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November 29, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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November 29, 1973

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SHOOT0000 Locals Locals Locals Locals Locals and Mrs. John Tucker had as their guest over the holiday Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Smith and Keith from Amarillo were in !mother, Mrs. Sibyl Russell, and Mrs. Darlene Russell and Clarendon visiting with their mothers, Mrs. Frances Smith and Shellie and Tracy. Also visiting were Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Quata Phillips. Lee Butler and children from Lelia Lake. By DEAN SINGLETON OVERHEARD IN the coffee shop the other day: "Maybe we're communists and don't know it yet!" and Mrs. Fred R. Davis and family of El Paso spent the weekend with his sister, Mrs. Madge Beach. After Mr. Davis did some repair work on Mrs. Beach's of the children of Mrs. J. H. Bowling spent the holiday at her home. There were Mr. and Mrs. Langley and son from Galveston, Mrs. Bobby Head and from Panhandle, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Duke from and Mr. and Mrs. Carson Bowling and family of Lelia Mrs. Quata Phillips spent Thanksgiving day with her son, Dwayne Phillips and his family in Amarillo. Mr. and Mrs. Connie DeBord and Debbie were in Amarillo Thanksgiving visiting Mrs. Bearings and Connie Lee. Mr. and Mrs. LOn Harmon visited Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Sparkma, Mrs. Harmon's parents, in Shamrock Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. John Tate's holiday guests were Mr. and Mrs. John Ed Hodges and Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Hodges of Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you need to see a social security representative there will be one at the courthouse in Clarendon Thursday, December 0th, from 9 a.m. to 12 o'clock noon. ene Lowe from Amarillo spent the Thanksgiving holiday his mother, Mrs. Walter Lowe. and Mrs. Henry Buscher spent the holiday with their ',hter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sayre of L:wton, Oklahoma. Louise Davis from Houston is here on an extended visit her sister, Mrs. Tom Tucker. Fun After Fitty to meet The Senior Citizens Fun After Fifty Club will have their annual Christmas party Saturday, December 1 at Lions Hall at 10 a.m. There will be dominos and 42 games, and lots of visiting until the program. Mr. and Mrs. Kern Pigg will give the program. Mr. Pigg will present a Christmas music program of traditional and contemporary music, and there also will be a sing song. Mrs. Pigg will give the Christmas story. A turkey will be furnished and every one will bring a covered dish. Santa Claus will also make an appearance. Donley County I00F, EIt I,O'1, INC. I Charles H. PayPe Billy Clubb President Manager Must We Drown These Too?! WE LIVE in a free country, but the government tells us when we can and can't drive. The government tells service stations when they can and ca,'t sell gasoline. We live in a free country, and the government tells the people how high or low they can turn their heat. We live in a free country, and the government tells the people what lights businesses can and cannot burn at night. We live in a free country, and the government tells the states what speed limits they must set. Do we really live in a free country? FOR 200 YEARS, this country has thrived and grown with one basic business theory: Supply and Demand. Supply and demand has always worked. When any given item was in short supply, the price went high. Then the high price encouraged others to handle that same product, and soon the supply was high, and the price went down. It's a cycle which has always worked .... until Richard Nixon started doing away with the supply and demand theory. Nixon controlled beef prices, and has seriously damaged the industry. He started controlling the grocery industry, and look what happened. He controlled all prices, and they continued to soar. Now, he's starting to control fuel. What do you think will happen now? The same thing will happen to his fuel controls that happened to every other control . . . he'll mess up the fuel situation as bad as he messed up everything else he tried to control.. But worst of all, he's now trying to control our lives. He's telling us when we can and can't travel, he's telling us how warm to keep our homes and how much lighting we should use. We still hold to that old theory of supply and demand. If the government would keep its darned hand out of the way, supply would get low and demand would take over. If there's no oil products to sell today, you can bet your britches that somebody will get to work and we'll have an over-supply tomorrow. The price may be a little higher, but that high price will soon encourage others to produce oil products, and when the supply is built back again, the cost will go down. Supply and demand has worked for us for 200 years. Why, Mr. President, can't it work today? Why do you have to keep messing around with the nation's economy. Economists agree that the slowdown Nixon has planned for the nation may put us in the biggest depression of our time. When you put a sudden stop to a fast-moving economy, you can't expect anything else. Now, I'm sure I'll get letters from people saying I'm unpatriotic because I don't go along with the President's ideas on the fuel shortage, because I've already received such lettet's. But 1 say to these people, 1 voted for him and I've darned sure got the right to criticize him. And just because he's president doesn't mean he's smart. And, just because I have a newspaper doesn't make me smart either. But I do know that supply and demand is something that has always worked in our economy, and I'm not smart enough to see why we can't live with it today. The thought of wilfully destroying these harmless creatures is too morbid to even'consider. Yet under present conditions, the prospect of available fuel to feed and care for the cattle is equally bleak. Let your voice be heard in opposition to the disastrous curtailment of fuel to the agricultural industry. We cannot feed our animals and harvest our crops With red tape. Stand up and be counted. The silent majority has been silent too long. We cannot remain silent while animals cry in the pens to be fed and children stand silent around an empty dinner table. The time to take active part in the management of our government and economy is now. Our very lives depend on it. THE WATERGATE MESS