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December 2, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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December 2, 1973

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The Clarendon Press. :i",} v: RODNEY HICKS made the second All-District team as a guard. He is a senior. ]Press Photo[ December 2, Page 2 ? SCOTT MARTIN made the second All-District team as a center. He is a senior. [Press Photo] Lions Club Letter Dear Mr. Farmer: We need your help! The Clarendon Lions Club has undertaken the projects of raising funds for Girlstown and for the Crippled Childrens Camp at Kerrville. These two organizations desperately need financial help, and if you could see, as some of us have, the faces of girls who have never before known a true home, and of children who, due to crippling disease or accident, have never had the opportunity to attend camp, we feel sure you would agree that these is no place where your help can do more good. in spite of the increase in cost of living, our community has had a good year, and we have many things for which to be thankful. Unless we share, however, there are no good years for a homeless, unloved young girl, or a crippled child. By sharing, we can make this a good year for everyone. We are asking you to give your elevator a signed authorization for a number of pounds of grain to be given to this project. If you would prefer, we will accept a cash contribution in lieu of grain. We know you will do what you can, and we thank you in advance. Allen Estlack President, Clarendon Lions Club . G ED exam set here The G.E.D. Exam (High School Equivalency) will be given on Saturday the 15th of December, 1973 at Clarendon College, Clarendon, Texas. The tests will begin at 8:00 a.m. in room 102 in the College Administration Building. It will take approximately ten hours to complete the exam. Cost of the exam will be $13.00 payable at the time of the examination. Anyone interested in taking the test should contact Beryl Clinton, Leonard Selvidge or Floyd Guinn at the College before the 10th of December, 1973. To contact by phone, call 874-3571 or you may contact the college by writing Box 968, Clarendon, Texas 79226: Yt)UR FULL SERVICE BANK TOMMY HILL made the second Star Route Journal.... All-District team as a defensive a.euu ,,-v ........... lineman. He is a senior. [Press defensive lineman. He is a "After the coffee things ain't so bad."--Knibbs ! reckon ! must have. been cut by an  odd pattern as Americans go. l'm sure my coffee drinking kinsfolk think so, for l was born minus the hourly hankering for that cup of caffeine that characterizes most of them. l like my cup of decaffeinated brew for brealt and can drink it at other times, but l can also do without it." That eternal cup of coffee invariably hangs off the finger of most of my Jones relatives. Perhaps the memory of my Grandpa Jones that outweighs all others is his love of coffee. ! think he was the only person I ever knew--or ever knew about--who could drink it hot or cold, with or without sugar, i broke myself from drinking sugar is my coffee durin war. The funny part was that, after sticking to the for a whole month and telling myself I didn't like it one bit l finally gave up and sweetened it one morning only to couldn't stand it! Well, we do a lot of things from habit, and habits are break, mainly because--let's face it--we don't really want you know that the word "habit" is a derivative of a Latin meaning "to hold"? That's just what we do--HOLD them! tenaciously! And we say we can't do this or that. Oh, well one excuse good as another when we don't WANT to quit! myself every time l go to the fridge for a soda'pop! Photo] junior. [Press Photo[ strong or weak, fresh or left over. Granny never discarded any u toa00o00 ona00e Itil or Miss ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: could wash" the pot, and Grandpa always drank it? 1 CC Bulldogs win 1 Coffee has to taste just so for me to enjoy it, otherwise it tastes like leftover dishwater! I like mine with lots of cream, l've been told I would like it better black; but, frankly, I have no interest in By DAVID EVERMAN ] conference opener | learning todrinkitthatway. 1 suppose, judging by the volume of ex;idence to that effect, Like it or not, the energy crisis thing is here, probably to l The Bulldogs of Clarendon College won their conference opener in grand style here Thursday night as they waltzed past Western Texas Junior College 83-76. Clarendon played a good first half and took a lead into the dressing room, and withstood a mini-comeback by Western Texas to keep the victory. The visitors ,battled back into within 3 points at 57-54, but the Bulldogs reeled off 9 consecutive points to make it 65-54. Clarendon then calmed down and played their opponents evenly until the final minutes of the game, when Western Texas pulled back into striking distance, but Junior Siegeler, who played an outstanding game, and Davey Graham combined for 5 quick points to clinch the game at 79-70. "The thing that impressed me most was that we got a good team effort out of every kid we put on the floor," Coach Jack Hedden said. "We also had good support from our bench and the fans were just great." The Bulldog fieldhouse had more on the Clarendon side than during any other game during the year. "We learned some things tonight," Hedden continued. "We played with alot more poise. We played with enthusiasm during the first half and went to the boards really well. Also, winning the first conference game will help us jell as a team." Little Evander Ford led the Bulldog scoring, with a total of 24 points, also pulling down 3 rebounds. Junior Siegeler was the Bulldogs' second leading scorer with 23 points, but he also grabbed 20 rebounds to lead Clarendon in daat department. Other Bulldogs finishing in 2 columns were Joe Pride, with 17 points, and Davey Graham, with 10 points. Herman Brown rounded out the scoring with 9 points. Pride had 12 rebounds, Brown had 4, Graham had 2 and Brent Sherrod had one rebound to