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December 16, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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December 16, 1973

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QUESTIONS PEOPL ASK The Clarendon Press, December 16, Page 3 Anatomy of Political Structure By: Weldon Rives, Minister First United Methodist Church Occasionally people will raise the question of how important is the concept of THE LAST JUDGEMENT, We have moved away from some of our heritage by putting less emphasis on some doctrines of our faith. Quite often any emphasis on understanding the doctrine of THE LAST JUDGEMENT is considered taboo among that which we desire no longer to talk about. The evangelists of our father's day said a great deal about the Day of Judgement, which they expected at the end of all life. Our generation - and more especially the younger generations - seems to ignore the doctrine. I've had some people deny all probability that there will be a Day of Final Judgement. I think it ! is unfortunate that the doctrine of The Final Judgement has been downgraded in modern preaching, in church school studies and in the immediate thought of men. I think it is most regretable for, see, if we deny this Judgement, we will lose life itself. The fact is that each one of us will be held accountable by a righteous God on the basis of our life, our choices, and the use or misuse of our opportunities. We of the United Methodist Church re-affirm this each Sunday when we affirm our faith by one of the Creeds of the Church. Each one speaks in one form or another of such a time of judgement where we must account unto God the Father for the way in which we lived, moved and had our being according to His commandments. Our understanding of the Last Judgement is an outgrowth of the Hebrew's concept of a "terrible day of the Lord" modified by the preaching of the apostles, especially Paul, as they took up this concept and re-interpreted it in light of a Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The average Hebrew, Jew in Jesus' day, believed in the coming of that "terrible day of the Lord" for the evil nations who had inflected suffering, loss and destruction upon the House of Israel would be punished and Israel would be completely vindicated. Their understanding was based on national dreams founded in the promises of The Covenant between God and Abraham. Thus, according to the popular teaching of the times, it was to be an occasion for rejoicing for Israel and a time of terror for their enemies. MOST USED TFJ[AS REFERENCE TEXAS ALMANAC 1974-76 EDITION The Encyclopedia of Texas The prophets, however, often proclaimed that "The Day Of The Lord" would be not only a day of judgement upon the enemies of Israel but upon Israel also. Therefore, it would be an altogether different experience from what they expected. Instead of being a day of victory it would be a day of anguish - Read Amos 5:18-24. Yet, always there was the hope of the Day of the Lord, a day of judgement when God Himself would set creation in order and the lion would lay down with the lamb. Now, the Christian dectrine of The Second Coming Of Jesus is a variant of "The Day Of The Lord" theme of the Old Testament. Jesus' assurance to his disciples that He would return and resume His work was a powerful motivation for the early Christians. When the Christian Church began to take root in the Palestinian soul, then it began to re-interpret the Old Testament doctrine of "the terrible day of the Lord" as a day when God would restore Israel to its former glory to the event when Jesus would come again descending out of the heavens as the Apostles had seen Him go. Thus the hopes and dreams inspired by the prophets were ascribed to the Christian's confidence in the return of the Messiah who had been crucified by His enemies. Therefore, an essential part of the Christian's faith is the belief, according to Scripture, that God will act in Christ through a new coming by which history, which now says so little about the person of Jesus, will eventually reveal Him as Lord of lords and King of kings. Grace and peace. Group to present play The Cooperative Youth of the Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches will present a Christmas play at the Presbyterian Church Sunday, December 16. There will also be a program by the Sunday School departments. There will be no cooperative worship service that evening. The public is invited. Panhandle Press Association West Texas Press Association The Clarendon Press is published semi-weekly every week of By CLARENCE HAMILTON Clarendon College Instructor My thesis is that separation of powers is a myth and not a reality in American National Government. After reading political theory written by Neustadt on Presidential Power and Rossiter on The Presidency, I am inclined to believe that as political practice becomes more complex the President will become more authoritative..The rise of Caesarism becomes more evident with the passing of time. The people of the United States today are confused on the primary structure of democratic practices as opposed to democratic principle. When this happens to an unstructured society, people begin to look for strength of leadership, hence