P? A. Congress recently passed a  [  tJ] It =v / o jal new law which includes [I I II [I payments called Supplemental  [ I I W ' Security Income. You might ]I Mens & Boys Department omen s Department qualify under this new program 1 [ wwv 9 w  d I  I Jl , 0 CC offers boxing if your income and resources are t..  .. .. ..... _l __ women s t'an[s t 1_ Ill low. i i lvlens ez DOVe t'an[s n.- . . | ", Ir in I s ' "t I 1 I I " ]  i Size 6 to 46 Values to $20 *lal[lti,' Ularendon Co.age will sponser a program of Boxing skill Q. lamreclevlngPublle :l V aluesrrom llli r i . N I ing and conditioning for our area students in the old College Aeslstanee payment. When can Ili  $5 50 tOt, $7 98 V   )'| p One Rack Ladles Blouses 9:30 p.m. except Friday, Saturday and Sunday. YA"If ' 77:J now' drawin i I 1 Mens & Boys ._ _ ,_! li'!r Val.. from $5 tO $18 'his training will be offered for individual instruction in Y g i ) . i r i i  ' " ing. Inter-team matches will be scheduled for parents and Public Assistance, you do not 1[ ffJi Sweaters i /f) [1 #1 [i} J ),  a'  # Lblic entertainment and matches with other teams will be need to apply for Supplemental ,,f:[;!il --. 12t II II ,m'A i : I. lilt "tt I. It heduled to offer ring experience for team members who may Security Income. Persons now I l Prices & Styles /  ll I I /Tdll 1 _" _" [ ll ] I _" --- Sh to participate in either the Golden Gloves or A.A.U. boxing on Public Assistance rolls will [ lk  W II11 11 110 41 ll[Il 11 agram, l .... :.: :: i be converted to the new I ] l [ ver-sized practice gloves will be used in work-outs and Supplemental Security Income [ il M,,,  1 "11 1 li, ,61/l  ....... #, # , lation gloves for matches. Head guards and mouth pieces .  ., U k  ]rV iiltllll TM JoaJutx e,  ( Program It' ,Jt,uo v. uu.y Illfl/ ll I I I I TM Ill .... 7 h][IH['Kl [ III be worn in all practice sessions, mouth pieces to be Q. l own ., -- --. , , " /.U00b U I I t It ;bed by each participant. Shorts, shoes and any special t %-" , u a have a Be meney in the bank. n-- gR G * 1 I[11 ! II 11 l will be furnished by the individual. Can I qualify for Supplemental ] hl a rlrlirrrIr' I "''" " .... Security Income? I l IV  UItI l'l It 9 a_ _ A. If thevalueofyourhome , "|''" "'"-'" I Women s Uniform Dresses 1//Price and bank account is not above a , Mens. Womens & Childrens Shoes I i ...... certainlimit, you could qualify if , t .mu o ,nuuxmt ,,u I+__  ..... . ,., ._ /1 Illi you income level is low enough. ] jll .. , ]s UnIL[orm Pant ults I1 q UII Q. I recently read mmething ]. =II I II&, about sodal securlty taking over !i Ilifl/ In ,1 ?f A" J_  .... Jt__-.__t welfare payments. I  line? I i I 70 ue arlmem ....... U 0 1 [  U]lrlS uepartmem A. Omy partly true. unoer the ; t I {. g -) , " " newlaw, social security willtake ,, Others Reduced Even More I t tL _ ........ over the aged 65, blind and II disabled category ;1 . - . i  Entire Stock of Girls Coats !, Fabrtc De rtment . . We would e to anno.ee --  [ I ;ii:":)Priced to Sell- Greatly Reduce at we have sold o. cleaners , itib',+,-+.+m Polyester Double Knlt v l..!+ I i SALAD SUPPER [ " Mr. and Mrs. Bray Ray Assemb,y of God ][]:[- 1 to5 yd. ,engths 1', Ir in [Ige"+P,i[ Girls Di, esse, 112 P rice hns.n. They opened the CAS ,  + +I + + V  [ I : + .o e. l+ +'+: alues to $4.98 [ el to 4-Values to ,slness Monday, and are LIONS CLuBHALL ,,+, , .l., 3 s, ioo- .... & L Sizes 1 to 4 Values to $20 00, t operatio .n ALL YOU CAN EAT Ill, '%]$o"  ester 3 % Cott n - - " " " " " " esently in $1.25 ,, " 4' ;:'+r +: + ++k .... y " 5 o [ +It Linaerie Department we wm be assisting Bray I[ Poplin Perma-Press 45" Wide ." !." ILl .... %="- =7-r=" . .... 2"" Thursday, 7:00p.m. l Reg; $1.59 i , y Many items Keoueeo as he gets started in the .. ' ' ' ' . . ,, , ( business, and invite FRIED PIES SHOP & SAVE Shop at 20% OFF friends to come by. Made to Order ,,sorte00 00,avor, Thursday, Friday & Saturday The First 3 Days of Sale GEORGE & LOIS ER 20c EACH + CALL 874-3315 or ' the 15th, 16th & 17th 10% OFF the Last 5 Day's 874-2195 , I I, I is ]e "I|A I A' t)00e SA" Assembly of God I Ill CA'S I ' , , = i I I II ............................................................................... it iiiii/ I