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December 23, 1973     The Clarendon Enterprise
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December 23, 1973

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The Clarendon Press, December 28h 1973 , Page 8 ooeoooooeooooo oeooeooeeooooooooooo 0 BOY YOU00CAR NOW! General Motors has announced that new cars will go up in price immediately. Cars will go up from $200 to $300, and pickups will go up about $300 each. We have a large selectnon of cars and pickups that were purchased under the old price, and you can avoid the price increase by buying these cars. You'll immediately save the increase, and we'll make you an extra good deal to save you even more money. Buy your new car today and save money. Save up to $2200 on factory executive cars. Open New Years Day )OOOOOOOOOOOO C0000am600eo00 MOTOR COMPANY CLARENDON, TEXAS tOOO oooooooeooeooeoeooooooeoooooooooeoooeoooooeo ooeooooooo' LEROY AND RICHARD SANCH]EZ were the first two outo from Troop 33 to reeeJve the BI.Centennbd Patch for 12 hours of work on the proct at Greenbelt Lake Sunday aftegnoon. They are probably two of the first mouts in the nation to receive the honor. Nine scouts worked on the pro't Sunday, including Terry Putman, David Alexander, Paul Hermesmeyer, Butch Blackburn Danny Garman, Steve Rives, Dan Sawyer and the two Sanchez boys. [Saye Photo] ----__-.-d [ -Hit- 0-r-00 Mi-SS- OK, youth, what about ecology now?, I ........... :_"_7_:?_"__'_________________________.::::::. COLLEGE STATION--Today's youth is going to get the opportunity to demonstrate how deep its commitment is to turn its back on a materialistic society in the months ahead, according to a well-known Texas A&M University leisure and recreation authority. Dr. Leslie M. Reid, head of the A&M Department of Recreation and Parks, said that "as recently as the summer of 1972, young Americans seemed in total agreement that no odds were too great to campaign under the banner ecology for preservation of natural beauty and to clean-up a soiled, polluted world.". Reid also is a researcher with the Texas Agricultural Experi- ment Station and an educator with the Texas Agricultural Extension- Service. "If you talked with college students, hard-core dropouts, commune members or just concerned youngsters," Reid said, "the message was essentially the same: We're being strangled in a plastic society. Who needs it?" Reid added, "The recen( interruption of oil imports from the Mid-East seems to indicate that much of the clamor for a . clean environment at any cost may have been only a skin-deep commitment. Reversal of deci- sions on the Alaska Pipeline, on use of high-sulfur coals, planned development of oil shales, and approvals for additional oil drilling in the Santa Barbara Channel he raised hardly a ripple of opposition." Reid noted, however, that "our crusading youth has no choice but to play the game; we are all deeply involved in a fundamental re-thinking of our basic way of life." In any event, Reid pointed out we all may soon have a chance to experience exactly what life in a non-plastic society is like. It is becoming increasingly clear that the fuel shortage is much more severe than the incon- venience involving shortages in gasoline and fuel oil. "There is serious concern whether enough basic petro- chemicals exist for conversion to a galaxy of products. Toy- makers, for example, depend heavily on oil for plastics. Phonograph records, automo- bile anti-freeze, polyester fa- brics, auto tires and farm fertilizers are other items expected to be in short supply. "Firms dealing in production of plastic products are already experiencing shortages as all segments of our society compete more frantically for a share of the available supply of plastic resins. "The leisure and recreation implication of all this," Reid said, "is that as non-essential products increasingly lose out in cutbacks to manuacture bare essential industrial and health- maintenance items, people will be forced to re-evaluate their leisure preferences. "The prospect," Reid added, "is that travel for fun may be greatly reduced or eliminated, sports equipment may be no longer available, and replace- ment parts for expensive recreational equipment may be unbtainabe." Reid emphasized that this country badly needs a chance to analyze its recreation and leisure. ,,c01. What we are in now is commonly referred to as thep I season." Not only because it is cold, but because most have a habit of catching the common cold. One of the w0t things about colds is that they strike indiseriminitely, regardleS of race, creed, national origin or degree of wealth. If it wJS disease of distinction, maybe people would not mind having it but since it's so common everybody dislikes it. Everybody has at least four or five colds during the season, or at least everybody except me. I have never in mY I had more than one cold per winter. This one cold starts 011 mid-November and last until mid-March, with no health pcrt in between attacks to separate it into different colds. My cold started late this year, last weekend to be exact. To that I was impaired would be an understatement, and beside people say that when I'm healthy. The most energetic thing have been able to do is cough--and it's a weak cough at that. ] actually didn't start out as a cold, but as some thing much 0r noxious. I was driving around Amarillo at the time, and si don't even know my way around Clarendon yet you can imJt. how Amarillo almost unmanned me. I tried to lay down in front seat until I remembered who was driving, so to beck ely that idea. I thought I would make it if I drank a soda water or two, so ' next filling station I got out in the freezing wind and got a 5p.e Once on the road I discovered that the Svrite was the only it in the car that was warm. That did not'help the situation oy However, colds often times come in handy, if for no o' reason than to weasel out of school or work or both...and iY0 are studying a foreign language you can use a cold to get 0t a going caroling with the club. . c b Another thing about colds is that they are well-nigh m. There is nothing you can do except sniff and sneeze and o_,, and groan. One of these days some one is going to ' screaming that if we can go to the moon why can't we ct'" whY common cold? There are probably several reasons common cold cannot be cured even if we can go to the moO, m first of which is because it costs more to go to the : Secondly, you never appreciate your health until you becO and the quickest way to start appreciating your health is to  a cold. There are other comvarisons, thouh, since my mg,:o, friends tell me they never appreciated be"ing a bachelor 0* after they walked down the aisle that one time. I know not if any of you gentle readers read the story  Thursday by Dr. James Brandon, but if you didn't you missed something. He made a darn good point in his col mainly that few people observe Christmas as it shold observed. It was suggested around here the other dY  Christmas should be retitled "Santamas," since Santa gets mention. Maybe so, but what could we do about "Xm s! New Baby Mr " and Mrs. Donald Shields of Amarillo announce the  i of Tina Gail's baby sister, Trace Dawn, born Decembl'  Northwest Texas Hospital. She weighed S lbs. 6 ozs.  _ Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. George Shields of LeliJ . l'oster grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Hershel ThomP so Clarendon. Christmas Locals ' ors  Dr. and Mrs. Gflkey had as their holiday visit . children, Christina Moore, John and Jim Moore, all of  Ronnie and Melda McAnear, Todd and Jennifer of Clk and Mrs. Gilkey s mother, Mrs. Catherine Hagar of  They all spent the night and then had a tree on CIP morning. Those lmvlag dbmor Christmas day at the home of  Mrs. E.V. Quattlebanm were Mr. and Mrs. Chester ',,. i Plainview, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Lisemby, Louis and I,', Abernathy, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Harland, Mr. and Mrs. t,ll Peek, Mr. and Mrs. DOn Barker, Brenda and GarY, Amarillo. Chrlstal seeldng re-electlo i in mmoud for rv-eleeOon to the office of Coaty Jt l)onley County, ! wlsh to express my appreelafl  " ararat tntormt of the people or th cuty. ,- our-.- = Government and laws, I feel I am better qualified to .e,i ehallenge8 faring our County, because d peat expev" sincerely solicit your support and vote for re.el,d W.II,