goes on and on, aal !'ve about drowned from the whole tiling. I've decided to turn the other way everytime Watergate is mentioned. If the President is convicted of anything, then I don't guess I'I1 be cheering for him anymore. But until'they prove he's guilty of anything, I'm going to forget about the whole mess. One of the big battles of Watergate has been Nixon's war with the press. Nixon has always been at war with the news media, so he's pretty good a t fighting it. But Senator Henry Bellman, Oklahoma senator, has come up with an idea of a truce between Nixon and the news media. Sen. Bellman suggested that President Nixon and the editor of the "enemy New York Times" change places for one week as a means of improving relations between the President and the press. "While the world is more nearly at peacethan at any time in i . recent years," Bellman wrote in his weekly column for release to Oklahoma newspapers " a bitter war still rages on the home front--the war between President Nixon's administration and national news media." "Since most conflicts arise from a lack of understanding by one side or the other," Bellman said, "perhaps the way to achieve peace between the press and the President would be to have the combatants reverse roles for a week. "Suppose, for example, President Nixon became editor of the enemy New York Times, and the Times editor became President. The editor of the Washington Post could become the vice president. "Carrying this fantasy a bit farther, imagine CBS reporter Marvin Kalb as secretary of state, columnist Jack Anderson as director of the FBI, and anchorman Walter Cronkite as chief justice of the Supreme Court, or administrator of the space program." "By assuming the responsibilities of government leaders," lellmon continued, "perhaps representatives of the news media could more, readily understand why the President must concentrate on major decisions and rely on staff members to make many of the minor decisions. "In this kind of trade-out, the new editor-turned-President also might find it difficult to understand the justice of heaping high praise by dewsmen upon one staff member (Kissinger's Nobel Prize) for the administration's successes, while much of the press is attempting to force the President from office because of acts and mistakes of other staff members. "By the same token, maybe Editor Nixon would understand why ews reporters have the duty to constantly dig for the facts. As .a result, perhaps, as President he would become more accessible and not so guarded in making information available to the public." Youth group to gather papers The Cooperative Youth of the Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian Churches will pick up newspapers Saturday morning, December 1, weather permitting. Donley County Feed Lot, Inc. Thanksgiving visitors Those to visit the Lois Putman house during Thanksgiving were Mr. and Mrs. James Shults, Danny and Lynda, from Panhandle and Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Millham from McLean. Scout court of honor set An Eagle Scout Court of Honor has been set for Sunday, December 16 at 2 p.m. in the College Fine Arts Building. The public is invited. The Clarendon Press, November 29, Section 2, Page 5 CHS cage season starts Tuesday night Basketball season started Tuesday night for the Clarendon Bronchos, as they travelled to Groom. Members of the varsity squad are Randy Croslin, Danny Monroe. David Lewis, Kenneth King Kenneth Reese, Alan Harper, Larry Doane, Tommy Hill, Willie Smith and Scott Hamihon. Members of the B team are Eddy Eads, Lynn Floyd, Gary Jack, Mike Newhouse, Barry Schafer, Tony Wallace, John Tucker, Steve King, Alan Hamilton, Dewey Ford, Matt Plunkett, Walter Riggs, Gary Davis and Velma Calloway. The boys A team and girls A team are coached by Doug Keeney. the boys B team by Bob Lemons. and the girls B team by Clyde Nmkester. CLARENDON HIGHSCHOOL BASKETBALL 1973-74 Dee. 3 [Mon.] There Lakeview 4:00 Dec. 4 Here Groom 5:30 Dee. 6, 7, 8 Clarendon Salt Fork Classic *Dec. 11 Here Memphis 5:00 Dee. 13, 14, 15 Wellington Wellington Tournament *Dec. 18 There Claude - 5:00 *Dec. 21 Here Valley High. 5:00 Dec. 26, 27, 28, 29 Amarillo American Legion Tournament *Jan. 3 [Thurs] There Wheeler 5:00 *Jan. 5 [Sat.] Here Wellington 5:00 *Jan. 11 Here McLean 5:00 **Jan. 18 Here Claude 5.00 **Jan. 22 There Valley High 5:00 **Jan. 25 Here Wheeler 5:00 **Jan. 29 There Wellington 5:00 **Feb. 1 Here Sllverton 5:00 **Feb. 5 There McLean 5:00 *Indicates district games [First Half] **Indicates district games [Second haft] Price cautions hopes of Mid-East peace WASHINGTONCongressman Bob Price. fresh from a 10-day Middle East tour as a member of a select House Armed Services Committee subcommittee, expressed hope for a lasting Mid-East peace but stressed his realization of the deep enmity and fear which pervades both sides. "We should not delude ourselves into believing that a lasting Mid-East settlement will come either easily or quickly," Price said. "yet Egyptian and Israeli military leaders are holding face-to-face meetings for the first time in more than twenty years. Price said, "Our fact-finding mission, carried out during the Congressional Thanksgiving recess, proved extremely interesting and helpful. It was probably the first time in history that any Congressional committee has been able to observe a major war from both sides while the conflict was still short of final settlement. "We were able to talk with both Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir and Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat as well as a number of their ministers and Members of Parliament. Also each side gave us a tour of the combat areas so we were able to get a balanced view of the military situation there." the 13th Congressional Congressman said. "The subcommittee was able to get an idea of how our military equipment functioned during actual battle conditions and to xampre this With eqti]arnent provided by the Soviet Union. This information is particularly helpful in our Congressional decision.making processes with regard to our own defense posture and our defense costs. "Overall, there was no way of escaping a deep realization that both sides are willing to give way very little to the other and that both fear renewed attacks by the other." Price commented. "This leaves, simultaneously, the basis for renewed fighting and amutual necessity for the maintenance of peace." Tuesday, Dec. 4 |{OW Extra Charge For GROUPS SHUGAR00 "" About Our 8xlO PHOTOS o,,. Osburn Furniture 212 S. Kearney