give Clarendon a total of 42 rebounds. The win Thursday night gave Clarendon a 5-4 record overall and a good start in the conference with a 1-O conference record. The next game is at Levelland, against South Plains Junior College on December 3. The game will be the second of a string of 5 straight conference games before the Bulldogs go to file Aggie Festival at Tishomingo, Oklahoma, December 21 and 22. ( \\; \\; that lots of people are convinced things begin to look up after than morning cup. Still, I wonder if this is not a purely psychological attitude that has been poured into their minds by forebears and asociates who declared day after day they just couldn't get going without their coffee. After all, with the British it would be tea. And maybe Polynesians would want coconut milk! Alexander Pope spoke of "coffee, which makes the politicians wise." Methinks we have a number of politicians who evidently have not been drinking their wisdom cup! I'm almost afraid to say that, however, for fear it will set off another investigation! Man generally is inconsistent. He drinks coffee to stimulat him. then takes pills or alcohol to slow him dowfil He cries with Mackay, "Make my coffee strong!" and drinks twenty cups a day, full of enervating caffeine, then wonders why he tosses and turns al night long in sleeplessnessI But such is man, and l'm no better. I don't drink much coffee, but I drink too many soft drinks, which habit is no more commendable. 1 recently sat in a small care and watched the waitress make coffee four times while 1 ate my meal. Only a few customers were there at that hour, but the coffee drinking was going full blast. I drank my usual 10-2-4, and some people eyed me as if I were a copouf. How dare 1 not conform to the good old American custom ! 1 used to drink coffee in cold weather only but finally settled down to a steady cup for breakfast the year around. Drinking decaffeinated coffee has its advantages; if one happens to be visiting where only the regular kind is served, he can skip his coffee and.never miss it--except in his head! General cuts speeds SAN ANGELO--General Telephone of the Southwest has announced that the speed limit onall company Vehicles wiU be 50 miles per hour effective immediately. General Telephone with headquarters here, serves more than 405 exchanges in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas, maintains a fleet of almost 3,000 vehicles. "We are doing this voluntarily prior to passage of any laws which are expected to make compliance mandatory," L. Gray Beck, president of General Telephone said. "By lowering our speed now we can make a sizeable contribution to gasoline conservation. Our Corporate citizenship dictates our need to share the conservation responsibility." General Telephone earlier reduced building heat to 68 degrees, turned off all outside and ornamental lighting, except that used for security, and reduced lighting in all non-work areas to a minimum. so we might as well get used to it. An expected 25% oil in March could leave us in bad shape and put us even than we are, so we are evidently going to have to enjoy shortage we have now. Besides President Nixon's proposals of cutbacks in lighting, travel, and quite a few other things, Dolph started in now. Briscoe makes more sense, speed limit of SS instead of 50 for cars and 55 for ' would eliminate the possibility of being run over by a semi,! would also be a little bit more acceptable to the general public. The general reaction would be better, too, since passenger car driver stuck at 50 (myself included) would that if trucks can go 55, he could too. Granted, this mi obnoxious of us car drivers, but l'm afraid that's how it Another thing Briscoe suggested was the cutting of days to end an hour earlier, which doubtlessly brought anguish from every mother in the state. There might be there, since a long school day is one of the best baby invented to keep those youngsters in school busy so the cannot find work for their hands. One bad point about cut.ting down on school hours is that' few teachers will cut down on the homework assignments. teachers (and I used to have a bunch like that) would figurel if the kids have an extra hour, why that just gives them an hour's extra homework. If this happens, we're going to lot of kids out pumping oil in their spare time. As I said before, we're kind of stuck with this fuel and if the emergency energy legislation is passed by and it probably will be, we'll end up driving 50 (maybe an hour, and the public coffers will be filled with a lot of gleaned from speeding tickets. We are going to have to live with not going weekends, too, if the emergency legislation is passed. the football widows will end up watching Dallas playing they likeit or not, and willbe dd7-en azy over the the bowl games. Speaking of football, I wonder what the National League thinks about the proposed no weekend gas stations? League is already screaming about the number of no-showS to the new blackout rules, but what will they do now? While on the fuel crisis, how much fuel does Skylab the rockets used to ferry men back and forth? And all of it wasted on a generally inefficient windmill floating out in And Skylab doesn't go S0 miles an hour, either. With gas stations closing and speed limits down to SO hour, let us give thanks for the highway beautification a couple of years ago for planting all those bushes and the highway. Our First MILLS MOTORS, INC. comforting will celebrate its first anniversary during the month of December, beginning t0have ar0und Thursday, December 6. Watch for our But if you really love it, keep it stored with us, where safe from loss or theft.., and pay by check advertisement in Thursday's Clarendon Press. During our ANNIVERSARY SALE, we'll have GIGANTIC BUYS and FREE GIFTS TOO. A checking account also saves you money by giving you acceptable records of all tax-deductible expenses at tax-paying time. THE DONLEY COUNTY STATE BANK Clarendon, Texas Watch for our announcement Thursday. MILLS MOTORS, INC. Hwy. 70 South Clarendon, Texas Phone 874-2538 (