the rise of Caesarism. The Constitution of the United States suggests that there should be a separation of power, ie, Article I, Section 8, on war power. Only Congress may declare war. Yet we have been committed to war by Presidents at least 125 times during our history. Congress has not been reluctant to let the President take the blame for mistakes, ie, the To,kin Gulf Resolutions and President Johnson's use of force in Viet Nan. Many people are still confused on the issue of why we could not win the Viet Nam War. The reason is obvious. Once we crossed the 17th Parallel we became the aggressors and were no longer involved with containment. Congress was willing to put the entire blame on Johnson. If we are to expect the President to take the blame, we are going to be forced to accept the rise of Caesarism. The Courts have always been subjected to doing whatever Congress and the President wanted them to do. The Supreme Court under the direction of John Marshall established an era of controversy. The Supreme Court under Taney became a non-controversial body. The Court under Earl Warren became I i From Ann Foltz, Frederic, Wis.: I wonder how many people have ASSOCIATION gone down in a watery grave to wake up again. This event took place about sixty years ago when I was seven years old. I lived with my Grandmother's family of eleven since I was two years old, and I was the youngest of the group. Grandma was a wi- dow at an early age and I remem- ber she didn't pay much attention to aches, bumps, or minor injur- ies. On this warm summer day I very active by handing down controversial decisions. The Court during the Franklin Roosevelt years responded to the New Deal unfavorably until Roosevelt got men of like thinking on the court. Richard Nixon has apparently accomplished the same thing. Also according to Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution, Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes. Duti, Imports, and excises, however, Congress has allowed Presidents to enter into reciprocal trade agreements. In addition it has been historically accepted that the Senate must ratify all treaties, but in recent years Presidential or Executive Agreements far surpass treaties. The Truman Doctrine, the Else,hewer Doctrine, and other executive agreements have committed this country to act accordingly concerning foreign affairs. There is no way to separate foreign policy from domestic policy in the United States. Both Congress and the President are responsible for developing both foreign and domestic policy. The first line of defense begins with foreign policy. The second line of defense is military strength. The last line of defense is domestic well being. All of these are so interrelated that there is no way to separate powers between the Executive and Legislative branches of government. :K Up! . . 199"v] eimi'--'l'' os, used texo Re{erece , ,he of / I " " I1 IHOIRI'[Y" On Ye,o,s (overs His, ory 1 I  1 ,roo, .ook .o ,xAs A.NAC ,, I I i :WNi.u] 1 ''' +' l/ o. SALt.OW At 'so6 lo, lo,  _Clarendon Press the year, at 204 South Kearney Street in Clarendon, Texas, 79226 The Clarendon Press is entered as second class matter in the U. S. Post Office, Clarendon, Texas, 79226. Second class postage is paid at U. S. Post Office, Clarendon, Texas, 79226. Mailing address in P. O. Box 1110, Clarendon, Texas, 79226. Subscription rate in Donley County is $4.50 per year. Subscrip- tie, rates outside the county are $5.50. The Clarendon Press was established on May 1, 1972, in Clarendon, Texas. The Clarendon Press is a home-owned publication. W. Dean Singleton is owner and publisher. Any erroneous reflection upon the character of any person or firm appearing In these columns will be gladly and prompt D corrected upon being brought to the attention of the publisher. went with an Uncleto herd cattle near the St. Croix River. The log drives were going through and there were many logs near the bank of the river. My Uncle and his friend decided we would all go fishing while they kept an eye on the cattle. I was sitting, actually straddl- ing a log and they kept saying, "Move out of the way." So with each command I made another hitch backwards. After about three hitches I came to the end of the log. "Splash," that's all I knew. I woke up lying on my stomach on the ground and heard After viewing the political structure of the United States, the most astounding thing that comes to my mind is not how well the system works (and it does) but that the system works at all. The most optomistic thing that 1 ff, rsee in the future is that the American system has placed strong emphasis on due process of law. If the Atnerican people are willing to allow due process to continue to work, America has a bright future. I f grown-ups st ill wrote letters to Santa. Accutron * With the famous tuning-fork movement. For him Calendar classic. 14K solid gold. For her Bark textured. 14K solid gold, Bulova Reknowned for design , The Press prints the news as it happens, and not as it wants it to my Uncle saying that 1 was corn- il'] ___ ,happen. ing to. The first thing I said was, Ill rerandl.mdependability' I 23 jewels. /._ \\; -"ieiJ"Jtai"ik-'a"t"":ili:ttlCHOgiiCD'L"'"m "Don t tell Ma he "=''" ; .... 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